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becky’s memory-keeping resolutions for 2017

With a brand-new year upon us — again — I find myself in a very familiar place of self-reflection. When it comes to my memory keeping specifically, I remain an open book. I’m an ever-evolving scrapbooker. I’m always re-evaluating what’s working and not working and how I want to continue onward and upward because preserving memories and recording our stories is very much a part of how I exist. I’m always happy to share what I’m up to and hope that my transparency helps your own wheels to turn about how you approach your own scrapbooking goals.

It’s worth noting that what I’m sharing in this blog post is completely “personal” in nature. This isn’t coming from me as a business owner or product developer or marketer. This is coming from me as a scrapbooker. Just a girl taking pictures and wanting to preserve memories. Also, I’m a full-time working mom. I understand the juggle like it’s my job, but I am able to keep up with scrapbooking.

I approach memory keeping in a way that makes sense for me and in a very streamlined format so that it can remain a priority and a way of life. For me, simple = DONE.

Click to download: Simple=DONE 

My angle for this blog post isn’t so much about sharing tips on what I think you should do. Rather, I’m simply sharing what I am finding is a good fit for me at this stage in my life and based on what keeps me motivated.


Let’s first do a quick re-cap on my memory keeping for this past year. 

FAMILY YEARBOOK. This is my main way of scrapbooking. I approach this with a weekly format and I use the Project Life® App exclusively. My big blog post from a year ago is a very, very in-depth and an extraordinarily detailed overview of exactly what that workflow looks like for me (and it’s our most visited post ever, so if you missed it … well, I think you’ll enjoy a few insights from checking that out). In a nutshell, I have been keeping up with putting together (2) pages in the app per week. I do this every Sunday.

I’ve known all along that we were going to add the photo book option to the app, so instead of printing the pages along the way this year, I’ve been printing none of them and instead I’m going to print them as bound photo books — directly through the app. We have a couple of blog posts coming very soon that are completely dedicated to the photo book conversation, so keep your eyes peeled for that information — and the actual launch of the photo book feature — just around the corner. In the meantime, I have actual “beta books” in my possession so here’s a sneak peek of my 2016 family yearbook. This is 10″ x 10″ and the spine is just 1/2″ thick. 12″ x 12″ and 8″ x 8″ are the other sizes we’re making available. The quality is going to blow your mind.

KIDS’ ALBUMS. I have continued gathering and keeping all of my kids “stuff” organized (catch my system in this video), but I haven’t touched their scrapbooks all year — like at all. Doesn’t sound like me, does it? Actually, it’s been intentional. I have felt the need to step back and evaluate and assess and really wrap my head around the big picture of my intentions with the kids’ albums before I carry on and I’m really glad I’ve taken the time to do that. You’ll be hearing more about this specific topic. I use 12×12 albums for those, by the way. Each child has a set of one color.

RECIPE BOOK. I love making recipe pages once in a while, using the Project Life App. I share these pages with you guys (always with the #BHRecipes hashtag and also on a Pinterest board), but it’s my way of keeping our favorite recipes in one place. It’s also something that I just really enjoy doing — especially because the app is so fun + easy to use. I order 8×8 prints of these recipe pages directly through the app ($.99/page) once every couple months or so, and slip those prints into 8×8 Page Protectors, which go into an 8×8 album (we have designer 8×8 albums too).

KIDS’ JOURNALS. I continue to keep up with this, usually adding something just 2-3 times a week and sometimes skipping a few weeks in a row — not on purpose though. I may not be super consistent, but I still love it so so so much and the kids love it too. This blog post explains the idea + my approach.

VIDEO. I’ve always taken video . . . like seriously forever. Remember the big camcorders that sit on your shoulder? Yep — I totally dabbled in film making as a kid. As a 40-year-old I am utterly grateful that all video capabilities happen in the palm of my hand and on my iPhone these days. The filming + the editing. All of it. So this year I feel like I’ve been shooting video a touch more than past years and I’ve also (with my husband) worked to get all of our video better organized and backed up in Dropbox. We basically have it all sorted by year and the file names of each clip include a few key words that help the search. We’re not 100% complete with this ongoing project, but we’ve made major strides this year and I’m feeling really good about it.

PS – David surprised me with a GoPro for Christmas and our family also got a drone. So holy cow, I think 2017 might be the year of stepping it up in the video department for me. But that’s another topic for another day.

FAMILY HISTORY CHATBOOKS. One last thing I’ve been doing this past year or two is totally worth mentioning … and I forgot to add this when I originally published this blog post so … it’s here now. Yay. The way I have chosen to do something with our family history pictures (instead of nothing because, let’s face it, it’s so super easy to do nothing when a project feels totally overwhelming) … is by posting a random family history picture on Instagram, on a regular basis, shared privately with my family, and then I print those into little Chatbooks. This is so so so much easier explained when I can talk about it and actually show it, too. Which I did. In this Facebook Live broadcast.  ; )


LESS IS MORE. Last year I talked about scaling back in my picture taking and this year I’ve really solidified what kind of work flow works best for me right now — and I’m loving it. More about the work flow in a moment. In general, my goal in 2017 is to take less pictures. Seems against the grain for being an incredibly photo-centric person (and running a scrapbooking company!), but I assure you this is a very intentional choice based on my specific situation.

Click to download: Less Is More

I am a lifetime documenter. I not only have tens of thousands of pictures like most people, but I also have nearly 150 actual scrapbooks, guys. It’s a LOT. So I don’t have the burning desire for more, more, more. I have the desire to carry on with my memory keeping but in a more condensed way. The first step is taking less pictures, which by the way, means possibly being even more present (while still minimally documenting our experiences). I’m not attaching a number / quantity to this goal like I did this past summer (no more than 12 pictures per day in Hawaii! You can read about that fun and twisted photo challenge here), but I’m just going to be less “snap happy.” Know what I mean?

DAILY DELETE. You guys. I’ve been doing this for a while, but I’m not sure I’ve emphasized what a big deal this is to my work flow. Not a single day goes by that I don’t review what’s in my phone’s camera roll from the day. We all like to look back at our pictures, right? Well every night I review the day’s worth of pictures and I share any that need to be shared (more on that in a moment) . . . and then I eliminate.

Click to download: Daily Delete 

I only keep the most important pictures, throw a quick edit on each of those using the PicTapGo photo-editing app, which is my favorite aaaaand it’s built into the editing tool of my iPhone’s Camera Roll . . . and the rest go buh-bye. Less is more for me this year. I want to be ruthless. Beginning with the end in mind, I want less photos to organize / store / backup / scrapbook. I’ll still have plenty of pictures from the year but less, compared to past years.

WEEKLY DELETE. You’d think with my Daily Delete method, that I’d be all nice and dwindled down. And I will be. But one thing I’ve been doing also is at the end of each week when I go to scrapbook the week’s worth of memories, I eliminate just a little more. A few day’s worth can give me added perspective on which pictures I think will be really valuable years from now … and which ones really just won’t be.

So really … less is more. Just think about it — would you want to look through 10,000 photos of your grandparents? Or would 1,000 be sufficient? Heck — wouldn’t even just 100 be great? Know what I mean?

SHARING PICTURES. I am a picture-taker and a picture-sharer. If I think anyone else has an interest in seeing / having / using any of the pictures on my camera roll, you better believe I’m getting those photos over to them and without delay. Sometimes that means a quick text or email to share a picture or two. Remember that texting pictures does compress the image, so if you want someone to have the full res picture, don’t text it. When there are at least 5-6 pictures, I share the pictures via iCloud photo sharing (which works between Apple devices of course) or Dropbox (which is global for anyone to use). Then once I’ve shared, I am sure to keep the ones I want to keep and delete the ones I don’t.

REGULAR DUMP + BACKUP. Every 2-3 months or so, I connect my phone to my computer, use something called iMazing, and pull those pictures and videos from my phone and get them backed up in Dropbox. Then I clear them off my phone. No need to keep thousands of pictures on my phone, really. Especially because I’m scrapbooking along the way but also it just feels good to keep things tidied up and BACKED up. And guys — if you’re scrapbooking with the Project Life App, remember that the app isn’t limited to only pulling in pictures from your camera roll. You can pull in pictures directly from Dropbox, Google Photos, etc. It’s magical! In 2017 I want to be sure I do this “dump + backup” around the 1st of every month, simply to be more regimented. So I’m going to calendar that so I have a monthly reminder.

It’s totally worth mentioning that Google Photos does auto backup, all the time, and I know that people who use it LOVE it. Race on our team sung its praises back in May with this blog post. And our friend Steph Clay also has a new (and free) online course called “Photo Fabulous” that gives an overview of how Google Photos works. I’m considering Google Photos as an additional backup option for my photos (Dropbox is currently my main backup, but backing up in multiple locations is a good idea).


1) One page per week. Instead of two pages per week in our family yearbook, I’m going to reduce that to one page per week. I’ve never done this before, but it goes right in line with my “less is more” theme for 2017. My main reason for this is because our photo books through the app have a 60-page maximum so that means two photo books for a year when I have 2 pages per week. It’s all about the math. I’m beginning with the end in mind and I would like ONE family yearbook for 2017. So there you go! Now this means only 4-6 pictures total per week. Yes, I know.  ; )

2) Minimalist design. I may experiment with not using any of the Project Life pre-designed cards with color in our 2017 family yearbook. I love, love, love our designers and their amazing work and I’ll totally use the cards in my kids’ books and other fun projects, but I’m thinking I might just stick with plain-jane, white-with-black-text weekly cards that comes in the new Project 52 – Fresh Edition (also available in physical and digital formats), and that might be it on each of my weekly pages. We’ll see if I really stick with that, but it’s what I’m going to try.

3) More heart-felt journaling. I think I’m a good documenter. I bring photos and stories together, but I keep my story-telling and journaling short enough that I don’t burn out of writing. Even though I think I share what’s significant / important to me and our family, I want to be more intentional about including “matters of the heart” in the journaling — especially in our family yearbook. I want to acknowledge specific ways that we’ve been blessed. I want to talk more about lessons learned, life principles that make us happy, how we overcame challenges … that sort of thing. This seems more meaningful to me than the basic “who, what, when, and where” type of notes. It doesn’t have to be long-winded. It just needs to be a little more grounded in what I think will be the most valuable stuff to read in 5, 10, 40, 80 years. I’m thinking about our posterity too.

MY OWN PROJECT PHOTO RESCUE. This is a whole other blog post in itself — trust me — so I’m not going to expand much here. But you know how I do this whole “Project Photo Rescue” thing, helping others to get a handle on their own photos / memory keeping stuff? Yeah, well I’m right there along with everyone else. I’ve been chipping away at my own “rescue mission” and that’s part of how I’ve been able to help others. In 2017, I hope to have really wrapped up some things with that and be able to share my personal photo rescue in a way that will be valuable content for you guys. This includes how I’m doing our kids’ albums and how they’re different than the family yearbooks. So stay tuned for all of that.


Let’s go!

I’m ready, 2017. Let’s do this. I’m going to embrace the Daily Delete. I’m going to take less pictures. I’m going to catch up on our kids’ albums. I’m going to have a more condensed but very meaningful family yearbook. And of course I’m totally going to share what I do and how I do it.

Because that’s what I do.  ; )


66 Responses

  1. Doorly says:

    Wonderful read! I swear we’re kindred spirits. Love learning from you. Thanks for the transparency

  2. DeAnna Bennett says:

    I love this insight. I have used the app for the last several years. I will continue to use it to catch up on 2012. But I have photos printed for 2010 and 2011. So I decided to go back to physical for 2017. The Fresh edition is awesome! I am adding physical cards from the app to catch weekly sermon notes. So the hybrid I hope will work for me this year. Basically, it all works once I have a plan. Thank you for that. And for the constant encouragement. Memories for my kids are now a way they think. I love that and it makes this effort a joy.

  3. Melanie says:

    I love you! Thank you for inspiring me and helping me see that it is simple and doable! You’re fulfilling one of your life’s purposes by sharing your experiences with memory keeping. Thank you is not enough! 2017 will be my year :-)

  4. Ursula Camenzuli says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. I have guilt giving up my camera but the iphone is the way to go. I used the app for our summer road trip pics and my 12 x 12 pages were printed and home 5 days after we arrived home. That could never happen for me with the physical album, (Still trying to finish physical road trip from 2011.)

    My goals:
    Delete each week.
    Make two pages a month for each of my kids. (High School and College)
    Delete photos monthly.

  5. Crystal says:

    I ADORE This and I love that you share so much of your goals and process! It’s super inspiring!!! The less is more concept is pretty perfect and might be how I go too! Less overwhelming that way!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Colleen Fernandes says:

    My scrapbooking goal this year is to tell my story and my parents story (what I know of it) and to share with people. So many times this year I have asked what would I have wanted to know about my parents or grandparents? So I am going to try to answer that for my children and grandchildren and leave it for them. Thank you for your encouragement.

  7. Pat M says:

    I know the feeling of too much and too many pictures.
    I have so many Project Life cards to use that I really need to plan my pages so I use them along with my pictures. It’s hard to delete….I just don’t need 10 pictures of my walking path! I love all the pictures so maybe, just combine them into 4×6’s! I love PL….I don’t think I would be still scrapbook if I was doing it the traditional way. I have the app and is getting more and more into it. My sister still does the traditional way of scrapbooking and she does beautiful work but spends hours and hours doing one page. She loves it and that’s ok….I don’t have the creativity she has either.
    Thanks PL …..

    • Kaydence says:

      Essays like this are so important to brneoading people’s horizons.

    • Yo he tenido la oportunidad de subir en las del parque de atracciones Cedar Point y simplemente es que no subí a ninguna atracción mas que las montañas rusas. Es un gran parque, aunque en España también tenemos buenos parques y grandes montañas rusas!

  8. Annette says:

    Super excited about the 10×10 photo books! Might just have to keep up with the PL App now. Am trying to decide if I am going to keep up with PL or go with Chatbooks. The last month has shown me just how little time I have to devote to memory keeping and I think it’s important to do these kind of check ins and inventories so we can do what works best for us. Here’s to less is more on 2017!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Will the photo books be limited to 60 one sided pages (so 30 actual sheets of paper) or 60 sheets of paper (120 sides)? I was looking forward to the books, but I don’t think 30 two-sided pages will be enough for me. Can you please clarify? Thanks!

    • Nicole says:

      I too had the same question as I have 53 weekly pages, 12 monthly pages and a 12 event pages so far and hope that the photo books are 60 double pages not 30 double pages :). So inspired for 2017, I’ve already started first and last pages, and first few weeks prepared waiting for photos! 2016 just going through final check then ready and waiting for photobook:)

  10. Lisa says:

    Hmmm… i have 3 kids and i do keep up separate books for them and keep up a PL album for us. I do it weekly for us and for them, by event. A few years ago before I started w PL, I did Project 12 for the family – a layout a month… with an occasional extra layout for that extra event that needed more than one or 2 pic. Maybe I should consider that for my kids… do a monthly layout for them… instead of by event. I don’t feel overwhelmed and am fairly caught up all things considered but that might help tame things down… While I do scrapbook for ‘them’ to have the memories later on, it is all for ME… i need this creative outlet. I do some digi scrapbooking but its mostly paper, i’m a tactile person… need to feel it. Something new to consider….

  11. Monica says:

    I love the details about the app books you’ve snuck in here ;) I’m going to do what you do in 2017 and see how I like it! Thanks for sharing your wise ways.

  12. Chrystal says:

    A few years ago, I gave myself “permission” to do just a 1-page layout per week. If the week is more exciting, I will occasionally do a 2-page spread, but the freedom of not “having” to fill 2 pages really helped me focus on what’s important, and just get it done!

    Thanks for sharing, Becky!

  13. Maria cary says:

    I get caught up with taking lots of shots of same thing and I hen can’t decide which couple to keep and which to discard as I see something in each shot i love… if only we could pick out best bits and condence into one picture “smile”. Like with pictures of my grandkids playing. Any ideas?

  14. Lakeisha says:

    Thank you Becky!!!!!! I really needed this post today! I love the Less= more motto! This post truly inspired me for 2017 and I will embrace many of your suggestions! 😘😘😘😘

  15. rachel says:

    Wow! These posts (where you sum up what works/doesn’t work for you and show us your workflow) are always my favorite blog posts of the year. Such great stuff here. I had no idea you could incorporate pic tap go into the photos editing on your iphone-LIFE CHANGING. Thank you for sharing that! Makes me so happy to learn little tips like that. Am wondering about the iMazing app for backing up (versus just using itunes)-do you find it works better? Maybe you (or Kevin!) could talk about it more at some point down the road?

    Thanks once again for a great post!

  16. Angee says:

    One of my favorite things about project life app is I feel it helps me limit the amount of pictures I use. It’s a good thing because I take too many. :)

    • Frankie says:

      Son of a gun, this is so hefulpl!

    • Miracolo, un editoriale in cui non parla di un programma dove lui partecipa o si pavoneggia perché conosce tizio e caio…Manca solo che fa commentare le vaccate che Mimun scrive in ogni numero di Sorrisi e siamo a cavallo…PS. Non è che dipende dal fatto che un programma del venerdì sera ha fatto degli ascolti pessimi? Aveva un nome che iniziava per K…

    • So many of the disreputable things that are being rejected in America are being peddled in overseas markets where they hope ignorance of the downsides and love for all things American will keep sales up. Two examples that come to mind are cigarettes and Amway. Fast food megabrands are another, but I'm not really on the bandwagon to label them as junk food.

  17. Celeste says:

    Thanks for this! It’s given me great ideas about how I want to document my upcoming year. I can’t wait to hear your ideas about the kid’s albums.

  18. Allyson says:

    Becky, thank you for all you, and your team, do!! I’ve been a fan of Project Life, for years, and it continues to be my prime choice for recording life! I’ve recently used, Google Photos, and have been clearing my phone and iPad in preparation for the New Year! My goal is to organize and delete photos from last year and print them through the Project Life, app. I also want to become better at using my iPhone to work on our albums. I’m excited to try the photo book option for specific books from 2016, and certainly will be using that option for our 2017 Family Book! (A 1/2″ spine sounds wonderful!! I currently have a bookshelf of years of traditional albums!) Thank you for helping me organize and streamline my record keeping. Less is indeed More!!

  19. Lezlee says:

    Wow! LOTS of great ideas! This is a keeper to come back a few times to keep digesting. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

  20. Jenahlee Chamberlain says:

    So excited to hear how you plan to evolve when it comes to yours kids’ albums. Knowing how to move forward with my children (3.5 & under) is a huge roadblock for me! My goal is a full first year album for all kids but after that I’m not sure what to do! I’ve been try to use the daily or every few days delete method and also PicTapGo has been life changing for me so thank you for sharing this amazing app!

    • Jenahlee Chamberlain says:

      Daily Delete* I have also been going through my dropbox and deleting as well.

    • Deidre Donovan says:

      I am also overwhelmed here! I have 2 under 3 and a third on the way and feel convicted about documenting my the first year. Unclear how to go after that. I’ve been thinking a 2 page spread for each quarter? Not sure if that will work yet. But I feel convicted about having a way to highlight them individually

  21. Kathy says:

    Thank you!!!! Thanks for this post & thanks for answering my question about cleaning photos off the phone. I love the ideas of less is more, daily delete (even though I don’t always take pix daily), weekly delete & monthly back up & clean out. I’m going to finish up my 2016 album to be ready for the photo books & work on these things for 2017. Now if only I could get a handle on my screen shot addiction….lol!

  22. Gina says:

    I truly love following you and reading your blog, you have amazing ideas, it’s no wonder you are very successful. I’m sure those that work with you are very blessed. Thank you for sharing from a scrapbookers view, you really put things in perspective, evaluating, analyzing how best to spend your time on documentation while juggling family & work. You are an inspiration an a true treasure.

  23. Anne says:

    This is such an interesting post! It’s so enlightening to see an inside look on your documenting. What really struck a chord with me was taking less pictures to be more present. As much as I want to document my families moments together, I also have to tell myself to stop and put the phone down sometimes. This allows me to not only be more present, but to also take pictures that are more authentic. I love your products and can’t wait to start my first experience with Project 52 – there’s some good advice here and I hope to organize my documenting just as well as you!

  24. Stephanie says:

    I’m beyond grateful for this.

  25. Amanda Kalhous says:

    So now I have a goal for 2017…need to reduce from 77 pages down to 60 to fit in a single photo book! Still hoping to find some time (I will have to schedule it) to finish my 2013/2014 physical albums, since I’ve already printed my pictures (I switched to the project life app for the start of 2015 and am up to date on that).
    Love the great tips and inspiration!

  26. Debra Piercey says:

    Thanks for sharing your plan Becky. I too am trying to downsize in a lot of ways, and memory keeping has been one of them. I’ve heard you say that we wouldn’t be having this conversation 15-20 years ago, and that is so very true! I can’t wait to hear your ideas for the kids albums as well as your photo rescue. Your ideas that you have shared thus far are sure making the wheels in my head turn in overdrive! Thanks again!

  27. Anna says:

    Thank you for sharing that the photo books will have a 60 page limit. I’m currently working on creating my 2016 album through Shutterfly… they have a 111 page maximum (I had to trim down from the 114 pages I needed for all my layouts) and it’s going to cost me nearly $200 – and that’s with a 40% coupon! I’ve thought about challenging myself to do just one page a week – maybe this year I’ll give it a go!

  28. I am planning on doing a book for next year- but how do you directly add photos from Google photo? I use it exclusively for my online backup of phone and camera photos, I use the Project Life app on my iPad, and currently I have to add the photos to my camera roll before I can use in my Project Life app Pages. This would be such a convenient option!

    • Deidre Donovan says:

      I use goggle photos exclusively too. But it gives me that as an option when I click to add a photo to the page. Does that not happen for everyone?

    • Em says:

      I was wondering the same thing! I only have the option for Dropbox and camera roll, but not having to download from google photos first would be AMAZING!!! Also, I would love for the app to check pictures that have already been used, it’s the one thing left that stresses me out when using the app, I get overwhelmed picking the pictures and trying to remember if I used them yet (I do my pages monthly so some months that can end up being quite a bit of pictures!)

  29. Alexis says:

    I love this update on your process but am SUPER disappointed to hear photobooks won’t support a year of two page layouts in one book. That is a major bummer. I’m working to finish up my 2016 album and then will reassess my process for 2017. These ideas will certainly help. Happy New Year.

  30. Deidre Donovan says:

    So to clarify there will only be 30 sheet, 60 pages per bound book? Maaaan. such a bummer. Going to make me reevaluate how I did this. If I end up with two books for this year I guess I do that but I don’t really want two books for every year. Would love to hear the explanation behind this since when you print individually you can fit 120 in an album correct? With 60 protectors in a big pack

  31. Leslie A says:

    A fantastic post and lots to think about. Thank you! Could more information be provided regarding the photo book limits? A 2-page spread for a week seems quintessential PL. Does that mean two books for 52 week albums? If so, is this something that might be modified at a later time? I was really looking forward to the photos books, but I’m not sure I’d want two and might have to stick to the standard album and page protectors.

  32. Lisa T says:

    I am new to PL and I don’t even know how that is possible!!!! I was a scrapbooker from 20+ years ago, then migrated to mostly Shutterfly albums and then I’ve been in the “I’m not creating any thing except babies” phase since 2012. I haven’t done 1st year books for my 3 boys yet!!!! I don’t know how PL was completely off my radar but I am so, so, SO happy I’ve found this!!! In a few short minutes I’ve made close to 10 pages for 2016. I am challenged by all you shared here, Becky, and can’t wait to read more from you as I keep creating my pages!!! Thank you!

  33. Margaret Hansen says:

    Hi Becky. I have been using Google Photos for my photo backup and love it. But, I don’t love the $9.99 per month fee because I used all the free storage. I’m at 334 gb of my 1 tb limit currently. My husband got me a 4 Tb cloud storage drive that i can access from any device so that’s exciting.

  34. Mary Beth says:

    I truly LOVE this post! Well, I love all of your posts, but this one really spoke to me as I have been trying to delete the unnecessary pics and keep things clean and simple for awhile now. Sometimes it’s easier said than done though! I’ll be tweaking my process a bit with the beginning of a new year and look forward to your upcoming post about specific children albums. Enjoy the new year with your family :)

  35. Rebecca Brasher says:

    Love this! On the topic of more journaling, is there a way to do journaling in the bigger spaces of the big shot pages on the app? For things like birth stories I’d love more space than even a 4*6 space gives me.

  36. I love Project Life… The only thing is I cannot buy scrapbooking journaling cards.
    In your reflections could you find a way for the girls in Quebec Canada, could get or buy the cards without paying 50$ shipping for a little box of journalling cards.
    Could you find an helper to write some of the journaling cards in french.
    They would be very interesting for us. I have to make them myself and it is very long to make them at the same time I have to organise all my big boxes of photos. We could have some embellishments at the same time. Think to that. Many of my friends would love some. Thanks! I’m dreaming to this and hope the Santa Claus will bring me some!

  37. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I LOVE the idea of going with only black & white cards – I may try that, too! Or maybe just a little color! ;) Love hearing your plan, really helps to give perspective & inspire – as usual! :)

  38. Teresa Victor says:

    Love this, Becky! I’m working on my plan for this year too…lots of photo rescue, intentional photo taking, changing priorities, deleting, and Project Life “App-ing” in the future for this busy mama too. Get it done!! :)

  39. Angela H says:

    I’ve had these same thoughts about condensing all my pictures for the next year. Less is more! Thank you for getting this conversation going!

  40. Brooke Peterson says:

    Love your ideas Becky – thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to hear about your plans for the kids albums. I am trying to do the daily delete but man it is hard. Those pics are all precious to me but I know I get paralyzed trying to pick which ones to scrapbook. It is a major hold up for me. I also would love to know how to use PicTapGo right in iPhoto. Right now I have to edit through their app. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  41. Jodi Sloane says:

    This is a helpful post, thank you! I would love to read more in depth info on how you’re saving your video clips. What you wrote here is very intriguing!

  42. Tanya Napier says:

    Thank you for this post. You know what I admire about you? You get down in the “trenches” with the rest of us scrapbookers and keep it real. Looking forward to 2017 and what’s next in this wonderful world of memory keeping!

  43. Susan Weber says:

    Wonderful post! Spoke to me directly…I feel like I should print it out so I could read it over and over. Thank you!

  44. Jenny says:

    I just want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product! I am an app scrapper! I have met you a few times at CKU and used to pretend to scrapbook! I just really collected stuff and hoped to one day get inspired enough to finish an album. I have several started!
    It all changed when you introduced the app. It was a New Year goal to complete 2016 by New Years eve. (tonight) I want to tell you I have completed that goal, and it feels so GOOD to have this year documented!
    I can hardly wait to start my 2017 book!
    Thank you again!

  45. Linda says:

    Where can I find those card with week numbers? In the app I hope 😀

  46. Kristy F says:

    Just. Wow! Thank you for the insight on your ideas.

  47. Natalie says:

    It makes perfect sense! The Daily delete. Sometimes the hardest part of putting a project together is trawling through hundreds of photos to see which ones you need to tell the story. I have followed along with project life for many years and can confidently say that at times I certainly complicate the process (so many options out there now to make it look pretty) I think for me its time to scale back to photos + stories too. This way I can guarantee that I will complete it. Thank you for your fresh ideas. BTW can’t wait for the photo book!

  48. Erika Bates says:

    Wow. You amazing darling lady. Thanks you for the idea of a Daily Delete. It’s an amazing idea for Project Life, but when I read that phrase it struck me as so much more. You just found my “One Little Word” (phrase??😊) for the year. There is so much to LET GO of so I can do more and be more.
    You are a blessing!

  49. Dayana says:

    Okay I’m condvncei. Let’s put it to action.

  50. Dannielle Raddatz says:

    Thanks Becky for sharing. Am loving less is more as this is what i hope to achieve this year as all three of my girls are in school and i’m returning to study. Then i hope to catch up all my previous years also. I want to do more story telling also.

  51. Kim says:

    I loved your family history idea using chatbooks and I set up my first Instagram account so I could create those lovely heritage books, but I can’t figure out how to get a scanned image of an old picture onto an Instagram account. I thought I would be able to do it from my computer, but it seems like you can only do it from your phone. How are you posting your old photos to Instagram?

  52. Coco le concasseur de cacao 23 jan 2012, 17h56 A la place de Canal + je m’inquiéterais de la qualité de certaines parodies de Bref qui parfois sont meilleures que l’original …

  53. Kristi Evans says:

    Hi Becky!!
    I have a real problem on my hands.. I’m playing catch up on my kids albums.. 😲😲
    Can you give me any tips on the best way to approach this major task!! I get so overwhelmed and put it off cause I don’t know where to start!!! Please Help

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