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Erica Shaw

I was born + raised in San Diego, CA and then Salt Lake City, UT. Utah is great, but I miss the sunshine and the ocean from my childhood.

My family now consists of my 7-year-old daughter who is kind, creative, and clever. My husband and I eloped in March 2017 and live in a suburb of Salt Lake City.

I use Project Life as my main method of scrapbooking now. I love that I am focusing on little everyday stories, whereas before it was mostly holidays and big events. I use the Project Life App to go back and scrapbook years in the past because I find I can get a lot done in a short amount of time. I prefer physical Project Life for my current photos and memories because I love digging into product and using my hands to really make creativity a tangible experience. Becky Higgins has been my hero since I started scrapbooking as a tween. She’s managed to develop a system that takes the stress out of scrapbooking for me so I can focus on the fun. To me, that’s what documenting life is about. It’s a way for me to fulfill my creative needs while also leaving a record for my daughter and future generations. It’s also highly therapeutic, being able to self-reflect on a regular basis and journal about what these memories and stories mean to me.

Three things on my bucket list are:

1. To write a book

2. To get my Master’s degree

3. To travel to Madagascar

Cultivating a good life to me means being present in each moment. It means being fully aware, non-judgmental, and compassionate. It means seeing the gears of the mind turn but not being attached to the thoughts that they produce. It means being there for loved ones because you’re able to be there for yourself. It means peace, love, and coffee.