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family discovery kit

I’m really excited to share with you a special collaborative project I’ve been working on! We have partnered with MyHeritage to bring you the Family Discovery Kit! With this unique gift set, you’ll make incredible discoveries about your family and create a beautiful album to document and preserve some of your cherished pictures / family history findings / stories to enjoy NOW … and also to pass down through generations to come. In fact, I think the Family Discovery Kit would make a truly meaningful gift for your loved ones!

This beautiful, limited-edition gift set includes a MyHeritage DNA kit, 3 months of FREE access to MyHeritage.com, a Project Life® Photo Album, customized full-page inserts, pre-designed Project Life cards for journaling, and even a couple of yummy candles as a fun extra. It all comes in a beautiful keepsake box. You can watch me using the kit in this video.

There is only ONE place you can get this exclusive Family Discovery Kit — and HELLO! It’s 40% off (!!!) while supplies last.

PS — Check out Dr. Phil finding out about his own heritage through the MyHeritage DNA kit! This just went live today. So fun!


6 Responses

  1. kate says:

    Very cool! Would love to see a flip through of your album on your youtube channel!

    Also can you please add a link to the digital reference file showing the cards in the kit? It would be really nice if this came standard with the launch of new physical kits – it’s so helpful to customers!

    Thanks so much

    • Kate, that’s a good idea! I’d love to show a flip-through. I’ve just been swamped with more things to do than I have time for, but I’ll try to make that happen sometime. Keep an eye on our social media. As for the reference sheet, we don’t have one for this collection, unfortunately, as that’s something we do for collections that are available in digital and app formats, which this one is not. Sorry.

  2. Wens Vagner says:

    What a fabulous kit and a great way to pull it altogether for us you are always inspiring us with new things :)
    Can you tell me whether you really need to do one for both side (Husband and Wife) or do you bring them both together n this one album?
    Thx Wens

    • Hi Wens! That’s totally a personal preference, but I included just my side in an album and I’ll do a separate one for my husband’s side, because we have enough pictures for both sides of the family to fill a whole album per side. : )

  3. Chrissie says:

    Do you get to have two dna samples or just one? I’d love to do mine and my husbands.