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5 tips for shooting in low light

One of the regular questions I get is how do I shoot inside my home if the light isn’t that great? The following five tips always come to mind as the most important, so today I want to share them with all of you! Whether your home doesn’t get the best natural light or the photo […]

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silhouette photo tutorial: 7 tips for success

There are a handful of questions I receive on a regular basis. One of them is how I take silhouette photos! Seems pretty random, but it’s not random at all. This question comes about every time I share one of my #SilhouetteByBecky pictures on social media — and I do love to post those pictures from […]

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using angles to create storytelling images

Hello again, friends! Last month we talked all about photographing the smaller moments or pieces in the picture to tell the story. I am going to continue with that theme, but today I am going to show you how to use three different angles to do the storytelling. Let’s jump in. Oftentimes I get parents […]

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documenting the smaller picture in the everyday

Are ya’ll ready for another month of photography tips? Let’s jump in… Today’s subject is all about documenting the smaller picture within our everyday photography. I truly value this rule within my own family’s documentation and it really does make all the difference in storytelling and creating little pieces of personal art. I think sometimes […]

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