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Lynn W.

I was born + raised in a series of small villages in the Netherlands. Once I moved to the city to study, I have never wanted to move back to a village again. I love the buzz and the excitement of the city!

My family now consists of my husband, myself, our two boys aged 2 and 5, and a cat.

The way I use Project Life is to document my daily life, keep track of all the fun developments my boys are going through, and sometimes make a little time capsule of the books I’m reading or TV series I’m watching. It’s fun to look back at older albums and see how things have changed or how fast my boys have grown over the past few years!

To me, documenting life is a rewarding hobby. I love the creative process of making the pages look beautiful, and I love the idea that I’m making these albums that will be a treasure to my children when they’re grown up! Or at least I hope that’s how they’ll see it and not as mommy’s embarrassing photo books…

Three things on my bucket list are:

1. Go see the Northern Lights in Scandinavia somewhere.

2. Travel to India.

3. Do a flamenco dancing course in Spain again. I did two courses there before my boys were born and would really like to immerse myself once again in that glorious southern Spanish culture!

Cultivating a good life means being thankful for all the blessings you have, being kind to strangers and loved ones alike, being open to new ideas, being positive in your outlook and realizing that everybody has an important place in this world.