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good life with brittany jepsen

Part of cultivating a good life is setting boundaries and making priorities. 

I have to admit that I’ve been struggling to think of how I can contribute to this Good Life series! I was so honored to be invited to share, but then it made me pause . . . am I living a good life? Am I living intentionally?

The short answer is no, but only because life is a work in progress and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like I have things under control. But perhaps I can share something that I’ve been focusing on lately that has helped me bring some order. It’s called setting boundaries and priorities.

When I started my blog, The House that Lars Built, the goal was not to turn it into a business. It eventually grew into one and I’m very proud of where it’s come, but there wasn’t the initial “how can I turn my hobby into my full-time job” and because of that I don’t think I noticed how consuming it became in my life. I started it in graduate school and worked on it during breaks in class and any free time I could muster. Soon, I would wake up early and go to bed late trying to keep it up. Social media was just starting to become a thing and once I realized the need to focus on it, it became a big part of my life as well. My determination to turn my site into something bigger was a bit like glitter: it was everywhere and I couldn’t get it out!

After 9 years of now growing it into a successful company with employees, I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t put your life on hold permanently just because you’re working to build something to sustain your life. Yes, hard work is clearly important, but so is spending time with your friends and family, taking care of your health, reading books, and living experiences. These things are enriching and are the purpose of life and they need constant investment as does my work.

So, as my company has grown, so has my time with my family. I’ve been able to go home at a more reasonable hour and when I’m home, I’m home (for the most part!). I don’t check my email until I get to work, I don’t Instagram or post on weekends, and I do all that I can to leave work at work. Of course, in this day and age when Snapchat and Instastories is a thing, the lines between home and work are blurry, but I’ve decided not to pressure myself to work on weekends if I don’t want to, and social media is very much work!

Over time my priorities have changed, perhaps because I invested so much time in the early years, and I’m glad that I can focus on more meaningful experiences. That said, I now need some hobbies because I don’t know what to do with my time! Suggestions are welcomed! As are date ideas because I’m a terrible social planner!

If you’re struggling with not having enough time for the things that you value most, ask yourself if the things you are spending your time on now are really how you want to be spending your time or should be spending your time. If they aren’t, they’re cut or at least designated to a different time of day or day of the week. Of course, we all have things we don’t want to spend our time on, but that’s life. Other people can dictate your time or you can be the one to dictate that. Once I realized that power I had to dictate my own schedule, my life significantly opened. Perhaps it will work for you too!

a note from becky

It’s funny that Brittany asked herself if she’s living a good life because there is no doubt in my mind that Brittany is INDEED cultivating a good life. Her zest is contagious and I’ve experienced that first-hand in the couple of times that we’ve had the opportunity to rub shoulders … like, in real life. She is highly creative and her Instagram sharing is inspiring. Plus, she has wit & charm & a sense of humor that is utterly fantastic.

Oh, and Brittany … when you read this … I do have a suggestion for how you can spend that spare time you speak of. You’re already cultivating a good life. How about recording the amazing memories you’re making? I’ll hook you up with some Project Life®, k?

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