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my favorite snack ideas

  Can I be real with you? I’m not exactly in my “best shape” right now. Not even close. For sure struggling to fit regular exercise into my life at the moment – and completely not content with that. Gotta do something about it for sure. In the meantime — I totally know that I […]

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my favorite quick, go-to salad

  You know that feeling you get when you’ve been asked to bring something to a dinner or barbecue or picnic or potluck … and then you sort of forget until just before it’s time to go? Or maybe it’s just me – ha! I actually quite enjoy whipping up something in the kitchen and trying new […]

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andes mint cookies

  We love the Andes Mint Cookies around here. Just like 99% of what we whip up in the kitchen, this isn’t my original recipe. You can likely find it in a lot of places. But over the years it has become one of my go-to cookies for special occasions and to share with others. […]

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sharing in the kitchen

  I have really fond memories in the kitchen learning from my mom as she whipped up one of her favorite concoctions – chocolate chip cookies or salmon cakes or chili and coleslaw for chili dogs. There’s something about learning from someone first-hand. My parents live over 2,200 miles away, so I don’t get to […]

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