Kim Gayton


My name is Kim. I live in Charleston, West Virginia, and I designed the Cobalt Edition of Project Life®. I was a 70s baby and am still an 80’s girl. I have been married for almost eight years (to my elementary school crush), I have a beautiful (inside and out) 4 year-old boy – who is my greatest joy, my miracle baby, and my saving grace.

I’m a full-time creative director for a small advertising/political consulting agency. I’ve been in advertising and marketing for 15 years, starting as a creative assistant to the advertising team at a local department store chain. Some of my design work has garnered local and national design awards for both advertising and political work.

I’ve been creating, crafting, painting, and drawing all my life. I strive everyday to share that creative spark with my son, who has a natural talent for drawing already. Often overheard in our house, “Mommy, let’s art today.” I find inspiration in first and foremost, my son – and this wonderful job of motherhood, most definitely, but also little things like a new font (I’m a font freak) or a found natural color palette.

I’ve been a Project Life® fan(atic) since January 2011. My mother was our family’s historian, so to speak, and a hardcore paper scrapper. I loved looking at her work and shopping for supplies with her. I attempted paper scrapping when my son was born – with the best intentions. BUT it became so overwhelming, I’d just file everything away. Now that my mom is gone, I’ve started to take on that storyteller role for our family. It’s one way I can honor her memory in a way she would love.

I’m a pop culture quiz geek, so here is some random info about me:

  • Such an 80’s hair band girl – had a maternity shirt that read “Vince Neil’s Baby”
  • Collects fabric with interesting colors and textures, but for no reason – I can’t sew a lick!
  • Favorite illustrator is Mary Engelbreit
  • Favorite color is orange
  • Favorite food is cheese – currently Mini Babybels, they are soooo addictive and the red wax is great for making a clown nose to amuse the little man!
  • Favorite movies: Shawshank Redemption, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and anything with a super hero in it.
  • Favorite memories: The first time I heard my son’s heartbeat and the first time he yelled “mom” after waking up from a nap.