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good life by allison whittle

Part of cultivating a good life is laughing… always laughing.

When I was growing up, I realized young that my parents had a gift. I was amazed by it. I watched and studied their words and actions; I wanted that gift. They could make people laugh.

I remember at one of their many parties repeatedly falling off my bed until I felt sufficiently hurt so that I could go out and tell my mom honestly, “I fell off my bed and hurt myself!” She then let me stay amongst the adults for a few minutes and participate in the party. I was in awe. It was so fun! Since my childhood, all I’ve really wanted (except a family, kids, and all that good stuff!) was that. Being among friends and family and hearing everyone laugh! To me, it is the greatest sound and the greatest feeling to be experienced.

Luckily, I met a man who is expert at making me laugh. Whatever comes our way, he has a wonderful sense of humor (and even resorts to ridiculous dancing when absolutely necessary) that pulls us out of any funk. He is such a fantastic companion for me. After he had said something particularly funny in a text, my best friend once asked me, “Do you guys just laugh all the time?” I had to think for about 2 milliseconds before saying that yes, in fact we do!

So that’s all well and good, but why is it part of cultivating a good life? Well, I don’t have statistics or studies to cite, but I’d be willing to bet that people who laugh often lead happier lives. Ground breaking, I know. Everyone has difficulties, we can’t avoid it, but facing those difficulties with a heart full of laughter lightens every burden. If you know you have to go through something hard, do it with a smile on your face and an awkward dance in your back pocket! Then pull it out when necessary. If you think of something funny while in line at the grocery store, tell the lady in front of you. She’ll totally appreciate it! Trust me. That’s another great life lesson taught to me by my mom. Talk to strangers; they’re usually pretty fun and they can quickly become friends.

I have often made a fool of myself in the hopes of making others laugh. If you frequent Becky’s site, you may have even spotted some of my shenanigans with my friend Brandi in the past. It is so important to not take yourself too seriously and to surround yourself with people of the same creed. Enjoy life! Play games meant for teenagers at a party of adults! Sing in the car, alone, with people, whatever! Laugh as much as possible and make your life happy! 

Note from Becky

If any of my friends crave laughter, it’s Allison. She is such a fantastic example to me of having a healthy sense of humor in life and she radiates HAPPINESS. Not because life is perfect. Not because she has it all figured out and doesn’t know what it’s like to face challenges. But because she chooses joy. And those of us directly influenced by her awesomeness are better because we know and love Allison. The Whittle family lived in our community a few years back and we met in church. It wasn’t hard to become fast friends and eventually we did a carpool together and with each other’s kids. Even after Allison and her family moved away, we continue to stay in touch. I even had her join us in the Project Life booth at Pinners because she’s so very enthusiastic about what we do and how the app (specifically) has helped her to actually get some scrapbooking done.


4 Responses

  1. Sara Borg Davies says:

    I can attest to Allison’s parents’ humor and candor! I love them!

  2. Monica says:

    BEST POST EVER that I have read on any blog. It made me smile – this world is so full of negativity and I know when I see someone smile or laugh, it’s contagious – – and Allison has the right outlook on life – – thanks to her parents!

    What a beautiful – – Part of Cultivating a life – – story this is.


  3. Kim L says:

    I choose Happy!

    Great post – thank you!

  4. Mary Jane Burch says:

    Allison has learned life’s greatest lesson–how to enjoy life!

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