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Irene Jorba

I was born + raised in Madrid, Spain, where I still live and teach jewelry classes. I spent part of my childhood in Mallorca, a small Mediterranean paradise.

My family now consists of my life partner, Agus, and our two beautiful black-eyed boys Lucas (6) and Miguel (1).

The way I use Project Life is to get all the pictures out of my hard drive and create something beautiful with them! I am not very strict about how I do it. Some months I might have just two pages, and other months, when more is going on in our lives, I might have 10.

I try not to stress about being “behind” and focus on what is done, which is so much better than nothing at all!

To me, documenting life is capturing the big and the small. The birthdays and the school day mornings. The vacations and the toddler meltdowns. The holidays and the afternoons in the park.

Three things on my bucket list are:

1. To take a family gap year, pull the children from school, and travel the world together. This is our craziest plan, hopefully to be happening sometime in 2020-2021!!!

2. To dive with a whale shark

3. To live by the sea and take long walks on the beach in winter

Cultivating a good life means being present, in the moment. Enjoying the here and the now. Turning my phone off. Planning for the future without obsessing over it. Remembering the past with a light heart and a smile.

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