Esther Longmore

PRODUCTS DESIGNED: Garden Party Value Kit

Esther Longmore is a graphic & surface pattern designer based in a suburb of beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Her interest in design was born when her older sisters taught her the colors of the rainbow using a plush toy. As a child, she decorated envelopes and cards for thoughtful gifts. Esther remembers warm afternoons sprawled across the sidewalk while coloring with friends, and no math test was complete without a doodle on the back. Fast forward a few moons and she earned her degree in Visual Art & Design with a Design emphasis, graduating with High Honors.

In addition to freelance design and running an online stationery shop, Esther is cutting her teeth in the art licensing industry. Her first licensed patterns are available on home décor goods, exclusively from Shibumi Home. She plans to expand further into art licensing, decorating as many surfaces as her heart and mind can dream of. Esther’s ambition is to add delight to your life by making ordinary things pretty.™

When she isn’t designing, you might find Esther singing, oil painting, captivated by murder mysteries and true crime, or learning about Great White Sharks. Her preposterous wish is to be a mermaid who lives in a swimming pool, because you know… fish, sea creatures, oh my!