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You guys … that picture doesn’t even look REAL! It looks like I’m digitally placed in some postcard or standing in front of a green screen or something! But that Icelandic landscape is very much real. I was just there. And my genuine expression of pure joy says it all.  ; ) I am (obviously) […]

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how to make a calendar in the project life app

Our good friend Casey — aka Miss Freddy — is always looking for creative things she can do with photographs. We are loving this quick and easy photo calendar idea that she created using the Project Life® App. Check it out below and see how easy it really is! Need an easy, inexpensive, and FUN holiday […]

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documenting the build of our home

After more than 12 years of owning a specific piece of dirt, our family has finally embarked on the journey of building a custom home — something that David and I have dreamed of doing together for the majority of our nearly 22 year marriage. We’re not even calling it our “dream home” because … […]

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how to photograph movement and action

Hello, again! Today I wanted to give you a few tips on how to photograph movement and action. We know that it can be a bit frustrating when trying to freeze fast action, and it becomes especially hard when working with our children and little ones. My philosophy instead of fighting my kids to sit still […]

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