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my general conference notes

This is how it went down:

1) Just as General Conference was about to start, I got this idea in my head for doodling some of my favorite things I hear or feel onto a piece of white cardstock. Beginning with the end in mind, and struck with a sudden urge to be creative like this, I figured this page of doodles would go in a page protector and added to the family scrapbook. Didn’t think anything more of it.

2) Gathered with my family in the comfort of our family room, we watched the 188th SemiAnnual General Conference which was broadcast live from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. I took my regular notes in my Simple Notebook and also sketched a little here and there on the white piece of cardstock. Before I knew it, the session was over the the page was full … and so were several pages in my notebook. What an incredible meeting with inspired messages!

3) I posted this casual picture of my doodles and my notebook on instagram and facebook, which also served as a reminder of my invitation to anyone and everyone — to watch General Conference.

4) I noticed a few people say they’d want this as a printable (what??) and my friend and employee Kari even mentioned that I’d better scan this before I color it. Well … I don’t know about that! These notes are specific things / thoughts / words / phrases / scriptures / impressions that stood out to me … not something I created for a “global audience”.

5) I got over myself. Didn’t obsess over what I would have done differently if I thought I’d actually be sharing this with people. Scanned it real quick before the next session. Grabbed my colored pencils. And proceeded to color the original page during the afternoon session of General Conference.

Here is the scanned page:

becky higgins general conference notes oct 2018

I love you people. I love General Conference. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the joy that comes from trying my best to align my will with God’s will for me.

The end.  ; )

(Gotta run. One more session this evening and I’m so excited for more inspiration and light and encouragement!)


5 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    LOVE THIS and am taking it to the sisters I minister. Especially since two of my sisters are less active. Thank you for being inspired and following promptings.

  2. Tammy says:

    Thank you for not over thinking it and for scanning and sharing it. It’s so wonderful. You have such a gift and to I love that you share your talents with the rest of us!!! Enjoy conference my sweet friend. I will be fasting for the next 10 days as suggested so I will have plenty of time to color and ponder this awesome doodle page. I love you sister!!!

  3. Suzy says:

    Loved your Notes… great way to remember the message!

  4. Sharon Hutchinson says:

    Thanks! This is beautiful and worth sharing!

  5. Wendy Orme says:

    This is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing your personal thoughts. I too loved conference.