Tiffani Smith

PRODUCTS DESIGNED: Kraft Edition, Slate Edition, Rad Dad Mini Kit, Graduation Themed Cards, Dad Themed Cards, Christian Themed Cards, School Themed Cards, Tropical Themed Cards, Happy Edition, Desktop Edition, Guest Book Mini Kit

My name is Tiffani Smith, I live in Bountiful, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. I find writing about myself terribly awkward and I never know what to say.

I grew up as the little sister to three big brothers and now I am a wife, and a mother of six — three girls and three boys. Quiet is a rare commodity in my home. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We laugh a lot and work a lot and yes there are all the squabbles over chores and toys and clothes that are expected in a big family. We love to travel and explore together. Right now our favorite place to play is Goblin Valley in Southern Utah. If you ever get a chance to go there, do it!

I have always enjoyed making large messes with paper, scissors, fabric, and really any other crafty supplies I could get my hands on. I have made scrapbooks for as long as I can remember and found it to be a “relaxing therapy” as my children were growing. It helps me to keep things in perspective, to find the good in the hard things that come along, and to see my blessings.

I started in the scrapbooking industry teaching classes and creating window displays for a local store, later I worked with several manufacturers making display projects and more teaching. After years of finding myself wishing for “a paper that looks like this, or an embellishment that looks like that” I learned to design product and have been loving doing that ever since.

During my time in this industry, I have met so many incredible people, some of whom have become my dearest friends. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Project Life® team.