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for our international friends + giveaways!

Hi there. Happy Friday (and for some of you it’s already Saturday)!

I realize most of you reading this are in the United States. Hello to you too, of course! Feel free to keep reading, but this post really is particularly directed to our customers, readers, friends outside the U.S.


That’s really my main message today. Why? Because I know you sometimes feel like you “miss out”. Sometimes we have a giveaway that is limited to U.S. shipping addresses only, for example. Right now our products are sold on Amazon (for a million reasons) in the U.S. and that makes getting “prizes” to other countries very challenging.

I want you to know, first and foremost, that we truly do recognize and appreciate your support. It has been so much fun to sense your enthusiasm for Project Life, from many corners of the earth. I don’t think you’ll ever know what that has meant to me over the years, and continues to mean to me – and to us.

You know, when we started this little company 3.5 years ago, the idea was that we would just offer a kit – or maybe two kits – each year. That’s it. So much for that simple idea! Now with well over a hundred different items, and things happening + growing faster than we ever anticipated, we are doing everything we can to “keep up” with it all, and so naturally there are frustrations, lessons learned, and growing pains along the way.

As we continue to grow, and as we work toward our goals of being better, smarter, more efficient, and more generous – you will see that we continue to make efforts to make our products available to everyone in the world. Our partnership with American Crafts is proof of that. They are able to get the product into retailers around the globe, where we weren’t able to do that on our own before. In May, when products are sitting on shelves in many, many more countries – doing giveaways without having to exclude non-U.S. addresses will be way more possible. We’re so happy about that, and we know you are too!

Again, please know that we love & appreciate you. Here are two fun things for you – our international friends:

GIVEAWAY #1. We will NOT exclude international customers from the Instagram #MiniAlbumCrush giveaway happening right now. If you missed that post yesterday, check it out so you can be sure to get in on that possibility of winning a Mini Album + Mini Childhood Kit! It’s officially open to anyone – anywhere. Remember: This giveaway happens on Instagram, not here on my blog.

GIVEAWAY #2. In light of my “international love fest” today, I’m announcing that we are giving away 10 FULL Digital Project Life collections! That means 10 of you who will be randomly selected will get to choose any collection you want (already on ACDigitals.com – OR – you can even choose one of the editions that has yet to be released!). The only rule? You HAVE to live outside the U.S. for this one.  : )

To enter for a chance at winning a full digital collection of Project Life, simply leave your first name + city + country + the edition you prefer. We’ll announce those 10 winners here at the bottom of this post on Monday sometime.


Updated 3.18.13

I am delighted to announce the following 10 winners! Please email kari@beckyhiggins.com with the digital edition of your choice.

Jolanda – Heteren, The Netherlands

Jeanet – Slagelse, Denmark

Tine – Lillehammer, Norway

Camila – Curitiba, Brazil

Sandra – Brisbane, Australia

Kate – Auckland, New Zealand

Megan – Calgary, AB Canada

Thea – Manila, Philippines

Julia – Basel, Switzerland

Kylie – Durban, KZN, South Africa



677 Responses

  1. Jolanda says:

    Jolanda, Heteren, The Netherlands

  2. Julie Darling says:

    Julie Darling
    Lucan, Ontario, Canada

  3. Helene says:

    thank you for thinking of your International fans !!! I sooooooo love your products :)

    Helene, Magog Qc, Canada

  4. Giada says:

    Giada, Brescia, Italy.
    I would like to win the Blush edition!

    Thank you

  5. Laura T says:

    Wow–this is great!

    Laura T.
    Wentworth Nord, QC, Canada

  6. Valerie says:

    Athabasca, Alberta, Canada

  7. Ellemieke says:

    Ellemieke, Beesel, The Netherlands

  8. Christine Farndon says:

    Christine Farndon
    I’d love rain :)
    Thankyou I love your digi kits and will be getting them anyway but everyone loves the chance of a freebie right ;)

  9. Jeanet says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to play with the Clementine Edition

    Jeanet, Slagelse, Denmark

  10. Nolwenn says:

    Oh thank you so much for this International Love fest, I really appreciate !

    I’m Nolwenn
    Langley, BC, Canada

    I’d love the Midnight digital edition if I win (it’s a close with the Kraft and the Rain…)

  11. Claire E says:

    Claire E
    Fulltiming, South Africa
    Thank you, Becky :-)

  12. Stine says:

    Stine, Frederiksberg, Denmark.
    Kraft edition.

  13. Liz says:

    Not from outside the us just saying I think this is a great idea Becky:)

  14. LG Belarmino says:

    Lady Grace Belarmino
    Manila, Philippines

  15. Davida Stafford says:

    whoot! whoot! Thank you for a chance to win!!

    Davida, Vancouver, Canada – Clementine or Wellington

    Love them all :-)

  16. Caroline says:

    Caroline from Montreal (Canada)
    I’d like the Rain edition! :)

  17. Deb says:

    Deb, Wilcox, SK, Canada

    Thanks for the chance!

  18. Francisca says:

    The Kraft Edition

  19. Ruut says:

    Yey! Thank you for remembering us (:
    And thank you for the super fun giveaway!

    Ruut, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Midnight on my mind

  20. Thanks for including us international people!
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    I love the Rain edition.

  21. Francine says:

    Francine, from Privas, France. I love the Seafoam Edition! :)

  22. Natalie says:

    Natalie Phillips
    Milton Keynes

    Cinnamon Edition – I just ADORE it!


  23. Sara Westhead says:

    Wellington or Olive
    Sara Westhead
    Southampton, Bermuda

  24. Nicki says:

    Nicki, New Zealand

  25. Mireille says:

    The Netherlands

    Seafoam Edition

  26. Aimee says:

    Crete, Greece
    I love the jade!

  27. Bronwyn says:

    Ooh! I would love to win
    Hard choice though to pick just one..
    Midnight, jade or honey would be my picks
    Prob jade now though..

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  28. Veronica Zwiers says:

    Veronica, Williams Lake, BC, Canada

    Midnight, Cinnamon, Rain….oh just them all!

  29. Jules says:

    Aww, shucks, just for us. What a sweet thought!

    Julie, Larkhall, Scotland
    Kraft edition

  30. Katherine says:

    London, UK
    Blush edition

    Thank you! It’s great to be included! Xxx

  31. Claire says:

    Claire, West Sussex, Englad, Blush

  32. Kimberley says:

    Glentworth, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Kraft Edition

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway….I absolutely LOVE everything Project Life!!

  33. Marit says:

    I would live the Cinnamon edition!

    Marit, Østfold, Norway

  34. susy says:

    Oooooh fanstatic!!x


    Susy, Wooburn Green, England

  35. Glenda Tedesco says:

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Would love the olive edition. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Terra says:

    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Jade <3

  37. Renate says:

    Renate + Linz + Austria + Midnight :)

  38. Tine says:

    oh wow! Thanks for this chance!!

    Lillehammer, Norway

    I would Love the midnight edition!

  39. Martha says:


  40. Frida says:

    midnight edition <3

    Frida, Bodø, Norway

  41. Jen Neufeld says:

    Jen Neufeld
    Steinbach, MB Canada

    Jade edition

  42. Jacelyn Ang says:


    would love the honey edition! thanks for the chance~

  43. Marie says:

    Marie, Kungsbacka, Sweden

    I would love the Midnight edition!

  44. scrappysue says:

    United Arab Emirates

    Thanks so much Becky!

    Cinnamon would be awesome!

  45. Mariann says:

    Love this.

    Mariann, Rødekro, Denmark
    Turquoise Edition

  46. Katerina says:

    Thank you for the chance! I would love the Honey edition.
    Katerina, Manchester, United Kingdom

  47. Vicki Parker says:

    Thanks for thinking of us. :)

    Vicki Parker, Christchurch, New Zealand

  48. Julie says:

    Julie. Paris. France.Kraft Edition.
    Tha,k you for thinking of us! :)

  49. Elsa-Maija says:

    Elsa-Maija, Helsinki, Finland

  50. Mary-Lou says:

    Ah as a traditional paper scrapper AND living outside of the US of A. – left out again :(

  51. Delores says:

    Vancouver BC Canada

  52. Joanne says:

    Joanne, Middlesbrough, UK. Turquoise.
    Thanks for the chance.

  53. Veronica Formoso says:

    Yayyyy so fun to actually have the chance to win!!!!!!!!!

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  54. Abi says:

    Cheltenham, England
    Jade kit

    Thank you for this opportunity Becky!

  55. Nicky from Okotoks says:

    thanks for the love today!!!

    Okotoks, AB Canada

  56. San says:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win and thinking of the “outsiders” :-)

    Love the cinnamon edition

    San van Heems, Velsen, The Netherlands

  57. cheryl says:

    cheryl + selangor + Malaysia + the honey edition

    thank you

  58. Katrina says:

    Burns Lake, Canada

    Yay for us non USers

  59. Karen says:

    Thank you for think of us

    My name is Karen, I’m from Bradford, England and I’d love the kraft edition please.

    Thank you

  60. Monica says:

    I’m in the USA, but wanted to give 3 Cheers to our International Friends – – we sure are thankful you love Project Life as much as we do.


  61. Lindsey says:

    Cardston, Canada
    I would love the Olive Edition

  62. Irene Budiman says:

    Thank you for the chance.

    Mississauga, ON Canada

  63. Rossana says:

    Palermo, Italy
    craft edition

  64. Rakel says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

    I love the Seafoam edition!

    Rakel S
    Kaiserslautern, Germany

  65. Kathy says:

    I would love Cinnamon, although it’s a difficult choice. I live in Daegu, South Korea

  66. Kamilla says:

    Verdal – Norway

  67. Jan says:

    Calgary AB Canada
    Midnight edition

  68. Maria says:

    Thank you!
    Madrid, Spain

    I love the turquoise edition

  69. nancy79 says:

    Purmerend, The Netherlands

    I would love to win the Honey Edition. Thanks for a chance to win!

  70. Lisa says:

    Yay!!! Thanks for thinking about us :)

    Lisa, Martensville (Saskatchewan) Canada and I would love Cinnamon!

  71. Brenda says:

    Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada
    I Love the Honey Edition

  72. Thank you Becky! It’s ever so nice to be recognised as a valuable customer too :)
    I’m Jo, originally from Portugal but now living in the UK. My favourite edition of the upcoming ones is the Midnight Edition… Love!

  73. Gen says:

    Thank you so much Becky :-).

    I’d LOVE to win the Honey or Blush edition.

    Dutch Caribbean

  74. Kera Lewis says:

    Would love to win the honey edition! :)

    Kera Lewis
    England, UK

  75. Laurel says:

    Kingston, Canada
    Kraft Edition


  76. Lauren says:

    Would love to win!
    Moose Jaw, SK

  77. Kirsten Lind Merrild says:

    Kirsten, Rønne, Denmark, midnight edition would be awesome!! Thank you so much Becky for making a giveaway only us is international customers :-) feel so appreciated and special :-)

  78. Tamikko Gordin says:

    I live in Chilliwack, BC, Canada and would love the Rain Collection :)

  79. Lauren says:

    Oops! Meant to mention that my fave is the rain edition!

  80. Johanna says:


  81. jo villet says:

    Jo Villet. Johannesburg, South Africa
    Jade, Honey, Kraft, Rain or Turquoise (love them all)

  82. Sarah says:

    Aachen – Germany

    Thank you very much, Becky!

  83. Cathrine says:

    Cathrine, Hestra, Sweden i love the cinnamon edition.

  84. Leigh says:

    Leigh, Wellington, NZ – Rain edition

  85. Lillian says:


    I would love to be surprised, love them all!!!

  86. Michelle says:

    Oh yes please! Thank you for including us!
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    I really love the new Jade edition

  87. Sally Danes says:



    England (UK)

    I LOVE the kraft edition!

    Thanks for this fab chance Xxxx

  88. Adele du Plessis says:

    Ooooh I asked for this a few weeks ago! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    What a great chance for a great giveaway. Project Life is the best!
    Adele du Plessis
    South Africa
    I’m obsessed with the Honey edition.

  89. Betty Lynne says:

    I live in Calgary, AB, Canada & I would choose the Cinnamon Edition.

  90. Krys72599 says:

    NOT entering the contest – just commenting that THIS post is why we love PL and BeckyHigginsLLC so much – you care.
    Thanks for that!

  91. Sandy Marcuzzi says:

    Sandy Marcuzzi
    Tecumseh Ontario
    Honey edition

  92. Stine says:

    Stine – Glostrup, Denmark.
    Love the Midnight edition!

  93. Sandra says:

    Sandra, Uppsala, Sweden. I would love HONEY.

  94. Natalie says:

    Abbotsford, BC Canada

    I would love the rain edition! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  95. Patricia Arno says:

    Hi Becky,

    Thank you for this giveaway :) it’s nice to have something for the int’l ones hehe :D

    Patty, Calgary, Canada

    I looove all your collections, but for this one I’ll wait for the new ones :D

    thanks again, and happy week end

  96. Paula says:

    Keswick, Canada

  97. Melissa says:

    London, UK

  98. Christine cleary says:

    Christine fromAuckland, New Zealand and I would love to win the Honey kit.

    Thank you Becky for making us feel loved again

  99. Irene Cherkasova says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!!!
    The Kraft edition

  100. Sue says:

    Thanks for the chance!
    BC, Canada
    Kraft please :)

  101. Kirsty D says:

    Kirsty Davies
    Gloucester, England

  102. Shieleen says:

    Thanks for the chance! :)

    Shieleen, St. Catharines (ON), Canada
    (Talk about a tough choice! I have 5 sets I’m really wanting right now. Lol)

  103. Kristina says:

    Kristina, Göteborg, Sweden
    I love the Honey edition!

  104. Ellinor says:

    Ellinor Svensson
    Norrtälje, Sweden

    Midnight edition

  105. Deb says:

    Great – thanks for remembering us!

    Deb – Shrewsbury – England – cobalt edition please

  106. Janke says:

    Oh, thank you so much, Becky!
    I would love the Kraft Edition.


  107. Marije Keereweer says:

    Marije, Veendam (Groningen), THE NETHERLANDS

    I would love to win the baby edition!

  108. Olya says:

    Oh, wow! That’s so exciting! Thank you for the chance, Becky!
    I would really love to have the Kraft edition ( and all the others ;))

    Warm greetings!
    Olya -> Heidelberg -> Germany

  109. Scrappin Annie says:

    Thank you for the chance – I love the Cinnamon


  110. Joanne says:

    Thank you for listening to us internations Becky :) Much appreciated.

    Name: Joanne C
    City: South Taranaki
    Country: New Zealand
    Edition: Blush.

  111. Kristin Cronin-Barrow says:

    Elkford, BC Canada
    Honey Edition

  112. Dunia Acauan says:

    OMG this is so amazing Becky!!!! you are so kind! I’m spreding the love everywere :)

  113. Ellen says:

    Nova Scotia , Canada

    Thank you very much!!!

  114. Kim Cobb says:

    Kim Cobb
    Victoria, BC Canada
    Torquoise edition

  115. Carmel says:



    New Zealand


    Many thanks Becky. We here in NZ have been part of your PL journey from the very beginning so it
    is great to be remembered.

  116. Ida says:

    Ida, Stockholm, Sweden
    I would like a baby kit…. because i’m pregnant… :)

  117. Sheyll Mah says:

    Sheryll Mah
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Would love to win the midnight edition! Thanks, Becky!

  118. Dionne says:

    Hi, I’m Dionne from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. From the new kits I’d love the Honey edition, from the existing kits I’d love the Olive edition.

    Thanks do much for listening to us Becky and for the chance to win.

  119. Jess Forster says:

    Thanks for the international love! Eh!

    Jess, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Midnight edition (paper)


  120. Sheryl says:

    London, ON, Canada

    Thank you so much for thinking of us! I have been doing PL since the very beginning and this is my first year creating digital pages. My first two years I did albums. My third year I used your digital site and then last year I used Shutterfly. I always felt like I couldn’t journal enough on Shutterfly so I am loving the digital pages. I love it! I can’t thank you enough for this concept.

  121. Raewyn says:

    Raewyn + Hawkes Bay + New Zealand + Cobalt edition.
    again thank you for the opportunity to win Becky :)

  122. Anna says:

    Thanks for thinking of us Internationals!

    Hawera, New Zealand

    Would love Blush =)

  123. Valeria, Assis, Brazil

    Thank you for the chance, Becky!

  124. Lisa-Marie says:

    Lise, Brisbane, Australia

  125. Camila says:

    YAY! Thanks you!

    Camila, Curitiba, Brazil

    I`d love the Honey Edition!

  126. Shari says:

    Yay! Thanks so much!

    Lake Macquarie
    Would love to get Jade when it comes out to go with the physical kit I have ordered!

  127. I forgot to add the Edition I prefer so here I go again.

    Valeria, Assis, Brazil >> Seafom Edition
    <3 <3

  128. Irene says:

    Thanks for the chance to win Becky =)
    Auckland NZ
    Honey edition please

  129. Lizette Kloppers says:

    Lizette Kloppers Brits South Africa : Honey edition

  130. Lili'sMother says:

    Eleonora, Szolnok, Hungary

  131. Dare says:

    Calgary, Alberta Canada
    Love the Midnight!

  132. Erica says:

    Erica, Melbourne, Australia …… Honey edition , thanks for the opportunity Becky we love you down under!!!

  133. berta says:

    Chelyabinsk, Russia

    Jade edition!

  134. Nicole says:

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Thank you! It gets frustrating that we can’t get supplies as easily as our US neighbours! Can’t wait until my local scrapbook store will have the new Core Kits in a few months :) :)
    Would love a chance to win the Jade digital version in the meantime :)

  135. nichola agnew says:

    Dunedin, New Zealand
    Jade edition please.

    thanks so much for the oportunity for international followers. I love your products. Making a lifebook for my foster son is know fun.

  136. Carrie says:


    Carrie, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks Becky!! :)

  137. Amanda Resende says:

    Amanda – Maricá – Brazil – Midnight edition!
    thanks for the chance!

  138. Soco says:

    Thank you for this chance!!!

    Montévrain, France
    I’d love to win the Honey Edition. :)

  139. Teri says:

    Mill Bay, BC, Canada
    Cinnamon Edition

  140. Lili'sMother says:

    I forgot the editions
    Eleonora – Szolnok – Hungary
    Cherry Edition

  141. Valerie says:

    Valerie, Ottawa, Canada

    I love the Honey edition!

    (And PS – thank you for this, not just the giveaway, but the acknowledgement!)

  142. Bethany says:

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada


  143. Ana Reis says:

    Thank you for the chance !

    Ana Reis – São José dos Campos (São Paulo) – Brazil – Seafoam

  144. Susanne (sucali) says:

    Susanne, Stuttgart, Germany
    I love the Midnight edition!

  145. Alison Green says:

    Thank you so much Becky!!
    Would love the Jade kit please..:)

  146. Donna M says:

    Donna Meuli, Auckland, New Zealand

    I’d love digital Midnight. Thanks for doing this for us:)

  147. Ana Paula says:

    Thanks for the chance! I’d love the Clementine Edition! I’m from Brazil!!

  148. Alison Green says:

    Oh by the way I live in Sunshine Coast, Australia..

  149. Gabrieal says:


    Gabriela Abramides
    São José dos Campos, State of São Paulo (SP), Brazil


  150. Katrin

    I love the Midnight edition!

  151. Marie says:

    Oh yeah!!! Tanks a lot from France!!!
    Marie, Brives, France
    Choosing one edition? So hard! Let say Jade

  152. Amanda W says:

    Melbourne, Australia
    Honey edition please.

  153. Lucy says:

    Lucy, Bridgend, UK

  154. Kate says:

    I would love to win the Honey Edition xo

  155. Nina says:

    Bottrop, Germany

    Mitternacht! (German for “Midnight”)

  156. Sheila H says:

    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    I love the Midnight Edition!!

  157. Astrid says:

    The Netherlands
    Midnight edition, awesome!

  158. Linda says:

    Linda, Bygstad, Norway
    Blush edition <3

  159. Ayesha says:

    the Netherlands
    Holidays Mini Kit

    Thank you soooooooooo much for this. For doing something special for all of us living overseas. It is so cool that now 10 (!!!) of us are going to win something. Woohoo!!!!!!

  160. Vanessa D says:

    Portugal Cove, Newfoundland, Canada
    I’d love the Midnight edition

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  161. Cecilia says:

    Jade Edition

    Thanks for the opportunity for us outside the U.S.

  162. Marissa says:

    Very excited about this competition, Thank you!
    Marissa, Queensland, Australia
    <3 the Midnight edition

  163. Sandra says:

    Epsom, United Kingdom

    Thank you so very much for this kind gift.

    Honey edition please

  164. Beth Patfull says:

    Buddina, Queensland AUSTRALIA

    Midnight edition ❤

  165. Maria H says:

    Maria H
    Wyndham, New Zealand

    I would love the Honey edition.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity Becky :-)

  166. Melanie, Telford, England!

    I love that you addressed this issue and think of us – thank you!! <3

    I would love the Kraft edition please :)

  167. Syahidah says:

    Name : Syahidah
    City: Singapore
    Country: Singapore

    I would love the Midnight edition!

    Thank YOU Becky! <3

  168. Jemima Champion says:

    Thanks Becky – you always try to accommodate everyone.

    Jemima Champion
    Gold Coast
    I’d love the Honey Edition.

  169. Teri H. says:

    Lethbridge, AB

    Midnight, pretty please!!!

  170. Stina says:

    Kristina, Åkersberga, Sweden
    Would love the Midnight Edition <3

    Thanks for the lovely chance!

  171. Naomi says:

    Loving them all and would be happy with any – (thinking) …

  172. Crystal C says:

    Crystal, Calgary, AB, Canada

  173. Cara Devaney says:

    Great giveaway!

    Name: Cara Devaney
    City: Melbourne
    Country: Australia
    Edition: baby for him

  174. chiara says:

    Thankyou for this great opportunity!

    Name: Chiara
    City: Udine
    Country: Italy

    I would really like to win the HONEY EDITION!

  175. Mandi says:

    Thanks for thinking of us! I’d love jade.
    Mandi from Hamilton, ontario, Canada.

  176. Judith says:

    Judith, winterswijk, the netherlands
    I would love the sea foam ediotion :)

  177. Francie Gardner says:

    New Zealand
    Seafoam Edition

  178. Laura says:

    What a great giveaway! I’d love the midnight edition.

    Laura, Leuven, Belgium

  179. Kelly Nelson says:

    Thank you for this chance.

    Kelly – Wellington – New Zealand – midnight

    It’s amazing to see how international we all are!!

  180. Charlotte says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

    Te Awamutu
    New Zealand

    Midnight Edition

  181. Nicole Ramsay says:

    Thanks for the chance.
    Maroochydore, Queensland

    PS I love Rain

  182. Lauren F says:


    Lauren, Cessnock , Australia

    I would love any of the current kits, I am yet to start my project life journey, waiting for the release in Australia..

  183. Fiona Moore says:

    Fiona Moore
    Kings Langley, Sydney

    I love the colours in the “Rain” edition…and having lots of fun with digital project life!

  184. Holly Connors says:

    Holly, Brassall, Queensland, Australia. Midnight edition

  185. Anja says:

    Best giveaway ever :)

    Anja, Messkirch, Germany
    Kraft Edition

  186. Carrie says:

    Such a gr8 giveaway!!! I looooove project life!

    Carrie, port coquitlam, BC, Canada

    Any edition will do!!!

  187. Evi says:

    Hi !!
    Thanks for this giveaway !!
    I’m a big fan of Project Life and it’s really nice !!
    I’m Evi – from Beaupreau – FRANCE
    My favorite PL edition is SEAFORM from Elise Blaha Cripe !!

  188. Ally V. says:

    I would love a chance to win! How do you pick just one edition? My top three would be Jade, Honey or Kraft. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    Ally V.
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada

  189. Melissa – Melbourne – Australia – midnight edition

  190. Elisabeth Mey says:

    Thank you !

    Name : Elisabeth Mey
    City : Haubourdin
    Country : France
    edition : sea Foam

  191. Anna Rose says:

    Anna+ Stockholm+Sweden
    I would like the Baby Editin

    Tank you!

  192. Kelly says:

    Thank you for creating something just for us!!

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Honey Edition

  193. KELLY says:

    Kelly, Sunshine Coast, Australia
    Honey Edition Please :)

  194. Rhona says:

    How fantastic :) thanks for the opportunity

    East Grinstead

    I’d love the Honey edition

  195. Elle says:

    Hey Becky, thanks!

    Elle Roberts
    Townsville, Australia
    I’d love the midnight edition it’s full of my favourite colours!

  196. Kerstin says:

    Kerstin, Ewighausen, Germany.

    I’d love the Blush Edition

  197. Julie says:

    Thanks Becky!

    Sunshine Coast,
    Queensland, Australia

    Honey Edition!

  198. Jude says:

    Thanks Becky, thanks for this giveaway – love your products and it must be hard trying to keep such a varied customer base happy :). If I’m lucky enough to be picked I’d love the Jade edition (although I’ll be shopping for others too!


  199. Liane says:

    Liane, Mississauga, Canada
    I love Midnight!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  200. Alison says:

    Alison Exelby
    New Zealand

    Thanks for thinking of us Becky and giving us a chance to win :)

  201. Sue says:

    Sue, Mt Gambier, Australia

  202. Kate says:

    Kate, Melbourne Australia.

    Thanks for the chance to win, I’d love the sea foam edition.

  203. Sandra says:

    You rock Becky!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!
    Sandra Bunch, Brisbane, Australia
    Honey is really floating my boat atm!

  204. Tracey says:

    New Zealand

    I would love the Jade edition (Just taken me half an hour to decide! So many great editions coming out!)

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  205. Jannie Lytzen says:

    This is an amazing chance! Wanted to do this for sooo long

    Jannie Lytzen

    Skals, Jylland



  206. Yay for an international giveaway!

    Charlotte, Sydney, Australia

    I love the Kraft edition!!

    Thanks Becky!

  207. Leanne T. says:

    Leanne, Bundaberg, Australia

    Loving the gorgeous girly colours of BLUSH please

  208. Magen says:

    Three hills Alberta
    Honey !!!!!

  209. Janelle says:

    Happy dance :)
    Janelle Curry
    Gladstone, Australia
    Midnight pretty please!

  210. Rachel says:



  211. Kelly says:

    Thanks Becky!
    I love the Midnight Edition!
    Stittsville, Ontario, Canada

  212. Georgie says:

    Georgina Blennerhassett
    Mt Eliza Melbourne Australia
    Honey please :)

  213. brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

    Louise, Milton, England, UK

  214. Jennifer Ferland says:

    Jennifer Anne Ferland
    Kraft Edition please
    Etobicoke Ontario Canada

  215. Lesley says:

    Brisbane, Australia

    I’d love the Honey kit, thanks Becky!

  216. Janne says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for thinking of us :O)

    Janne Skafte
    Gentofte, Denmark
    Midnight Edition


  217. Kim says:

    Kim, Brisbane, Australia

  218. Vesna Roffel says:

    Hi Becky! This is wonderful! Count me in!

    Vernon, BC

  219. Cara Seppelt says:

    Cara Seppelt
    South Australia
    I seem to be in a tiny minority here saying Rain!

  220. Antonella R says:

    Yay!!! Antonella R, Atherton, Queensland, Australia

  221. Katie dowd says:

    Katie dowd
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    Jade edition

    # thanks for the opportunity to win a gorgeous digital kit x

  222. Tatiana Ortega says:

    Tatiana, Madrid, Spain
    I would love Kraft edition
    Thanks so much for thinking of us!

  223. Antonella R says:

    Oops Antonella R, Atherton, Queensland, Australia, BLUSH

  224. Rachel Hornbuckle says:

    Rachel, Swindon, England
    I’d love the Kraft edition please

  225. kristy says:

    Gerringong, NSW, Australia

    I LOVE the rain edition!

  226. Anissa says:


  227. Kylie says:

    Kylie, Melbourne, Australia
    Kraft would be nice :)

  228. Pamela Sim says:

    Pam, Adelaide, Australia. Honey edition.

    Thanks for thinking of us international customers, and for the chance to win!!

  229. DaniW in Oz says:

    Danielle, Gold Coast, QLD Australia. Cinnamon Edition pretty please!

    Thank you so much for thinking of us. It’s this attention to detail and caring about ‘the little things’ – and actually doing something about it, that make you and your team so utterly wonderful. You rock!

  230. Rosymare Silva says:

    Rosymare Silva – Brazil – Minikit Wedding edition

  231. Rashmi says:

    Wow this is great. Thanks
    Rashmi, Bangalore, India

  232. Lory says:

    Loredana Bucaria – Quarto Napoli – Italy – seafoam collection

  233. Lory says:

    Thank you from the deep of my heart!! Pl has changed my life in positive and even when I feel sad I try to approach in the right way :)

  234. Anne T says:

    Anne T
    New Zealand

    Honey Edition

    Thanks so much for the chance Becky!!

  235. Angela says:

    Hastings, New Zealand

    I love love love the Olive

    Thank you

  236. Paula says:

    Paula Allcock

    I love the midnight kit!

  237. Mandy says:

    Thanks for thing of us!

    Mandy, Brisbane, Australia. would love the Honey edition.

  238. Claire says:

    Wow, thank you so much for thinking of us! I LOVE the Cinnamon Edition.
    Claire, Utrecht, the Netherlands

  239. Pheeebzzz says:

    Sandrine, from La Motte d’Aveillans, France
    I would love to win the rain edition.
    Thanks for the chance :) !!

  240. Rashmi says:

    Thanks for doing this.
    Rashmi, Bangalore India,
    Baby edition or Kraft edition will be great

  241. Amanda S says:

    Yay for international love!

    Thanks for the opp.

    Amanda Stevenson, Gold Coast, Australia.

    I’m very much loving honey edition at the moment.

  242. Janet Harradine says:

    Tweed Heads, New South Wales /Quuensland border

  243. Brooke says:

    Brooke, Brisbane, Australia. I love the Midnight edition.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win Becky. The fun thing about a competition like this is you make it really easy for us to find like minded PL locals.

  244. Ingrid Aukan says:

    I’m Ingrid. I live in Oppdal, Norway. I would lovelovelove to get my hands on the midnight edition.

  245. Pamela in Finland says:

    Kraft edition for me, thank you Becky!

  246. Deb says:

    Deb, Brisbane, Australia

    Honey Edition would be my choice. Thanks for the chance

  247. Carolyn says:

    They all look gorgeous, Blush would be lovely.

    Carolyn, Melbourne, Australia

  248. Paula says:

    Paula N.
    Almere, Neherlands

    Thanks so much for the chance :-)

  249. Justine says:

    Justine, Saskatoon, Canada, Clementine Collection

  250. Thank you for the chance to win. I’d love to win the Jade edition if possible.

  251. Dori says:

    Thx for this chance :)

    Name: Dori
    Berglern (near Munich) – Bavaria – Germany

    I really love the new honey Edition !

  252. Ulrika says:



  253. Kate says:

    Kate from Auckland, New Zealand.

    Love your products! Just made my first order last night. I Love the Kraft collection.


  254. carolyn says:

    Yay!!!!!!!Thanks Becky….would love to win….carolyn,,,b,…Cranbourne Australia

  255. Joanne B says:

    Wow thanks becky!! Can’t wait for the new editions!
    I also have a new edition due in may!
    My faves are baby for her,blush, honey or Kraft or even the mini wedding one … 4 years on would be good to finally finish my wedding and honeymoon album!

  256. Linda says:

    Linda Schlagmueller
    Sydney, Australia
    Jade edition.

    Thanks Becky!

  257. Julie Macnair says:

    Glasgow United kingdom

    I would love the Kraft edition

  258. Jaque says:

    Jaque + Regina + Canada + Clementine

  259. Kim Duffy says:

    Ormiston, Brisbane, Queensland Australia

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  260. Ruth says:

    Ruth in Sydney Australia insight edition please

  261. Karen says:

    Craigieburn, Melbourne
    Seafoam would be great, Thanks heaps for the giveaway

  262. Mandy Kennedy says:

    Mandy, Melbourne, Australia

    I would love to win the Kraft edition! Thanks for the chance to win!

  263. Sara Spencer says:

    Sara, Vårgårda, Sweden. I love the Honey edition

  264. Mirjam says:

    Thank you for this chance!!

    Mirjam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Baby edition for him

  265. Gabriela says:

    São Paulo, Brasil

    I would really love Honey edition. Thank you!

  266. Vanessa ,Australia says:

    So pleased you included us.
    Love the cinnamon addition.

  267. Aimee says:

    Aimee, Bendigo, Australia, Midnight.

  268. Petrice says:

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway!
    Petrice, Sydney, Australia
    Would love the Midnight edition. :)

  269. Sarah Giles says:

    Alton, Hampshire, UK
    Midnight :)

  270. Louise says:

    Louise Enslin
    South Africa

    I adore all of them, but I think Olive is my favourite (so far!)

  271. Katherine says:

    Thank you for this opportunity for your international fans! I am currently working on a baby book for my daughter using the Baby Edition for Her, and am loving what I’ve done so far.
    How to choose just one – Olive it will be.
    St Adolphe, Manitoba, Canada

  272. Saam Thorne says:

    I have fallen in love with Rain.
    Saam Thorne, Adelaide, South Australia

  273. Clémentine says:

    Yeah thank you so much for the chance to win! I can’t wait may to have an easier access to the project life supplies, I love it :-)
    Clémentine, Toulouse, France and the seafom edition

  274. Cindy koning says:

    This is wat cool!
    I would love the Jade edition!
    Cindy, Heemstede, the netherlands

  275. Jane says:

    Jane, Sydney Australia, and Honey. Or Rain. No, Honey …
    Love them all!

    Thank you for this :)

  276. Kelly G says:

    Kelly Goodwin
    Balgownie, Australia
    I would LOVE to win Midnight. Thanks for the chance.

  277. CaroleenD says:

    Caroline, Fontenay-aux-roses, France

    I love the seafoam edition !

  278. Chiao Chyi says:

    Chiao Chyi, Kwan
    London, UK

    Would love the Midnight Edition, Thanks!

  279. Em says:

    Em from Caen in France.
    Blush is my favorite amongst the new edition. :)

  280. Alex says:

    Alex C
    Cessnock, NSW, Australia
    I honestly struggle to decide between them but I think the Olive edition is my fave :)

  281. Melissa says:

    Melissa Stoffels
    Western Australia
    And I would live the midnight kit.

  282. Sarah says:

    Sarah, North Tawton, UK. Baby (unisex) edition would be very handy in the near future!! :)

  283. Kim says:

    Tamworth, NSW

    I would love the Kraft edition please :) Thanks!

  284. Gerdieneke says:

    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

    Gerdieneke, Arnhem, the Netherlands,
    Midnight edition is my favorite.

  285. Natalie says:

    Melbourne Australia
    Midnight please!

  286. Sue says:

    Isn’t it exciting seeing how far and wide we’re spread all over the globe – all brought together by a love of fabulous story telling products.

    Sue, Melbourne, Australia.
    Midnight Edition

  287. Melissa says:

    Gold Coast, Australia
    Would have to pick the seafoam please Becky.

  288. Kate says:

    Kate, Hitchin, UK – in love with the Midnight Edition! (well really all of them!!)

  289. Megan says:

    Oooo I want the Kraft edition or the midnight edition really badly!

    Calgary, AB Canada

  290. Janine says:

    Sydney Australia
    Midnight edition
    Thanks ;)

  291. Kathy says:

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity. I’ve never attempted digital scrapbooking and would love to give it a go.

    Dunedin, New Zealand
    I adore the Seafoam Edition.

  292. Tamar says:

    Midnight !!!
    Australia – thank you so much xx

  293. StephJ says:

    Steph from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Kraft Edition! I had my 7YO help me pick it was too hard to choose!

  294. Astrid says:


    So sweet of you to offer a give-away for your international friends! I’m working on digital Project Life every day (and yet I still manage to be four weeks behind!!!). :-)

    I’m in love with your yet-to-be-released Honey Edition and Kraft Edition.

    Tianjin, China

  295. Anne M says:

    Hi, I’m Anne from Issy les Moulineaux, France and I would love to win the Honey Edition!

  296. Julie says:

    Julie Trois-Rivieres Canada Wellington

  297. Pinky Nepomuceno says:

    Pinky, Manila, Philippines

    Kraft edition

    Thank you!

  298. Sharon says:

    There is so much love for your product all over the world!
    I’d love the Blush edition.
    Sharon, Alice Springs, Australia.

  299. Marianne says:

    Marianne Pollock
    Moree NSW

    I would love Blush.
    Thanks fo the chance to win

  300. Donna says:

    Ooo thank you, so excited :)
    Sheffield, UK
    Midnight edition

  301. Susie Bell says:

    Susie, Christchurch, New Zealand, Blush (-:

  302. Dionne says:

    Surrey, BC Canada

    Cinnamon edition. Thanks for the chance to win!

  303. brenda says:

    Shanghai, China
    I would love Midnight!!!
    Thank you so much for creating this product. I love it so much. I’m on my third year if doing it.

  304. Lisa says:

    Lisa Lorenzen
    Brisbane, Qld, Australia
    I still love Rain. It will be a lovely addition to my PL collection.

  305. Aggie says:

    I would love the Midnight edition

    Manila, Phils.

  306. Adrienne says:

    Adrienne, Melbourne, Australia.
    Loving the Honey edition :)

  307. Anna-Sara says:

    Hi! What a lovely idea this is! I follow you on Instagram and i really like your pics :) I would love to scrap with the Olive Edition :)
    Hugs from Anna-Sara, Sweden.

  308. Sarah says:

    Vancouver in beautiful Canada.
    Would love the honey edition, please and thank you!

  309. Olivia says:

    Perth, Australia

    Thanks x

  310. Corinne says:

    New Zealand

    Hard to choose between Jade and Cobalt….

  311. Chellie says:

    Thanks for the including internationals. I would love Blush
    from New Zealand

  312. Sandy says:

    Seoul, South Korea
    I would LOVE the Midnight edition. Thanks for thinking of us, Becky!!

  313. Suzanne says:

    Suzanne – Gold Coast, Australia

    I’d love the Midnight!

  314. Megan Cockerill says:

    Useless Loop
    Western Australia

    Hard to pick one :: blush.
    Thank you!

  315. Kate says:

    Adelaide SA

    Thank you, thank you, thank you – for transforming my memory-keeping process over the past four years.

    Rain, or Midnight, or Cinnamon!

  316. Caroline says:

    George Town, Australia
    Sooo many choices. I love them all! but picking Jade
    Thank you so much for including us internationals :D

  317. Sian says:

    Hazelbrook NSW

    This is my first year of digital PL…
    Oh too many beautiful ones to choose from!??!

    Honey, Blush or Kraft – would be lovely!!

    Thank you :)

  318. Rianne says:


  319. Karen says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

    Auckland, New Zealand

  320. Melinda Sweetman says:

    Oh wow! This is so exciting, thank you for the opportunity!!
    Bertram, WA, Australia
    Midnight edition would be my pick :)

  321. Emmanuelle says:

    Hi from Powell River, British Columbia, Canada!

    I love the Honey edition.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  322. Corinne says:

    Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    Honey edition

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  323. Kristie M says:


    Kristie M

    Love the honey edition

  324. Bec Miller says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh!
    Thank you for opening this up for International PL lovers!!

    It was a hard decision, but I’d have to choose the JADE collection so I can start and finish my son’s Primary School album. He’s now in High School!!! Ooops!

    • Bec Miller says:

      Sorry, got excited and forgot to leave the rest of the details!!

      Bec Miller

  325. Tara De Mitri says:

    Summerland, BC
    Cinnamon Edition

    So excited!!!!!

  326. Shayne says:

    Shayne, Sydney, AUSTRALIA :)

    I would love the Midnight edition.

  327. Minnie says:

    Thanks beCky for thinking of us
    I’d love theolive collection if I was lucky enough to win

    Minnie Sydney australia

  328. Alexandria says:

    Alexandria, Provost, Alberta, Canada

    I’d love the cherry addition, though it was impossibly hard to choose!

  329. Jenny W says:

    Thankyou for thinking of us. I’d love the midnight edition
    Port Kennedy WA

  330. Melissa says:

    Melissa… Geelong, Australia….. Olive :)

  331. Louise Beerens says:

    Love them all but Midnight is my FAVE!

    Louise Beerens
    Perth, Australia

  332. Well, this is very exciting! We do get left out a lot online ;-) But there are lots of us outside the US!

    I would love the Blush edition!



  333. Claudine says:

    Claudine…Melbourne, Australia…Midnight

  334. Maria V. says:

    Yay! I love the Jade edition!!! Thank you!

    Chilliwack, BC, Canada

  335. Claire says:

    Mariclaire Rioga

    Thank you so much Becky for this oppurtunity:-)
    I’d love to have the Olive Edition.

  336. Shelly says:

    Shelly Cantelo
    Williams lake, bc

  337. liza yahya says:

    Liza Yahya
    Kuala Lumpur

    I would drool over KRAFT EDITION!
    You are so thoughtful…love ya

  338. Rosy K says:

    Rosy in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada….love the Midnight edition!

  339. Cathy Johnson says:

    Cherry edition

    Cathy Johnson Perth Australian

  340. Jodii says:

    Jodii, lalor, Victoria , Australia . How very kind of you becky

  341. Alison says:

    Barrie, Ont, Canada

    Kraft or midnight would be awesome!

  342. Charline says:


  343. Jo says:

    Thank you Becky!
    Jo, Wellington, New Zealand
    I’d love the Rain edition!

  344. Diane says:

    This is so thoughtful !!

    I would love the Rain edition :-)

  345. huiqi says:

    I adore honey and blush ♥♥ wasn’t able to find blush’s preview anywhere but I guess I’d ♥ that. ^^
    Thank you for the chance to win! The price when it reaches Singapore is rocket high. And I’m just a student -.-

    Anyway, HuiQi, Singapore. ^^ Thank you once again!

  346. Laura says:

    Aw, thanks :)

    Sheffield, UK
    Loving the Seafoam edition – it’s sold out at our lovely UK supplier!

  347. Pedita Hall says:

    Thanks for another fabulous giveaway! I’d live to win one of the new digi PL sets!

    Pedita Hall
    Newcastle Australia

  348. Kirsten says:

    Sherwood Park, Ablerta, Canada

    Thanks Becky! So excited, can’t wait to get the digi versions of the new collections!

  349. Linda says:

    Awesome! Thanks Becky for including us :)



  350. Simone says:

    Thanks so much for doing a giveaway.

    Simone, Bendigo, Australia.

    Would love to win the Bridgeport Childhood Mini Kit.

  351. Leeanne says:

    Thanks for another great comp!

    Leeanne, Leumeah, NSW, Australia

    Would LOVE the Kraft core kit :)

  352. Georgie says:

    Name: Georgie
    City: Spalding
    Country: Australia
    Collection: Kraft

    Thank You!!

  353. I love using the PL digital kits available through AC Digitals. Thank you for the chance to win!

    Marianne Grasso
    Sydney, Australia
    Honey Edition

  354. Wendy Lee says:

    Mississauga, Canada
    Love the Midnight Edition

  355. mandyb says:

    hi there thanks for this

    honey edition thanks

    Mandyb wellington NZ

  356. Melita says:

    Oh yay – what a great chance!

    Melita, Melbourne, Australia

    I’d love Honey…but Kraft is a very close second lol

  357. Carrie says:

    Thanks for the comp.

    Carrie, Mt Gambier, SA, Australia

    I would love the Kraft kit.

  358. Teryl says:

    Oh yay, how exciting.


    Thankyou :)

  359. Felicia says:

    Singapore, Singapore

  360. Carolyn HP says:

    Becky this is so awesome, thank you :)

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Seafoam edition

  361. libbywilko says:

    Elizabeth, The Gap, Brisbane, Australia

    Love the midnight or cinnamon ! Thanks for the chance.

  362. Alison says:

    Hi thanks for the offer!

    Barrie, ON, Canada

    I’d love the kraft or Midnight versions!

  363. Lindsay says:


  364. Lindsay says:

    Ok scratch my entry. I thought you had to live IN the us! Haha!

  365. Kelly Fergie says:

    Kelly Fergie

    Melbourne, VIC Australia

    Would love the HONEY EDITION to document my early years!

  366. Luke says:

    I love doing Project Life with my mum. We would love to do the Midnight addition.

  367. Lara says:

    Gilgandra NSW AUSTRALIA
    Would totally love some RAIN!!

  368. Britta says:

    Britta. Hamilton. New Zealand. Jade!

  369. Vicki Mettam says:


    Newcastle, NSW

    The honey edition PLEAAAAAASE!!!!!

  370. Josie Teh says:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    Josie Teh

    If I would have to choose one, it will be the BABY EDITION FOR HIM.
    Will be great if I can work with that for my Lil one.

    Thank you! <3

  371. Joe Logan says:

    Yay – we know you love your international customers and followers, so thank you for recognising us :)

  372. Narelle Adams says:

    I love everything PL but would love the Olive edition in my kit!!

  373. Tammy Ouellet says:

    So excited!!!
    Fort Frances, ON Canada
    Rain, or Kraft (or any, really!!)

  374. Regiane Costa

    Santo André

    Honey Edition

  375. Kristi says:

    Kristi, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    I would love to win the Seafoam Edition!

  376. Emma says:

    Emma, Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada. The Cherry Edition is gorgeous!

  377. Carolyn B says:

    Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

  378. Angela says:

    Angela, Wallis
    New Zealand

    love them all but my first choice to have would be Cinnamon (with cobalt a close second).
    Thanks for the chance

  379. Megan says:

    Auckland, New Zealand

    THanks Becky!! Love the international love!!

  380. Angeline says:

    WOW!!! finally :) Thank you so much Becky for this giveaway. I love project life!


  381. Paula O says:

    Paula from Langley BC Canada
    Midnight or honey!

  382. SammyD says:

    Yay for being international…lol! Thank you Becky :)

    Sammy from Gippsland (VIC), Australia
    Olive Collection for me please!

  383. Andrea Williams says:

    Andrea Williams
    Stouffville, Ontario Canada

    I love the seafoam or Wellington edition

    • Andrea Williams says:

      I forgot to mention how absolutely crazy I am for PL!!! I
      My kids and I mention our PL mission everyday! It is so easy and beautiful, my favorite thing for 2013!!

  384. Siew-Lian says:

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

    Siew-Lian, Singapore, Singapore

  385. Anne-Marie
    Ok if I HAD to choose… it would be Midnight
    Luckily I DON’T and will be getting them ALL… Would be nice if one is free though ;)
    Ooooooooh I just had a thought… How about a “get the lot” bundle at ACDigitals… With maybe a little discount??? Hey, can’t hurt to ask right?

  386. Ali says:

    Ali – Brisbane, Australia
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!
    Any kit is awesome in my eyes!!! I would be stoked with just one :)
    Love PL! And thanks Becky – I’ve been a big fan since your CM days:) so happy you’ve found your own groove in PL ;)

  387. theresa musni says:

    Thanks for the chance!
    Would like to have the Blush Edition ♡

  388. theresa musni says:

    Thanks for the chance!
    Would like to have the Blush edition ♡

    Theresa – Singapore

  389. Elise Fleming says:

    Thanks for the chance to win Becky.
    Elise F
    Victoria, Australia

    I would love any of the editions but Midnight looks great.

  390. Kellie says:


  391. Kartika says:

    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Jade Edition

  392. Peggy says:

    Cali, Colombia
    Baby edition for her

    Thank you.

  393. mummyaj says:

    Mount Isa, Qld, Australia
    Honey edition

    thanks for the opportunity :)

  394. Yam E. says:

    Manila, Philippines

    Would love the Kraft edition :)

    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  395. Shelby says:

    Shelby, Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada
    Is there one called Kraft? I think that’s my fave but I can’t find it listed in products.

  396. Alanna N says:

    Thanks so much for thinking of and recognising your international fans Becky!! You rock :) I have only just discovered the amazement of this whole Project Life thing but I am in love already!!

    Alanna – Adelaide – Australia

    As for an edition… can I change my mind later if I win?!? I keep staring at and flicking through the catalogue and changing my mind every day as to which is my fav!! I think I would go with Jade though…

    Thanks again!! :) Not only are your products amazing, but you look after your fans too!

  397. Karen M says:

    Karen M
    New Zealand

    Kraft edition!

    Thank you!!!

  398. Cath says:



  399. Rachel says:

    Hi there,

    Rachel from New South Wales in AUSTRALIA!

    Midnight edition

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  400. Leanne says:

    Hi I am entering this on behalf of my sister – I love project life already myself. My sister is a digital scrapbooker and has 4 kids so not a lot of time. She love this, so her name is Nancy O and she is living in Dawson Creek British Columbia Canada….I’ll really let her know if she wins! (But you can use my e-mail on her behalf)

    Could she pick her favourite if she wins?

  401. Laura says:

    In the USA, but have really enjoyed scrolling through the comments and seeing so many around the world who share in our love for Project Life. So excited for our fellow project lifers around the globe!

  402. Cindy says:

    Firstly, THANK YOU for this AWESOME giveaway!!

    Sydney, AUSTRALIA
    Honey or Cinnamon

  403. Ravi says:

    Thanks for this giveaway!

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Cinnamon edition!

  404. Barb says:

    Thank you Becky :)

    Barb, Hobart, Australia, Cinnamon Edition

  405. Melinda Kirk says:

    Melinda Kirk
    Adelaide, Australia

    Kraft edition please and thank you for sharing with us Becky!

  406. Mirna says:

    Mirna, DF , México
    I would like cinnamon edition

  407. Lorraine Melanson says:

    Lorraine, Porcupine Ontario, Canada
    COBALT edition please!

  408. Thea Sheila says:

    OMG! i really needed this today! thank you so much becky!!!

    honey or kraft please!!!

    thea sheila
    manila, philippines

  409. Ileana says:

    Ileana Granados

    San José, Costa Rica
    LOVE this chance!
    Cherry edition

  410. Alyce in Chiba, Japan! I love the Amber edition – so cheery! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your thinking of us overseas-ers!

  411. Tracey Walker says:

    Wow! Thanks for thinking of your international customers Becky!

    Tracey Walker
    Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia

    I love the midnight edition!!!!

  412. Fiona Anderson says:

    Dreaming of the Midnight edition

    Thanks Becky

    Fiona Anderson
    Geelong, Australia

  413. Karen in Ipswich Australia says:

    thanks for letting us in too Becky.
    I love them all so I don’t mind…I’d love any of them…

  414. Florence says:

    Many thanks

  415. Florence says:

    Many thanks

  416. Karen says:

    Karen from Burnie (Tasmania) Australia

    I love the Midnight edition.

    Thanks for giving us the chance to win Becky :)

  417. Kylee says:

    AWESOME!!! Thanks for including us o/s people :)
    Kylee from Canberra, Australia

    Would love the Kraft (although finding it hard to decided lol!)
    Thanks again

  418. Torry says:

    Torry – Dublin, Ireland and Cobalt – thank you!

  419. Devorah says:


    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    I’d love to win the Honey edition!!

  420. Carolyn says:

    London UK
    Kraft edition


  421. Sarah says:


    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    I want the Kraft Edition!

  422. Jane says:

    Tamworth (NSW)

    Midnight – and thank you for the opportunity!

  423. Dawn Cheshire says:

    Dawn, Manchester Uk
    Love the Jade edition!

  424. Ulrike says:

    Herrenberg, Germany
    Amber edition would be great to start with PL

  425. Christina says:

    Christina – Durham – England – Cobalt
    Thankyou x

  426. Megan Kennedy says:

    New Zealand

    Would love the chance to win the Baby Edition for Her. Thanks!

  427. Sarah
    Townsville, Australia

  428. Julia F says:


    Basel, Switzerland

    Oh I can’t wait till the digital versions will be available! Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  429. Basti says:



  430. Helena C says:

    thanks Becky – scrollign down through replies its amazing to see the geographic range of PL fans

    Edinburgh, UK
    Seafoam (so hard to choose)

  431. Jane says:

    I would love to win the seafoam edition. Thanks for including us Becky…. I really miss living in Chicago and ordering from US Amazon.

    Leicester, England

  432. Chris says:

    Chris, Quarry Hill, Australia, Honey.

  433. rumi says:


    I would love the Honey edition, that would be perfect for my project.

  434. Toni says:

    Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

    Midnight Edition

    Thank you for the chance, Becky!

  435. Anastia Saraswaty says:


    thx alot xx

  436. Alison says:

    Vancouver, BC Canada
    Midnight please (or Honey)

  437. Julie says:

    Stuttgart, Germany

  438. Kirsty Peterson says:

    Kirsty from Rotorua, New Zealand
    Kraft edition please

  439. Joy Gissing says:

    I would love the Baby Edition “My boy” or “My Girl”.

    • Joy Gissing says:

      Oops got Super excited there and forget to say Joy from Sydney. I had my eye on the prize. lol.

  440. Kate aa stinkydudette says:

    Kate from Brisbane, Australia would *heart* to win the Honey Edition!! Please and thank you! =)

  441. Tanya W says:

    Tanya W from Redland City, Australia. I love the look of Midnight! Thanks for the opportunity (and for not feeling left out!)

  442. Gail says:

    Oakville, Ontario


  443. Kirsten says:

    Kirsten from Munich, Germany

    I am in love with the Midnight edition! Thank you for including all of us outside the US!

  444. Bronwyn says:

    Newcastle, NSW, Australia


  445. Norma says:

    South Africa

    Jade or Kraft would be awesome.

    Thank you so much for remembering us :)

  446. Michelle says:

    Michelle, Newcastle, Australia

  447. Cath says:

    Cath from Brisbane, Australia
    I love Project Life and would love to win the Kraft edition!

  448. Emma says:

    So much International love for you too Becky!


    The Jade edition is my fave!

  449. Mari says:

    Radolfzell, Germany

    The Rain edition would be awesome!

  450. Tara says:

    Tara Butchart

    Brantford, Ontario Canada

    The Honey Edition!

    WOOOHOOO, thanks for thinking of us!

  451. Jewel says:

    Thank you for giving us internationals a little lovin’!

    Singapore, Singapore

    Love the Midnight edition!

  452. Frances Crean says:

    Happy St. Patricks Day! from Dublin in Ireland!

    If I was lucky enough to win I would LOVE the Kraft edition please.

    I adore your work.

    Load of love
    Frances xxxxx

  453. Kylie Kenny says:

    Kylie Kenny
    Brisbane Australia
    Honey please! Thank you so much!

  454. Mia A. says:

    Mia A.

    I like the Honey edition!

  455. Alexandra says:

    Dear Becky,
    thank you so much for thinking of us, living outside the USA.
    Unfortunately I was unable to purchase Seafoam, so would love to win the digital version of that :-)

    Alexandra, Schiedam, The Netherlands, Seafoam

    Good luck and please know we LOVE your products!

  456. shirley wan says:

    shirley wan
    nsw sydney australia

    i love midnight edition

  457. Rury says:

    Rury from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Love to have a kraft edition :-) Thanks.

  458. Sandra says:

    Rouse Hill, Australia

    I would love the rain addition

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  459. Florence, Abbeville, FRANCE

    Love Midnight edition! Thanks for the chance!

  460. Michelle says:

    Bury St. Edmunds, UK

    I would love the Honey edition! Thanks!

  461. Nickie from Australia says:

    Nickie, Mackay, Australia, honey addition

    Thanks Becky for giving us this chance to win. I love project life.

  462. Naomi says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Scrapbooking products in general seem to be more up-to-date in the US than in the UK, so it’s great that you make your products available internationally.

    I would love the opportunity to use the Jade edition (close tie with Seafoam, but I already have the digital version of Seafoam, love it!).

    Thanks! Naomi, London, United Kingdom.

  463. Gwenaelle says:

    thak you so much for this giveaway
    I’d love to win the honey edition :-)
    Gwenaelle, St Just St Rambert, FRANCE

  464. Rebecca Scurr says:

    Thank you for thinking of us!

    Rebecca S
    Brisbane, Australia


  465. Catia Cunha says:

    Thank you for opportunity. This project is amazing.
    I would like to win the Baby edition!

    Cátia – São Gonçalo – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

    Thanks for thinking of us!

  466. Trina S says:

    Oranjestad, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles

    Thanks for thinking of us outside of the US!! Love Project life!!

  467. Trina S says:

    I didn’t put my name sorry!

    Trina from – Oranjestad, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles

    Thanks for thinking of us outside of the US!! Love Project life!!

  468. Janett says:

    Thank you for opportunity. This project is amazing.
    Thanks for thinking of us outside of the US!! Love ♥ Project life!!

    I´m Janett from Germany.

    I would like to win the COBALT EDITION ♥

  469. Alison says:

    Thanks for the chance Becky-I love the cinnamon edition Alison – Western Australia

  470. KikiK says:

    I’d love to win seafoam
    (already enjoying clementine + baby her) :)
    thank you for the chance Becky
    Kiki from Athens,Greece

  471. Amanda says:

    Amanda from Sydney, Australia here! This is such a fantastic giveaway, thank you so much!

    I would love to win the Seafoam Edition! I recently ordered the neutral baby kit to celebrate our first baby, due in Sept this year and would love the Seafoam to back record our wedding from the end of last year, and continue through with our first married year!

  472. Natalia says:

    Wow, such a great giveaway

    Natalia. Moscow, Russia. Jade

    Edition was so difficult to choose! Thank you for the chance!

  473. Betty B. says:

    OMG this is so exciting!!! thank you so much!

    Benedetta from Vicenza (Italy)

    I can’t even choose a single one! they’re all so amazing haha
    I love Kraft or Blush edition!

  474. Gayle says:

    Gayle from Johannesburg,South Africa
    I’d love the turquoise project lifel

  475. Ewa K. says:

    Ewa, Kwirynów, Poland. I want, love, need to have the KRAFT edition:D Thanks so much for a chance to enter!

  476. Christine says:

    Christine, London, United Kingdom

    I would love the blush edition. I really love project life, such a great idea! Thanks for thinking of us internationals

  477. Kim says:

    Kim + Regina, SK + Canada + Midnight edition

    Thanks for the chance to win a digital kit!

  478. Ying says:

    What a generous offer! Thank you so much for including us international customers.

    Ying Haworth, Sydney, Australia

    I’d love the Honey edition.

  479. Isabelle A. says:

    Montreal, QC, Canada

  480. Jackie says:


    Midnight Edition

    Thank you for the chance, I’d love to win!!!

  481. Tracey Reid says:

    OMG so exciting! Tossing up between Cinnamon and Midnight – I think MIDNIGHT ! Thanks for thinking of us international customers! Thanks for giving us hope lol!

  482. Thanks for the chance, Crystal + Oxford + UK + I’m not really sure which edition I like best although I think the baby neutral set would be used before anything else. Hugs Crystal xx

  483. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

    Jette – Horsens – Denmark.

    Would love to win the Honey Edition

  484. Nancy K. says:

    Nancy K.
    Listowel, Ontario, Canada
    I’d love the Olive Edition

  485. Helen Anne says:

    Helen Anne Mississauga, Ontario Canada
    I like the Blush edition.

  486. Woot woot! Thanks for the chance to win the digital Honey edition!

    Allie in Otago, New Zealand

  487. Mel says:

    Melody – Cape Town -South Africa

    Midnight or Seafoam

  488. Tinkster says:

    Awesome to see the internationals included!

    Theresa, Perth, Australia. Would love the Kraft edition.

  489. Michele Young says:

    Happy dayz ;0)
    Edinburgh, Scotland (though originally from Tasmania so truly international hehe)
    Cinnamon please – loves it I does!

  490. Charni says:

    Thanks a lot!!
    Charni, Cape Town, South Africa
    I would love the Olive Edition

  491. Lisa says:

    Lisa – Linz – Austria

    I’d like the Cobalt Edition :-)

  492. Linda Roos says:

    I’m Linda
    I live in Malmö, Sweden
    I am so in love with the Midnight Edition

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  493. ommu says:

    What a great idea to remember especially us! Thanks a million, Becky!

    Outi – Vantaa – Finland

    And I love the Midnight Edition! :)

  494. Ilse says:

    Thanks for this chance!

    Ilse / Doetinchem / the Netherlands

    And I love the Jade Edition.

  495. Tunde says:

    Tunde, Szigetszentmiklos, Hungary
    I’d love the Clementine edition.

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  496. Karen says:

    Yes please and proud to say I started the UK and Europe Group on Facebook.

  497. Taunia Turnbull says:

    Taunia Turnbull
    Estevan, SK Canada
    Rain Edition

    Thank you!

  498. CatieP says:

    Calgary AB Canada

    Tough choice on which edition – either the gender neutral baby edition or the turquoise edition

  499. Rose Vicente says:


    Thank you!

  500. Karen says:


    Yes please, I love all the soon to be released digi kits but Blush and Honey are my favourites.

    Also proud to say I started the UK and Europe Page of Facebook.

  501. Emma says:


    Emma / Cheltenham / England

    My favourite is Seafoam

  502. Elisabeth Streit says:

    Thanks for the chance and for thinking of us!

    Hvidovre, Denmark

    Midnight Edition


  503. Alex says:

    Alex from Grenoble, France
    Thanks for thinking about us outside the US.
    I would love to win the Rain Edition (though it’s hard to limit to just one, they all are gorgeous !).
    Thanks for the opportunity

  504. Tina says:

    Tina – Dundas, Ontario, Canada
    Thanks for this – hoping and praying I win as I am currently on the fence about switching to digital for 2013. At it since 2010 when you started and loving every minute of it!

  505. Theresa says:

    Ottawa ON Canada

    Cinnamon Edition (pretty please!!)

  506. Brenda says:


    Newcastle Co Down, Northern Ireland

    Honey collection

    Thanks for thinking of your international customers

  507. Colleen says:

    Hurrah! Seafoam edition, I believe. Thanks Becky. Have a good weekend.

    Oslo, Norway

  508. Erin says:

    Erin, Winnipeg, Canada

    Midnight edition…thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  509. Jess says:

    Thanks for the LOVE. I love RAIN. Can’t wait to see it IRL.
    Jess, Surrey, BC, Canada

  510. Juli says:

    Juli, Todmorden, United Kingdom and Sea Foam for me please

    Great giveaway thank you :o)

  511. Stef says:

    Great!!! Thank you Becky !
    Stéphanie, Villefranche de Rouergue, France
    I love the midnight edition.

  512. Ingvild says:

    Thanks for the chance Becky.

    Ingvild, Røyken, Norway

    I love the cinnamon edition.

  513. Krysta says:

    I sooooo love Project Life!
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
    I absolutely love the Honey edition!

  514. Alida says:

    Alida, Jo’burg, South Africa.
    Thanks for this special international give-away Becky!
    I would LOVE the Jade edition!

  515. Stacey Webster says:

    Belleville, Ontario


  516. Jackie O says:

    Awesome giveaway!
    Shelburne, ON

    I love the kraft edition!

  517. helen says:

    Stratford upon Avon Uk

    Kraft please!

  518. Shelley says:

    Calgary AB Canada

    Honey please!

  519. Rebecca says:

    Thank you so much for doing this.

    West Kelowna, BC Canada
    Midnight please!!

    I can’t wait for these to be released.

  520. Hilde says:

    Thanx for the chance to win.

    Notodden, Norway

    The kraft edition is my favorite.

  521. Adele says:

    Lovin’ the international love fest ;)

    Adele in Caledon, Ontario, Canada
    Honey Edition

  522. Minna says:

    Turku, Finland
    Jade Edition is my favourite. :)

  523. Nancy Sinclair
    United Kingdom

    Kraft edition

    Thanks so much for this chance.

  524. Deborah says:


    Love the Honey edition :)

  525. Jan McCann says:

    Ooh! How wonderful! I’d love the rain edition ( being British! )
    England xx

  526. Andrea says:

    New Zealand

    I would love the Midnight edition!

  527. Wonderful! :D

    Love Cobalt

  528. Raina says:

    Timmins Ontario Canada
    I’d love the Olive.

  529. Lorraine
    Wainwright Alberta Canada
    Love the Cinnamon Edition!

  530. Kate says:

    Kate, Wellington, New Zealand
    I love the Seafoam Edition

  531. Katarina Johansson says:

    I´m so exited about the Project Life products getting available for me too soon,
    and I LOVE that I can mix digital PL right into it.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    Best regards
    Katarina Johansson

  532. Ellen says:

    Ontario, Canada
    Honey Edition

  533. Diane says:

    Lower Hutt, New Zealand

    Many thanks for the opportunity to enter

  534. Emma says:

    Dublin Ireland
    Kraft would be a great addition to my growing digital collection

  535. Diane says:


    Midnight :)

  536. rach says:

    Casnewydd, Wales
    I’d love the kraft edition.

  537. Sandy says:

    Sandy, Sydney, Australia
    I choose Jade (although this is just as difficult as choosing a favourite tim tam flavour!)

  538. Catherine says:


    I’d love the Honey edition!

  539. Kelly M says:

    Toronto, Ontario

    Honey Edition

  540. Rachel says:

    Thanks Becky,

    Rachel, Melbourne, Australia.
    My favourites are Clementine, Seafoam, Kraft, Rain and Honey – too many to choose…
    I can’t find the page where the new kits were each shown so if I had to just pick one it would probably just be Seafoam (based on what I have seen from the design team).

  541. Allison M says:

    My favorites are the Midnight and Kraft editions

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  542. Jacquie says:


    I love the Blush edition
    Thank you

  543. Tanya says:

    Adelaide, S.A, Australia

    Hard to decide but I would have to choose the Honey Edition ♥

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  544. Alison says:


  545. Michele Clarke-Jeffery says:

    Michele. Oakey. Australia. Blush edition.

    I love your product.

  546. Erica t says:

    Toronto, Canada
    I like the turquoise and cobalt editions!

  547. Jane S says:


    Midnight please!

  548. Isabel Oliveira says:

    Isabel | Lisbon | Portugal Rain Edition

    Thanks for the giveaway…. and remembering us. PL is awesome!

  549. J3SS1C4 says:

    Jessica, Sydney Australia

    Thank you for this chance to win! I love the Cinnamon and Jade editions… Oh so pretty!!

  550. Tara says:

    Tara, Sydney Australia

    Love any but Cobalt is my favourite.
    Thanks so much for the chance.

  551. Elizabeth says:

    Burnaby, Canada
    Midnight or Kraft :)

  552. Chutatip says:

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to play with the Clementine Edition. :)

  553. Emma says:

    Emma – Kyneton, Victoria, Australia

    Thanks so much for the chance. I’m in love with them all but the Kraft Edition is just amazing!

  554. caro_frenchy says:

    Hi Becky, thank you so much for everything you are doing. PL is amazing and you are WonderWoman!

    Caro_frenchy, London, UK,
    Arggggg choosing 1 favorite is hard… Olive / Seafoam / Cherry…
    I let you surprise me !

  555. Robyn T says:

    Robyn – Perth – Australia.

    So torn…my first fave is Cinnamon but if you happen to be releasing that next week

  556. Rhea says:

    <3 Kraft Edition <3

    Rhea – Saskatoon, SK – Canada

  557. Karen says:

    Tauranga. New Zealand

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  558. Sarah Doherty says:

    Wow! To win a digital version of PL just now would be perfect in so many ways. Thanks for the opportunity Becky.
    Sarah, Nelson, New Zealand

  559. Fiona says:

    Would love the Jade edition! Am LOVING Project Life and doing it digitally! Thanks!

    New Westminster, BC, Canada

  560. Kelly K says:

    Kelly Goderich, Ontario, Canada

    thanks for the chance Becky!
    (Baby Edition)

  561. Ana Paula Paes says:

    Ana , Sao Paulo, Brazil , Midnight edition!!! Tks!!!

  562. Charlotta Ridka says:

    Charlotta Ridka, CZECH REPUBLIC, Europe

    Thank you for the great chance :-) Love your products.

    Baby Edition for Him.

    Wish you all the best!

  563. Lynne Stuart says:



    The Kraft edition :)

  564. robin willet says:

    sault ste. marie, Ontario, Canada
    lovin the turquoise edition

  565. Rhea says:

    Rhea L.
    Wellington, NEW ZEALAND!

    Baby Edition for Her

    Thanks! :D

  566. Alice says:

    Alice from Sydney Australia loves Rain edition

  567. Alice says:

    Alice Sydney Australia loves Rain edition

  568. Laura says:

    Laura, Adelaide, Australia. I’d love Cinnamon.

    Thanks for the opportunity. It’s cool seeing just how ‘far flung’ we all are!

  569. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the chance. I love them all but I pick the midnight edition.

    Melissa. Melbourne. Australia.

  570. Christina says:

    Sydney Australia
    Midnight edition

    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  571. Thea says:

    Thanks for the overseas love.
    Brisbane, Australia

  572. Sara says:

    Very cool,at last being overseas gets us into the party :)

    Charlestown Australia

    Midnight Edition

  573. Emma says:

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    I love the Jade edition.

    Emma from Essex in UK.

  574. Coni says:

    Thanks for this chance!
    Constanze, Labenz, Germany
    Jade :o)

  575. Naomi Barnes says:

    Naomi – Toowoomba – Australia
    I just love the Kraft edition, it’s so natural and beautiful :)

  576. Thank you so much for this chance Becky!!
    I really love the Jade edition :)
    //Lisa, Gothenburg, Sweden

  577. Monique says:

    Monique, Vortum Mullem, Netherlands
    I love the turquoise edition!

  578. Toni says:

    Mt Maunganui

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to be part of this great giveaway.

  579. Denise says:

    Rain edition – perfect colours for the 3 men in my life.

    Thank you. It is an amazing wa to scrap and I recommend it to everyone I meet who is interested.

  580. Denise says:

    Sydney, Australia

  581. Kirsty says:

    My name is Kirsty, from Liverpool, England.
    I’d love to win the Blush set!
    Thank you so much!

  582. Natalie says:

    Hi again, my name is Natalie from Johannesburg in South Africa.

    All the kits are gorgeous so any of them would be treasured.

    Have a beautiful day!

  583. Rachel says:

    Thanks for including us!
    Rachel – ACT, Australia
    Midnight is my perfect match :)

  584. Lucy Gersekowski says:

    Lucy from Grafton, New South Wales, Australia – I have a BLUSH crush lol <3

  585. Sarah says:

    Sarah – Chatham, Ontario Canada – I am in love with the Midnight edition and can’t wait!

  586. Kimberly says:

    Kellyville, NSW, Australia


  587. Agnus K. says:

    Agnus, Sydney Australia
    Loving the Honey Edition!

  588. Regiane Musa says:

    a edição que você preferir
    Project Life Cherry Edition

  589. Karen says:

    Baldock, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
    After going through the selections umpteen times, I’ve settled on Seafoam.
    Or the wedding edition if it comes out in digital form. It would be lovely to document my daughters up coming wedding..

  590. Heike says:

    Midnight Edition

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  591. Saki Nakama-Jaranilla says:

    Hi There! Thank you so very much for this opportunity! I can’t tell you enough how great this is!:) I’m from the Philippines and I was bummed out when I found out that the kits are not sold here – the closest retailer would be from Singapore :( But I’m more than happy that you have digital editions of your templates and kits! I just started this year, took the class of Jessica Sprague and the rest is history! Its already been such a blast for me and my family! I would love to win the Midnight Edition by Liz Tamanaha of Paislee Press! I’m a huge fan of hers and yours! :) Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for this! :) again, Thank you so so much! You and you team are awesome for creating Project Life and for trying to make it available all around the world :)

  592. Mac Kenzie says:

    Orillia, Canada
    Honey (BUT love them ALL)

    I read your blog daily, and was so thrilled to see this March Break contest – a bit of “sunshine” to melt all our winter snow. Project Life is all about gratitude.
    Thank you for thinking of us, Becky.
    Your Loyal International Customer

  593. Jennifer says:

    I will love the turquoise collection!

    North Delta, BC Canada

  594. Nadja says:

    Honey Edition

  595. Karen says:

    Fergus,ON Canada
    Amber Edition

    Thank you for thinking of us “Internationals”

  596. Anita says:

    Love them all!
    Anita, Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada

  597. DEBBIE says:

    Leopold, Vic

    Cinnamon Edition

    Thanks for thinking of us :)

  598. Vicmarie says:

    Caguas, PUERTO RICO
    Kraft Edition

  599. Fernanda Teresa de Freitas says:

    Fernanda, Campinas, Brazil, Baby Edition for Him

    I’m pregnant with twin boys, can’t wait to document this journey with style!

  600. Alison says:

    Wow! SO cool to see how many international customers you have responding here, and the diversity of nations represented. Very cool. Thanks for this opportunity lovely Becky!

    Alison, Canberra, Australia
    Baby Edition for Him

  601. Bea says:

    What a great giveaway for all of us internationals…THANKS for the opportunity to win !!!

    Beatrice, Berlin, Germany
    Midnight Edition

  602. Zuzy says:

    Mississauga, Ontario
    cinnamon edition

  603. Tracey Ludwig says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. LOVE your products!!

    Tracey Ludwig
    Calgary Alberta

    Honey edition

  604. Rhonda says:

    Becky, thank you so much for remembering your international fans! It’s nice to see other names from the UK here – sometimes I feel like I am the only person in England loving Project Life! Most of the time I just get “Project What?” when I wax lyrical about it. You still have a big target audience to conquer here. I am positive that once the physical products show up on some shelves, people will understand.
    I am absolutely looking forward to the Cinnamon edition coming out.
    Colchester, Essex, England

  605. Jo says:

    Kraft edition

    Thank you for this opportunity. It’s true that we do often feel left out!

  606. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win, I LOVE Project Life. I would love the Seafoam Edition.




  607. Noga says:

    Hi, I’m Noga from Israel.
    I love the Blush and Midnight editions. But I don’t mind to get one of the others, too :)

  608. Liz says:

    Honey please- soooo nice!

    Sundsvall, Sweden

  609. Rachel says:

    Thanks Becky and Team!

    Rachel, Alice River, Queensland Australia

    Olive is my favourite at the moment.

  610. Susan says:


    Concord West, Sydney, Australia

    Blush edition please

  611. Tracey Moore says:

    Wow wow wow

    I am loving PL. What absolute amazing chance this is, everything is crossed tight.

    I would love any of the editions, they are all amazing.

    Tracey, Nottingham, UK. X

  612. Laura G says:

    Brisbane, Australia
    Jade Edition

  613. Victoria says:

    Thank you so much!

    Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Love all of the editions, although honey is prob my fav.

  614. Tania says:

    Tania, Bendigo (Victoria, Australia)…Midnight! :)

  615. Theresa says:

    Auckland, New Zealand

    Honey or Kraft edition.

  616. Deborah says:


    Vancouver, Canada

    Kraft edition!

  617. Yvette says:

    Yvette, Balwyn, Victoria, Australia.


    Thanks Becky.

  618. Bianca Kirschner says:

    Bianca – London – UK – Turquoise

  619. Shauna Giesbrecht says:

    I LOVE the midnight edition :)

    Shauna Giesbrecht

    Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

  620. Annette says:


    Melbourne, Australia

    Blush edition please.

  621. Cassie says:

    Cassie Krygsman

    Ilderton, Ont Canada

    Turquoise Edition

    Thanks for the opportunity and thinking of us international customers :)

  622. Dellie says:

    Hi – I love the midnight edition :)
    Adele Gold Coast Australia

  623. carla says:

    I am loving the International love fest!!!

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Clementine is my fave!

  624. Daniele says:

    Thank you Becky!

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  625. Elisa says:

    I love Project Life!

    Hougang, Singapore
    Honey or Blush Edition

  626. Natasha says:

    Hamilton, New Zealand
    I love the look of the Turquoise collection.
    Thank you for doing this and for having such a wonderful product

  627. Alexandra says:

    Sydney Australia
    Rain Edition

    Thank you for such a fabulous product!

  628. Victoria says:


  629. Amy says:


    Highfields Australia
    Jade Edition

    Thanks for the chance to win. Fingers crossed!

  630. Danielle says:

    Woohoo how exciting!



  631. Khloe says:

    Thanks for remembering your non-US project lifers :)
    – Khloe, Singapore, HONEY edition :)

  632. Rebecca Kostiuk says:

    Oooohhh…so hard to choose, but with all my boys…Midnight!

    Thank you SO much for remembering us!
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  633. Valerie Irwin says:

    Thanks so much for thinking of us, I’m totally hooked on all Project Life products!

    Crossfield, Alberta, Canada
    Midnight Edition

  634. Mindy Simmill says:

    Mindy simmill, chilliwack BC Canada
    Midnight edition please :)

  635. Meei says:

    Meei, Klang , Malaysia

    I would like the Cherry Edition. Thanks for the chance.

  636. Andrea Perkins says:

    Andrea Perkins – Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada – Olive Edition

  637. ChrisyC says:

    Wardell, NSW Australia

    Got to be Midnight edition…..love Liz T.

  638. Caylee says:

    Ah, this is so exciting.

    Johannesburg, South Africa and I adore the Kraft Edition.

  639. Esther says:

    Freiburg, Germany

    Would love the Honey edition.

    Love, E.

  640. julie says:

    wellington, new zealand
    really we have to pick – i love almost all of them – so maybe midnight

  641. Cristina, Espirito Santo, Brazil
    I like the look of the Turquoise collection!!
    Thanks for this chance

  642. Sara-Jane says:

    New Zealand

    Hi Becky, thanks for the opportunity.
    I love the Midnight edition and can’t wait to use it in my album!

  643. Kylie says:

    Durban, KZN
    South Africa
    Cinnamon or Midnight
    i am so excited, we cant get it in SA just yet but trying…

  644. Asta says:

    Asta Ivanoviene, vilnius, Lithuania


    And thank you.

  645. Rialeen says:

    Hi, I live near Cape Town in South Africa and love the Honey edition

    Thanks for giving us a chance :-)

  646. Jenny says:

    Thank you for the chance to win! My name is Jenny and I live in Bonn, Germany. I love the Midnight edition.

  647. Anna says:

    Yay!! Thank you for giving Int customers a chance to win too :)
    Anna Lennström, Upplands Väsby Sweden
    Seafoam Edition

  648. Josie Hulme says:

    New Zealand

    I love the Seafoam edition :)

  649. Rachel M says:

    Rachel, Melbourne, Australia
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seafoam :)

  650. Marie A. says:

    St-Nicolas, Qc

    I really love the Honey Edition.

    Thanks or the chançe to win!

  651. Mel B says:

    Melissa, Orange Australia

    I’d love the Blush edition.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  652. Meg says:

    I LOVE midnight! Thanks Becky!

    Swansea UK

  653. Ségolène says:

    Bonjour, merci de penser à nous!

    Brussels, Belgium

    Favorite: Jade edition

  654. Susanne says:

    My favorite is the Midnight edition.

    Thank you so much for this chance!

    Trogen, Switzerland

  655. lego says:

    Vienna, Austria

    thanks for the chance;)

  656. Maelle says:

    Thank you for this wonderfull chance!
    I’ve been looking at everything you for a while, and love absolutely everything!

    I particularly love the “honey” edition

    Good luck to everyone,

    Rennes, France.

  657. Michelle (shelza) says:

    Michelle Geelong Australia Kraft would be awesome thanks Becky x

  658. Dominika says:

    Dominika, Toronto Canada

  659. Laura Carazo says:

    San Josè, Costa Rica
    love Jade Edition

  660. Carmel says:

    Congratulations everyone!

    I just loved seeing all the countries everyone is from.

    Just goes to show how many truly international customers are enjoying and supporting Project Life!

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    I’m new to blogging and have been thinking about using the Tripod platform. Do you think this is a good foundation to start with? I would be really thankful if I could ask you some questions through email so I can learn a bit more before getting started. When you have some free time, please get in touch with me at: lorene-jerome@gawab.com. Many thanks