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Shawna Clingerman

PRODUCTS DESIGNED: Explore Edition, Capture Life Themed Cards, Awesome Edition

For as long as I can remember I have loved making pretty things. Since I could hold a pair of scissors I have been cutting, pasting, drawing and painting on things. When I was a young mom with three boys under five, deeply craving creative release without any additional chaos, I was lucky enough to find digital scrapbooking. Being able to capture my kid’s photos and memories digitally, while they were happening, was priceless for me. Scrapbooking them on my computer totally ignited my love for design. Playing in Photoshop, doodling with my graphic tablet and learning everything I possibly could quickly became a passion for me. I was hooked! In 2006 I began selling my digital designs and it has been an amazing nine years of creative freedom since. I have grown so much and I have been especially blessed to be able to follow my designer dreams while also working as a full time stay-at-home mom.

Today my four school-aged boys, my husband and I all live in our dream home “fixer-upper” in Vancouver, Washington. The beautiful Pacific Northwest and quirky Portland definitely serve as daily inspiration. In addition to mom-ing, wife-ing and designing I’m also the Children’s Ministries Coordinator at our church and I’m also working toward my degree in Graphic Design. I spend every free second I can doodling and painting in my art journal, working on a new craft project or watching YouTube videos of others doing the same. A few other loves: dancing to music that I’m way too old for, collecting vintage goodies for my studio, snapping pictures with my phone, going running and reading a good book before falling asleep.

In 2013 I found Becky Higgins’s Project Life and I fell in love with her concept. I take every opportunity to share her message with anyone who tells me that scrapbooking is too complicated for them. I even started a group with friends where we meet and Project Life scrap together. Last year I finished my first full album using her pocket pages and it was so exciting! I could not be more thrilled to have my very first physically produced line with a company and product that is so meaningful to me. I can not wait to fill my own “Explore Edition” album with snapshots and stories from my life!

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