Pocket Scrapbooking with Project Life

Cultivate a good life and record it.



2 photos on 1 print

  Written by Laurie Pecotte – our Digital Project Life Director. In the Project Life® system, the 4×6 pockets are designed for 4×6 photos and the 3×4 pockets are designed for the 3×4 PL cards where you write your journaling notes (or flip the card over for a filler design). This is the original intent […]

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digital project life – tips from an expert!

Happy Monday! Today I’m pleased to have another guest post by another invaluable part of our team – Laurie Pecotte! Each person on our team is a dear friend to us and insanely talented. Laurie is no exception. She makes so much magic in the digital department and actually, she runs our sister site – […]

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digital project life – photo book tips

We occasionally get questions about how to create a photo book using our Digital Project Life products. Today I have a digital super star sharing some of her very best tips for those interested in trying this. If you don’t already know Laurie, you should totally know her. First of all, she’s darling. Second of […]

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