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my dad by wendy howe

Part of cultivating a good life is honoring Dad.

As the years have gone by, I’ve realized how blessed I am in the dad department. I have a deep respect for all the men who step up to take on the responsibility and role of fatherhood, the guys who stick it out when things get rough. My dad was faced with one of the hardest things I think a person can go through.

When I was seven and my little sister was five, our family was in a horrible car accident. My mom and sister were both killed; my dad and I were badly injured. It was truly a miracle that my dad survived. He was completely broken, devastated, and frankly didn’t want to go on without them, but he had to . . . he had me. He could have given in to his hurt and anger, but he didn’t. Instead, his example of strength and faith during the months surrounding our accident cemented who I would become. He taught me to pray to God when I was struggling or afraid. When “we” re-married, he cared for my new little brother and sister like they were his own children because they are definitely his children.

Throughout the years, his wisdom and support have been so helpful as I have faced my own trials. He is always giving selfless service and has a huge heart for people who are experiencing any sort of hardship.

When I was in high school, my cheerleading coach moved and wasn’t going to be replaced until the fall. Cheer camp runs over the summer and we couldn’t go without a coach. My dad (a football coach and a cowboy) stepped up and took us to camp. Not only did he act as our chaperone, but he also gave us plenty of cheer advice and coaching . ;) We left camp that summer as the “most improved” squad. This is just one of the many times he went the extra mile as a parent. Several of my friends who haven’t had a father-figure consider him someone they can go to for help and advice. I’ve watched my husband (who has become a fantastic father himself) also benefit from my dad’s example.

Recently, while my parents were serving a mission for our church, he suffered a stroke and came VERY close to losing his life again. While my husband and I were rushing to the hospital nearly 4 hours away, I had time to imagine the rest of my life without him. I came to the conclusion that the only way I will be able to repay all that he has done for me is to LOVE my family and others the way he has. I’m so grateful for the example and mentor he and my mom have been to my husband and me as parents.

Wendy is a part of our team, manages our customer service for the Project Life® App, and has cultivated quite the fan club among our online community. As a personal friend, I have always felt the love, respect, and admiration Wendy feels for her dad. (I love him too! Such a great man!) I have a deep connection to this because I honor my own father and I know many of you do, too. Take a moment to share your feelings about your father with your own family today, and if he’s still around, be sure you express this to him as well. Rather than assume he knows how you feel, I bet it will mean way more to him that you express your heartfelt appreciation than any physical gift. 


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  1. Ashley Schultz says:

    Beautiful post and beautiful photo. Your dad sounds amazing!