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favorite things with molly

I am really excited to share a few of my favorite things here on the blog! As the newest member of the Becky Higgins team, I am thrilled to introduce myself. I was recently hired as the Project Manager and I spend most of my time working on marketing projects, events, blog posts, customer testimonials, and will soon be taking over the creative team. If you’d like to get to know me a little better, you can check out my bio page here.

There are a lot of things I love, but I narrowed the list down to what I use everyday!


IKEA KNIFE. I bought this knife on a whim over 10 years ago. I paid less than $10 for it and it quickly became my favorite kitchen tool. I don’t know how it does it, but it is just a fantastic, all-around versatile knife! I use it for slicing vegetables, cutting through chicken bones, and chopping anything and everything. I used to spend a lot of money on the perfect knife for each task, but once I found this knife, I quickly realized I didn’t need any others. It’s never even been sharpened and it just keeps doing its thing and doing it well!

MRS. MEYER’S HAND SOAP. I absolutely love this stuff! There are so many great scents, but my favorite is the lavender scent. I’m not even a huge fan of lavender, but for some reason it smells delicious in this soap. Mrs. Meyer’s products are supposedly earth friendly and derived from natural ingredients including aloe vera, olive oil, and essential oils. I use other Mrs. Meyer’s products for household cleaning, but the hand soap is my favorite by far. Not only does it smell amazing, but my hands are so soft after using it!

NORWEX WINDOW CLOTH. This cloth has changed my life. I’m not kidding. There is a whole line of Norwex products and I use many of them, but the window cloth is by far my favorite! No more Windex or cleaners at all, just water and the cloth and your windows and mirrors will be sparkling clean with no streaking! My kids have been cleaning bathrooms for several years, but I’m always frustrated with how streaky the mirrors are when they are done, not to mention I almost faint from the fumes. Not any more. I give the kids a water bottle, they spray the mirror, wipe it until it’s dry, and we have a perfectly clean, streak-free mirror. The kids love that they never have to redo it since it looks perfect every time. The other place I love to use the window cloth is on my sliding glass door. It’s never looked so clear. I haven’t used window cleaner in over a year since I first started using these cloths.

BISCOFF. Otherwise known as “heaven-in-a-jar” at our house. My first experience with Biscoff was when I had my first Liège waffle from a waffle truck several years ago. (If you haven’t had a Liège waffle, I’m sorry.) I then learned how to make Liège waffles and it is our favorite treat when we have people over! If you’ve ever had a Biscoff cookie, imagine that taste in spreadable form. Other than eating it on waffles, I love to dip apple slices and pretzel thins in the Biscoff. It is very similar to cookie butter, but just a little bit better!

UNSTOPPABLES. I love things that smell good. I especially love when my clothes smell good. Downey Unstoppables are an in-wash scent booster — pour them into the wash at the beginning of the load and your clothes come out with a long-lasting fresh scent! I use these in every load, with every type of fabric. The fresh scent is my favorite, but there are others that smell delicious as well!



8 Responses

  1. Madison says:

    awesome. will need to try 4/5. thanks.

  2. Lise says:

    Where do you get the Norwex window cloth? I use Unstoppables as well! Love it too!

    • Molly Ashton Molly Ashton says:

      The Norwex cloths have to be bought through a distributor or you can find some of them on Amazon too!

  3. Robin says:

    Molly- you sound like a great lady! You have great taste in clothes too.

  4. Jeanne Trawick says:

    Molly, wow! Thanks for the tips on some neat new items! I, too, need to try them all. Congrats on your new role within Becky Higgins llc. I know you’ll be a wonderful asset to the team.

  5. Debra says:

    Thank you Molly! My daughter LOVES cookie butter and I get it at Trader Joe’s. I’ve never heard for Biscoff and don’t recall seeing it on the grocery shelves. Where does one buy it? Would love to try it.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Welcome to the team Molly!!!! I love a good kitchen knife!!!! And man that biscoff sounds tasty!!! 😍