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our favorite things boutique

I think it’s safe to say that one of our most fond memories as a team was our first ever Favorite Things Boutique last month! It was one of those ideas that just sort of “happened” and everything fell into place so quickly. We transformed our little administrative office into a shopping boutique! The vendors […]

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favorite things giveaway

All of our birthday month celebrations / sales / giveaways / promotions are over … and THANK YOU again for celebrating with us!! But the fun doesn’t have to stop altogether. How about a giveaway?? For the second year, we have joined with 29 other creative bloggers / business owners, each of us sharing some […]

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introducing … simple notebooks!

You guys! Notebooks! The most basic thing ever … but now available with OUR designs! I can’t even tell you how giddy I am about this new product launch because I personally use notebooks so so so much in my life and for so many different reasons! This blog post is packed with pictures so […]

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Matchy-matchy much? Yeah. There’s a reason for that. A few weeks ago I waltzed into the office wearing the world’s most comfortable dress and within a few days, every female in our office ordered the very same $20-25 dress on Amazon and we’ve all declared it’ll be the dress of 2017 because it’s THAT comfortable. […]

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