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Mel Carruthers

I was born + raised in the south of England, but moved to Aberdeen in Scotland when I was 18 to go to university. I stayed there for 15 years, where I met my husband Chris, and we moved to Dubai 12 years ago.

My family now consists of me, my husband Chris and my 5 year old son Finn.

The way I use Project Life is primarily to record our family’s life, week by week. I use the physical product 100% of the time – there is something about holding all those gorgeous cards and flicking through them to make the perfect layout!  I’m also digging back into my childhood and single days in separate albums, and keep a monthly album for Finn’s artwork, achievements and childhood memories. Oh, and I want to start a family history album to complement my genealogy research and paperwork, but I haven’t got much further than buying the kit. My focus is on the weekly family album, and the rest happens when I have the time.

To me, documenting life is my addiction! My first career was a museum curator, so it is second nature to me to want to document and preserve our story. From a very young age I was fascinated by our family’s history. Not just names and dates, but the actual details of their personalities, lives and loves. How amazing would it be to really get to know them? I want our Project Life albums to tell our story – our high days and holidays, but the routine too. Our successes and loves, as well as our frustrations and losses. Project Life gives me a creative outlet, where I can bring together in one place the photos, the journaling and the memorabilia (which I have been filing away since I was a little girl in what my son calls “The Mummy Museum”!).

Three things on my bucket list are:
1. To visit the US again – I would love to spend time with my dear friend Betsy (it’s 20 years since we last met). Betsy has been my penfriend since we were 16, and I spent several happy summers in Texas with her family and friends. I was also her bridesmaid. It was Betsy who introduced me to Project Life four years ago – I’d love to sit down with her at her table and work on our albums together!
2. I’ve always wanted to visit New York (another trip to the US!)
3. To own our very own little house so that I can decorate it just the way I want, with my own kitchen so that I can learn to cook properly.

Cultivating a good life means making the most of the talents and quirks that I have been blessed with!

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