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becky’s throwback memory

Throughout October — our birthday month — each of us on the team is taking a turn and sharing a random memory from childhood. Today I’ll kick that off and share this picture with you.

To this day, as I am approaching 40 years old later this month, this photograph still remains a personal favorite. Interestingly, I don’t have a deep or specific memory associated with the picture. My little brother Andrew and I were doing dishes together. That’s it. It was our turn, I guess. But what I love so much (besides the way the lighting is spilling into the kitchen window and the fact that I can tell this was long before we had a dishwasher because I can see dishes drying on the counter beside us) … is simply the fact that my dad took the picture. He saw the moment, grabbed his camera, and got the shot.

And we had no idea.

And that’s what I want to talk about for a moment. My dad. My first — and favorite — teacher on documenting life. I don’t recall any of that “teaching” being very intentional, honestly. He just had an eye for beautiful, simple moments that most people would deem un-interesting and pretty mundane. Those are the moments he captured and I am eternally grateful for his example to me. As you know, capturing those seemingly-uninteresting moments is one of my very favorite things to do.

I don’t have memories of my dad uttering any of these words:

“Everyone look here. One … two … oh, wait. Smile bigger! Guys. I said to look right here. Okay … one, two, three.”

“Umm … how about scoot over just a couple inches. Now, bring your chin down a touch. Um… back up a bit. Now, a little softer smile.”

“Stop doing that. Move over there. Now look at the camera. SMILE. Smile with your teeth. Okay, ready?”

No. Those were never his words. He quietly took pictures of us just “being.” And there aren’t thousands of these images. But there are enough. So that right there was my first lesson in photography from someone who didn’t even know he was teaching me, but through my dad’s example I caught on in a way that I don’t think I can ever shake from my system. Capturing little moments of seemingly mundane occurrences or routines? Those are the pieces to our story that we shouldn’t leave out.

I think you’re going to love seeing throwbacks from everyone on the team. Hope you’re enjoying our birthday month!


4 Responses

  1. { l y d i a } says:

    A black and white photo that your dad took of me when I was 13 sits on Andrew’s nightstand. 😊

  2. Sherry A says:

    These are my favorite kind of photos. When no one is watching and the person is unaware that they are even being photographed! Your Dad certainly planted a seed in you! It grew so beautifully!!! Blessings!

  3. Ashley Schultz says:

    Beautiful photo.

  4. Denise says:

    Your dad is very special. I don’t think most dads do stop to take the picture. I think he should offer training! Thanks for sharing!