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Bekah Wertz

PRODUCTS DESIGNED: Forever Young Edition

Born and raised in the “Show-Me State,” I now call Nashville home. I’m a girl with a love for all things lovely. As a little girl you could often find me getting my hands dirty and finding ways to make old things new again. It was through the eyes of my 5 year-old self that I really learned how to see. Creativity seeps its way into every corner and crevice of my life. If I’m not dreaming up the next illustration or card design, you might find me in the kitchen tinkering with a new recipe, or in the garden desperately trying to grow a green thumb.

Last year I chased a dream to start my own design business and High Fancy Paper was born. High Fancy Paper reflects my belief that life is meant to be celebrated, from the grandiose to the seemingly miniscule. Out of this desire for meaningful memories and connections with others I’m inspired to create designs that capture a feeling, an essence, a personality. My hope is that this spirit of energy and connection is apparent in the way I design and interact with clients.

I love iced coffee, tacos, and just about anything with avocado. I believe life should never be taken too seriously, and can never be over-documented (yes, I am that girl who will stop at anything for a good pic!). I’m honored by the chance to collaborate with Project Life on these designs, and I hope (in the words of Dylan) that they keep you “forever young.”

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