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everyday photos

The other day we were just hanging out as a family in the family room. Claire scooped up our dog Pippa, laid her across her chest, and there she stayed. They both looked so content. As I pulled my phone out to take a picture (I made sure that I muted my phone so as to not take away from the moment with some random digital fake-click noise) . . . I thought about how much our dogs mean to our kids and how cool those sweet little relationships are. It’s a small thing, but sometimes the smallest things are the biggest part of our stories.

Taking everyday pictures has always been a part of my memory-keeping belief system (check out this recent post where I documented and shared a typical day in my life). The wedding portraits, birthday parties, and vacations are great. They are. But in my mind, those are just PIECES of our story. Seemingly mundane moments that make up our “ordinary” day-to-day? Those are pieces, too. They’re part of what makes us who we are. They shape and mold us into the people that we become.

So for the love of documenting everyday moments, we’ve put together a little video for you. As you watch this, our hope is that you’ll feel inspired to take more intentional pictures of your everyday life. The photos you’ll see come from several remarkable everyday picture-takers. Our personal friends + those on our Creative Team. One friend, Brooke Oldroyd, shared this with us when she shared some pictures for us to include:

These shots are all with my iPhone. I love that technology these days allows for us to take multiple photos and keep what we want. I am always looking for that more unique, unexpected angle. I take the posed, straight-on smiling photos too, but for me, I love that photography has a way of “stopping the moment” if only for a moment. I love the action photos because they allow for so much emotion. When I’m taking photos of my everyday life as a mom and wife, I’m constantly thinking of the senses — sight, sound, taste, feel, smell — as those are the every day moments that when I recall them, take me right back to that moment of time and every time it does, it blows my mind. 

By the way, that song in the video? It was custom-made just for us by a company / service called Songfinch! If you’re interested in having your own custom song written + produced about ANYthing, give them a try! The more I listen to “our song,” the more I love it. Plus, enter the coupon code BECKYHIGGINS to receive $20 off! Tip of the day.  ; )


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  1. Sue H says:

    Thanks Becky for the reminder today about the “everyday” . . . when there is so much inspiration around to get “the perfect shot”, it’s good to remember that sometimes the perfect shot is not necessarily the technically correct one (although that can be good too!). Sometimes it is the everyday one that’s perfect, just because of it’s absolutely perfect, everyday subject. I must say, as I get older and share their childhood photos with my adult children, it is certainly those everyday memories they are drawn to, that start the conversations, far more than the big event ones.

  2. Sue H says:

    PS Love “your” song too!!

  3. Cheryl Caska says:

    I love this!!!! This is amazing. It captures the heart of why we do this. Can we buy this song to make a slideshow for graduations, funerals etc?

    • Songfinch says:

      Hey Cheryl – this specific song isn’t currently for sale but we’d love to put together some personalized songs for your slideshows. Every monumental life moment needs music to make it that much more special! We’re glad you liked the song we created with Becky – the slideshow she put together just makes everything complete. :)

  4. Songfinch says:

    Love it!!! :) It was fun working with you, Becky! We had a lot of fun working with you and making this song for your video. Jef Joslin is an incredible musician!!

  5. Cathy says:

    This song is awesome! Can we get the song? Buy it on iTunes? I would listen to it/ put my own memory slide show together for a family reunion or wedding gathering. It is perfect for any scrapbook enthusiast.

  6. Julie Cannon says:

    I agree – would love to be able to buy the song. Great musician! Great song!

  7. Tamara says:

    Everyone visiting here is a memory keeper and a photographer. This song IS OUR SONG.
    It just says everything about who we are and why this is important to us.

    Just a little “head’s up”, we will never stop wanting to hear it, have it and use it to express our love of seeing our family photographs, and experiencing the captured moments of our “Good life” over and over again.

    It is beautiful.
    (And kudos to the photographers – what an awesome job of capturing a moment!!)

  8. Great post! It made me think about the photos I take and those I should take… lots of reflection to do…
    BTW – the song helped… It is a great song, and sends you further in the reflection about the memories and the photos… thanks!

  9. Kristin Basbagill says:

    This slideshow was an awesome reminder to look for the everyday moments
    BTW…I love the music also.

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