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themed layout inspiration from our creative team

We hear regularly about the “need” for specific themed Project Life® cards… dance, cheer, volleyball, running, marching band, various hobbies, and niche topics of all kinds! We are working on adding more themes to the long list that we have already made available. But we are delighted to remind you that if you are scrapbooking pictures of the beach, beach specific cards are not required to successfully document your beach memories. If you don’t have a hamster design to go with the pictures of your favorite furry friend, I promise it’s okay. This is something to keep in mind with scrapbooking in general. Today we are sharing several layouts from various Creative Team members who did just that – they scrapbooked their memories using generic Project Life Cards!

TLeakeMar1 Tara Leake got creative while designing this layout for her daughter’s dance recital using the Digital Prismatic Core Kit and the Design A Photo Pocket Pages.


Annelie Maddock featured her photos from a play that she and her daughters were in using the cards from the Everyday Kit, the Inspire Kit, Blush Kit, and the Fine and Dandy Kit. She used the Design D Photo Pocket Pages for this layout.

SCooperAleesia'sDance RecitalHiSunshineLayout

Shilea Cooper turned to the Sunshine Edition Digital Kit when scrapbooking dance recital photos. She used the Big Shot Template 7 flipped vertically and the Big Shot Template 8 flipped horizontally.

BGroegerFebWU-02cBirte Groger took a vacation to the Czech Republic to go skiing and snowboarding. Now snowboarding cards? No problem! Using the app to scrapbook while she was on vacation, the Oh What Fun Winter Value Kit was the perfect solution!


Amy Strouse knew that the Sprinkles Core Kit would work well for her daughter’s dance recital. We love the way the colors go perfectly with her daughter’s pink ballet outfit. She used Template A and Big Shot 15 designs.


Amy was also able to document baseball photos from the late 80’s without using baseball specific cards. The way the Cinnamon and Music Themed Kits worked for the coloring in the photos was perfect! She used the Design A Template in this digital page.


Emily Coe featured Heidi Swapp’s Favorite Things Kit and the Confetti Kit using Photo Pocket Page Layout G. Even though this layout was to commemorate his soccer season, Emily didn’t get hung up on using soccer specific cards.


Jamie Givens Schneider loved having the little pockets on Design F for all of the little wallet-sized photos she had purchased. She used the Super Cute Themed Cards to highlight her adorable photos.

JSchneider_Favorite_Things_Gymnastics resized

Jamie also loved using her Project Life cards to document her daughter’s gymnastics meet. Using the Favorite Things Digital Kit and Photo Pocket Page designs D and G, there is no reason she would need any other cards for this layout!

© Azzari Jarrett

Azzari Jarrett featured the Stampin’ Up! Moments Like These collection of cards to perfectly complement the photos of her newborn baby. These layouts really come to life using the Project Life Layout 01 and 02 Photo Pocket Pages from Stampin’ Up!


 Megan Rose didn’t get hung up on needing horse-specific cards; she went ahead and used cards that coordinated with the colors in the photos themselves so the photos would really pop!

IMG_1683 Kari loves Disneyland, and even though we don’t have Disney themed cards, that has never stopped her from creating fun, cohesive App pages!

IMG_1743While scrapbooking my family’s adventures at the trampoline park, it didn’t matter that there weren’t cards with trampolines on them, those are shown in my photos! I used the Cobalt Edition because the colors matched perfectly with my photos!

Another thought — if you are really wanting to showcase the theme with your cards, use 12×12 paper you may already have and cut them to the size of Project Life Cards. This way you can use any paper you might be able to find at a craft store or any that you might have on hand. Remember the most important part of your Project Life album is your photos! Using complementary colors can really help your photos to pop! We sure hope this helps inspire you when you may be stuck or when you just need a little help!


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  1. Nanette Ryan says:

    One of the things I like about PL is the versatility of the collections and I appreciate that you showcased some examples of that.

  2. Kathy Merrill says:

    Do you have any PL packages that could be used for Cheerleading?
    Thank you-