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Teal Myre

I was born + raised by an amazing family on the beautiful North Dakota prairie. I’ve threatened to leave over the years but can’t ever seem to pull myself away.

My family now consists of a frenetic combination of my hubs, fierce and totally awesome kiddos Barrett (9) and Bridger (5), and a cast of critters which currently includes a black lab, 3 horses, a guinea pig and a fish.  Gratefully, the grandparents are on constant standby.

The way I use Project Life is on the way home from our adventures the kids are plugged into their devices and I’m plugged into my Project Life app.  I’m editing pics and jotting down fresh memories as we laugh about the past few days. I also use the physical cards to catch up on older printed pics.  My Project Life looks a lot like real life – happening as it comes, not scheduled by week or month. Sometimes a single event will occupy several pages and the next month may only have one.

To me, documenting life is a reason to notice the little things. I love that Project Life helps me focus on bits of life and finding connections that would otherwise pass me by. I hope my kids look at the pages and relive this time we have together.

Three things on my bucket list:

1. Hike the North Country Scenic Trail

2. Live in a tiny house next to a mountain stream

3. Learn to rock out on the banjo

Cultivating a good life means living the memories I hope to document. It is saying HECK YES to adventure! Even when it means piles of laundry and dishes. We are Go! See! Do! and don’t you dare blink kind of people. My family is seriously the coolest. And cultivating a good life means owning our passions and everything that goes with it.