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drop the drop shadow

In the November 2017 Project Life® App update, we introduced the ability to set your preferences. Among the settings to choose from is the ability to turn your drop shadows on and off. What exactly is a drop shadow? It is a digital effect given to the pocket on a layout to make them look […]

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preparing to host guests

I’m not exactly sure where my love of hosting began, but I would assume my upbringing certainly played a role. I remember my parents being very open to visitors and hosting large dinners with extra guests from time to time (and especially during holidays). My whole adult life I have always enjoyed hosting. I’ve opened […]

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documenting kids’ artwork

Say hello to today’s guest here on the blog — Megan, who is a part of our Project Life® App Creative Team! You likely know that I have done a LOT with my kids’ albums and getting all of their STUFF preserved / scanned / photographed / scrapbooked. We’re delighted to have someone else share what’s […]

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everyday photos

The other day we were just hanging out as a family in the family room. Claire scooped up our dog Pippa, laid her across her chest, and there she stayed. They both looked so content. As I pulled my phone out to take a picture (I made sure that I muted my phone so as […]

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