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memories + natural disasters

This is a long and robust blog post so I’m just going to get straight to it and tell you WHAT is in the blog post and in what order … so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. I have very literally prayed that this blog post will HELP you guys, no […]

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preserving heritage photos

GOT HERITAGE PHOTOS? Oh man. Talk about an overwhelming topic for so many, right? One of our amazing customers, Laura Hager in Phoenix, has recently tackled her heritage photos. She made a plan and took notes and photos along the way. Laura has graciously offered to share all of this with you today! Get ready […]

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catching up on kids’ albums

The term “catching up” can have a negative connotation when it comes to scrapbooking. I want to say (and I know many DO say), “Don’t worry about it! Catching up is over-rated!” But the reality is . . . I do care! And so do many of you. We DO want to be “caught up” on […]

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project photo rescue – toni’s story

We hope you continue to enjoy — and benefit from — our Project Photo Rescue “episodes” so far! They can all be found in one tidy little place on the world wide web at any time — the Project Photo Rescue playlist on our YouTube channel. This most recent adventure was extra-special because it was my first […]

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