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Kelly Henson

I was born + raised in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

My family now consists of my fiancé Phil, toddler Sienna, baby Isabella, and cat Charlie.

The way I use Project Life is to tell stories of my past and present that my family and I can continue to enjoy in the future. Project Life allows me to record my life in a simple but visually appealing way. I love taking photos and this gives me a meaningful way to use and share them, rather than having them clog up my iPhone!

Whilst I use all three versions of Project Life, I am finding digital to be perfect for me right now in that it allows scope for creativity but without the mess!

To me, documenting life is a way of showing appreciation and gratitude for the people and events in my life. Even the “everyday” can become extraordinary with time and I don’t want to forget these moments! Memories are priceless.

Three things on my bucket list are:

1. Move into a family home with a big, natural play area in the yard where my girls can have their adventures.

2. Enjoy our first holiday as a family. Anywhere will do!

3. Try roller derby and live to tell the tale!

Cultivating a good life means working hard at whatever your heart needs to be content, finding fun and humor wherever you can, and recognizing little moments of happiness that might otherwise go unnoticed.