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tips for underwater photos + video

Hey, friends! Summer days are upon us and I wanted to make sure to share some tips and tricks for capturing underwater photos and video. While I have not dived extensively into the technical aspects of this realm of photography nor do I plan on becoming a fine art underwater photographer, I have picked up some […]

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5 tips for shooting in low light

One of the regular questions I get is how do I shoot inside my home if the light isn’t that great? The following five tips always come to mind as the most important, so today I want to share them with all of you! Whether your home doesn’t get the best natural light or the photo […]

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silhouette photo tutorial: 7 tips for success

There are a handful of questions I receive on a regular basis. One of them is how I take silhouette photos! Seems pretty random, but it’s not random at all. This question comes about every time I share one of my #SilhouetteByBecky pictures on social media — and I do love to post those pictures from […]

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using angles to create storytelling images

Hello again, friends! Last month we talked all about photographing the smaller moments or pieces in the picture to tell the story. I am going to continue with that theme, but today I am going to show you how to use three different angles to do the storytelling. Let’s jump in. Oftentimes I get parents […]

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