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favorite things with race

You know those guys who go to nursing school and feel a little outnumbered? As one of the very few men in the scrapbooking industry, I can safely say they have nothing on me! My name is Race and I’m the marketing manager here at Becky Higgins. I have a passion for fixing the parts of a website you don’t see, and if you’re getting emails from us or if you’ve seen our ads on Facebook or Google, that’s probably me, too. My favorite things showcase the nerd in me, but I’m guessing that someone you know would love each of these just the way I do.


PLAYSTATIONWhen I play video games, I’m given a puzzle or a challenge. When I beat it, I’m instantly gratified in my ability to overcome challenges. Video games provide positive feedback that loops in my brain, boosting my creative thinking and confidence. Not buying it? Well, it’s also a Blu-ray player equipped with Netflix and Hulu.

DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB. I loved this company’s marketing campaign enough to try their service, and I haven’t been disappointed. For a dollar every other month, they mail me some really excellent replacement blades. Plus, don’t we all kind of love getting something in the mail?

MOUNTAIN DEW. I believe variety is the spice of life, and Mountain Dew comes in over 50 weird flavors, most of which have been discontinued. I enjoy drinking them, but it’s also a hobby of mine to collect a full can of every flavor. I have dozens spanning the last decade! I like to think it’s just slightly cooler than coin collecting.

SPOTIFY. I’m actually not picky on which music-streaming service I’m using. Right now my favorite is Spotify. I think I’ve tried them all and I really like Spotify’s user-created playlists, but I think Rhapsody and Apple Music have slightly better selections. I love discovering new music, and I’m equally excited about re-discovering songs I listened to growing up. The availability of every song ever made, right on my phone, is well worth the monthly cost to me.

AMAZON ECHO. Actual conversation with the Amazon Echo:
Me: “Alexa, put fish sticks on our shopping list.”
Amazon Echo: “Fish sticks added to your shopping list.”
Wife: “Ew gross. Alexa, get fish sticks off our shopping list.”
Amazon Echo: “Fish sticks removed from your shopping list.”
Me: “Alexa, how much does the Earth weigh?”
Amazon Echo: “Earth’s mass is five septillion….”
Wife: “Alexa, stop. Can you play some music from the 90s?”
Amazon Echo: (starts playing Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart”)
Me: “Ew gross. Alexa, play literally anything else from any other time period in history.”

I love the Amazon Echo so much I have a hard time explaining what it is. I use it to play music, set cooking timers and alarms, create shopping lists, to-do lists, tell jokes, do math, play rock-paper-scissors, get the weather, listen to the news, and turn water into Mountain Dew. Okay, it doesn’t do that last one. But it does the rest of them from a shelf near the kitchen because it’s completely voice-controlled. I can’t explain why it’s so satisfying to walk in the door, say, “Play something funky!” and have Wild Cherry fill the room.


5 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love your sense of humor about the echo you sound fun!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Raising my Baja Blast to you, Cheers Race! I had to comment after reading about your Mountain Dew collection. Some people like to unwind after work with an adult beverage, I prefer a Mountain Dew.

  3. Katrina says:

    i don’t drink much soda, but when I do it’s usually a Dew. Typhoon is one of my favs.

  4. Kim says:

    Your conversation with Alexa and your wife made me laugh! We have an Amazon Echo in our household, too. It’s more my husband’s toy than mine, but I love walking into the room and changing his music to Disco or Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield (and he promptly changes it!).

  5. MargieH says:

    OMGosh, FUN post! Nice try on the PlayStation bit – lol! My husband also told me the benefits of owning one – I let him because I went to high school with the president & ceo (true story – lol!)! Now I’m going to have to check out Spotify and Amazon Echo! Thanks for the enable…I think :)