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Elise Blaha Cripe


Elise Blaha Cripe is a blogger, crafter, and goal setter in San Diego, California. She has been sharing thoughts and DIY projects on her Internet corner since 2005 and running an online shop of handmade goods since 2008. To stay motivated and push herself creatively, Elise sets lofty year-long craft challenges and documents her progress and lessons learned online. Her most recent (ad)venture, MAKE29, is 12 handmade items, released monthly and produced and sold in editions of 290 or 29. Elise hosts a weekly podcastelise gets crafty, that focuses on handmade business, blogging, creativity, and inspiration. When not writing, making, or planning, Elise can be found willing her backyard garden to grow, watching old episodes of Parks & Recreation on repeat, and/or playing with her daughter, Ellerie.

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