Julia Warren


I have always loved to doodle. My parents were wise and supplied me with an endless amount of sketchbooks and sharpened pencils when I was a kid. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and could either be found at the piano practicing my scales (and secretly making up my own songs on the side), or up in my room painting some dramatic tableau and leaving permanent stains in the carpet. I’ve never really had the patience for artistic realism; I prefer playing with color, texture, style and expression. There is no better feeling than creating something beautiful and something lasting—I love riding the wave of creative flow!

I received a Bachelors Degree in Visual Art in 2007 and have been pounding the creative pavement ever since: designing retail products, stationery, apparel and craft products for companies large and small. I’ve been working from my home office in Southern California for the last 8 years and sunshine is my fuel. I still love composing music and have to alternate between my music projects and my design projects (design usually wins). Working late into the night after my two little girls go to bed is the way I get things done these days, but it seems there’s always a doodle at the edge of my hand no matter what time it is.

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