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introducing … BH Good Life!

We can talk + talk and share + share about memory keeping and documenting and scrapbooking and picture taking and all the things. That’s what we’re known for! But here’s the funny thing: No matter what we’re discussing or sharing, many of you inevitably ask about something you see in our pictures, videos, or live […]

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You guys … that picture doesn’t even look REAL! It looks like I’m digitally placed in some postcard or standing in front of a green screen or something! But that Icelandic landscape is very much real. I was just there. And my genuine expression of pure joy says it all.  ; ) I am (obviously) […]

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our favorite things boutique

I think it’s safe to say that one of our most fond memories as a team was our first ever Favorite Things Boutique last month! It was one of those ideas that just sort of “happened” and everything fell into place so quickly. We transformed our little administrative office into a shopping boutique! The vendors […]

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favorite things giveaway

All of our birthday month celebrations / sales / giveaways / promotions are over … and THANK YOU again for celebrating with us!! But the fun doesn’t have to stop altogether. How about a giveaway?? For the second year, we have joined with 29 other creative bloggers / business owners, each of us sharing some […]

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