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cards, newsletters, fun, oh my!

We are excited to share LOTS of holiday ideas over the next month from some of our favorite people. Today, I’m happy to turn the sharing over to Erin Trimble — our editor and friend and someone I’ve loved and admired for many years! You will want to follow her Instagram account Motherhood Magnified for […]

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diy bat garland

I’ll be the first to admit that decorating for Halloween is NOT my jam. It’s actually a funny quirk about me … that I don’t decorate for Halloween, but I totally decorate for FALL! I love, love, love fall, but the older I get, the less I appreciate Halloween, you know? Actually … I know […]

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Afghan Pattern

If you’re following my social media, you’ve likely become familiar with my mom’s afghans. Every time I share her latest, I swear there are more likes than my most recent product announcement – ha! I even established a hashtag #AfghanAdventuresWithVicki because… of course. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but my mom offered to […]

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DIY polka dot easter eggs

It’s always fun to try new and different ways for dressing up Easter eggs. Kara came up with this gorgeous idea for dressing up Easter eggs and we wanted to share it here on the blog for our readers since we know many of you love to get crafty! Polka dots + glitter = LOVE! Begin by hard […]

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