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Kelsey Gauthier

I was born + raised in the capital city of Helena, Montana. I am a proud, sixth-generation Montanan and my 13th great-grandfather was one of the first settlers of Newbury, Massachusetts in 1635. Although I’ve traveled extensively, I’ve never lived outside Montana, and I love making my home here. Montana is known as Big Sky Country and “the last best place,” of which I completely agree.

My family now consists of my husband Nick, our beagle Addie, our parents, and our younger siblings, nearly all who live within a few miles of us.

The way I use Project Life is now in the app, but I started with physical product in 2009 with Project 365, before it became Project Life. While I loved scrapbooking with paper and photos in hand, my lifestyle has changed and the app is a better fit for constant travel and a busy schedule. I may be one of the few millennials without a smartphone, so I use the app exclusively on my iPad mini. My favorite feature in the app is the ability to work offline – perfect for long flights or snippets of time I find throughout the day.

To me, documenting life is like breathing. I am not living my best life unless I am documenting the good as well as the bad, whether it be through scrapbooking, photography, keeping a journal, making lists, maintaining spreadsheets of finances, or capturing short videos on our GoPro. Genealogy and heritage are important to me. I strive to leave a legacy that will help future generations understand my beliefs, values, and dreams.

Three things on my bucket list are:

1. See my college football team win the FCS National Championship in person. I’ve gone to the title game twice, but we lost both times. This year I checked off my bucket list item of going to every game in one season, home and away. My husband and I drove over 6,000 miles to attend all 11 regular season games. 

2. Become a mother to children.

3. Return to England – my second home – and where my grandmother was born and raised.

Cultivating a good life means knowing your ‘ask’ and going after it with grace, a smile, and confidence.