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end of year blowout!

With so many new items coming in 2016, we have to clear out some of our goodies to make room for more! Here is a list of what you can now find in the Retirement section of our shop at 60% off! Yep, you heard that right. And when they are gone, they are gone for good! Have fun!

6×8 Watercolor Journal Pages
Watercolor Journal 6×8 Album
6×8 Bold Planner Pages
Bold Planner 6×8 Album
Bold Planner Themed Cards
Doily Photo Overlays
Gold Foil Rub Ons
Project 52 Edition Photo Overlays
Project 52 Edition 6×6 Paper Pad
Project 52 Edition Specialty Cards
Project 52 Edition 12×12 Designer Album
Arrow Stickers – Grey
Arrow Stickers – Tan
Alpha Stickers – Grey
Alpha Stickers – Tan
Kiwi Edition Designer Album
Cinnamon 12×12 Designer Album
Happy Edition Designer Album
Sunshine Edition Designer Album
LDS Missionary Sister Edition Designer Cloth Album
LDS Missionary Elder Edition Designer Cloth Album
Multi Chevron 6×8 Album
Seafoam Herringbone 6×8 Album
Baby Pink 12×12 Cloth Album
Sunflower 12×12 Cloth Album
Clementine 12×12 Cloth Album
Kiwi 12×12 Cloth Album
Cinnamon 12×12 Cloth Album
White 12×12 Cloth Album
3×4 Natural Cards
3×4 Basic Metal Cards
3×4 Debossed Metal Cards
Dreamy Core Kit
Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Core Kit
Sunshine Edition Core Kit
Kiwi Edition Core Kit
Favorite Things Core Kit
Happy Edition Core Kit
Panoramic Photo Pocket Pages
Animals Themed Cards
Home Themed Cards
School 2 Themed Cards
Music Themed Cards
Tennis Themed Cards
Cats Themed Cards
Dogs Themed Cards
Summer Themed Cards
Theme Park Themed Cards
Celebrate Themed Cards
Tropical Themed Cards
Gold Foil Value Kit
Glitter Value Kit
Overlay Value Kit
Enjoy Life Value Kit
Peace, Love & Sunshine Value Kit
Odds & Ends Value Kit
Live Brightly Value Kit
Super Cute Value Kit


6 Responses

  1. Abby says:

    You are retiring so many cloth albums! Are you replacing them with something else? I was hoping to do albums for my kids in all the same color as they go through school but won’t be able to if you stop making them! I chose Clementine and Kiwi and they are both being retired! 😟

  2. Leanne says:

    Any word on 8×8 page protectors? Hoping to get them for the album I’m putting out at my wedding in March, can’t find them anywhere in store or online!

    • Sarah says:

      They’ve been out for a while online, I’m going to look into paper studio (by Hobby Lobby) to see if those will work for the 8X8 app printouts. Hobby lobby in my area is no longer going to carry project life. :(

  3. Sarah says:

    I am so disappointed with the shipping rates to Canada! Is there really not another option? $50 flat rate makes it impossible to purchase from your site.

    • Jennifer Lee says:

      I couldn’t agree more!! So sad! I am totally in love with Project Life but I’m forced to only be able to buy the small selection we have here in Canada at micheals craft stores and the odd scrapbook store has a tiny bit because I refuse to pay $50 American which is about $65+ canadian for shipping! That’s truly disappointing to think us Canadians are expected to pay a flat rate of $50 regardless what we order. We are already having to pay about $135 for $100 in items since our dollar is so low right now and to pay an additional $65 can. Shipping plus duty fees at the border makes it so costly it’s just not worth it. I thought just now seeing that there’s a year end clearance on retiring products that I’d use the savings on the items to help cover the crazy high shipping but almost everything on sale is sold out! If one day there happens to be a big sale and the items are actually in Stock only then can I bring myself to pay such outrageous shipping fees. It bothers me to see Americans only have to order a measly $35 in items to get free shipping yet there’s no dollar amount us Canadians can spend to get free shipping. How about offering free shipping to Canadians if we spend $200? I’m sure that’s more than most people want to spend but I would order that much if I could get free shipping. Please Becky Higgins come up with a reasonable shipping fee or free shipping if we order over a certain dollar amount. Thanks!

  4. Rikki says:

    I’m trying to purchase several items however, there’s a coupon pop up that does not have a close out tab or “X”. I am unable to shop due to this pop up.