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Emma Pescott

I was born + raised in Warkworth, a small town north of Auckland, New Zealand.

My family now consists of my husband, Chris, two pretty cute girls, Madison (5) and Chloe (3)…and one very boisterous dog, Frank.

The way I use Project Life is to document our daily lives — the good, the bad, the ugly, lol. I got hooked on Project Life when Madison was born. I had hundreds of photos and the thought of traditional scrapbooking (12×12 pages) was completely overwhelming. Then I came across Project Life and I was set . . . and hooked, and still am completely addicted!

To me, documenting life is recording memories for my girls and generations to come. Having all the special moments, milestones, and “cute-isms” documented is invaluable, but I also try and keep it real because let’s face it, we all have “those” days and are not always perfect. ;-)

Three things on my bucket list are:

1. Take the girls to Disneyland

2. Explore Europe

3. Be a designer/creative for a scrapbooking company (being part of this team definitely puts a tick in this box!!)

Cultivating a good life means providing a safe and happy environment for our girls to explore and learn, and teach them good values so they can maximize their futures regardless of what they chose to do.

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