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my makeup routine

Makeup Routine

In my goal to have more balance for the blog, this weekly At Home with Becky series has me thinking about a hundred things I could share that might be useful, entertaining, insightful, or interesting in some way. I’m not really sure which category today’s post really falls under. Perhaps we can call it brave? – ha!

Today I’m talking about my makeup routine.

I should say first, that I do not wear makeup every day. Secondly, I don’t believe women should ever feel like they have to wear makeup in the first place. But if I’m being honest, I do feel a little more put together when I take 10 minutes for this simple everyday routine.

Worth Noting

  • I am not a makeup artist. I am so NOT an expert in this area and would never pretend to really know what I’m doing. I’m simply sharing my own personal routine.
  • Most of what I’ve learned has come from either someone who works at the makeup counter in the store or my girlfriends – namely Jen.
  • This routine really does take 10 minutes for me. Maybe 12.
  • There is a really fun giveaway at the end of this post. Don’t miss that.
  • I don’t really “change things up.” I’m boring like that.
  • The makeup I wear seems to lasts forever.
  • All product names are identified at the bottom of this post.
  • If you have tips to share, that’s what we have a comments section for. Please let everyone know if you have a great makeup tip!

Let’s get started!

I keep my makeup organized in a handy-dandy portable bag that folds up on itself. I found this at Target and noticed they have a few other designs of this same model. The portability of the bag is important to me because even though I’m sitting in my bathroom for these pictures, most of the time I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my kids, or in the home office while I multi-task on a phone call, or let’s be honest – sometimes I’m doing makeup from the passenger seat in the car.

The organization of the bag works for me because most of what I do involves a brush of some kind and I have them lined up in the order that I apply my makeup. Plus, I love the look of anything that’s organized. Makes me happy.


Step 1: Fakeup. It’s a concealer in a lipstick container. Applies smoothly. Brightens, conceals, hydrates. I apply it under my eyes. Then I use the airbrush concealer brush to blend. And holy cow, I’m totally going to embrace those wrinkles like nobody’s business. Because they seem to be pretty hyper when I make that face.


Step 2: Coverage. I’ve never been much of a “foundation” girl. Don’t love that thick, cakey feeling all over my face I guess. But I’m loving this stuff – plus it has SPF 20 sunscreen, and I’m trying to be better about that. I squirt some on the back of my hand and use the foundation brush to apply all over my entire face. Tip: Go beyond the jaw line and blend onto your neck so there’s not a “line” of makeup. It’s lightweight, not cakey, hydrating, and it just enhances and evens out my skin. They have lots of shades (mine is called Blush), depending on your skin color.



Step 3: Prime my eye lids. I use the MAC “paint pot” and the #252 MAC brush to apply this stuff, which is a great base for my eye shadow. I’m telling you – there’s a huge difference in how the eye shadow goes on – and ultimately looks – with this base.


Step 4: Eye shadow. I use 3 colors. First, I use the MAC brush #239 to apply Rice Paper at the top of my eye lid, all the way to my brow. Then I put Yogurt on the bottom of my eye lid, all the way to the edge/lashes. Then I use MAC brush #224 to blend in the Soft Brown color in between.



Step 5: Eye liner. I use the MAC brush #263 to apply the “fluidline” and I extend that line slightly up & out beyond the very corner of my eye. This may be one of my least attractive pictures ever, but it totally shows what I do.


Step 6: Blend the line. I use an unidentified brush (because the label wore off) and the MAC eye shadow called Club to go over that eye liner – just to give it a more blended look. Sometimes I don’t blend it if I’m going for a more defined look. See? I totally branch out of the norm once in a while! Living on the edge, guys.


This pup has to be everywhere that I am. He was seriously trying to jump up on my lap while we were taking the pictures. Oh Oreo. You turned me into a dog mom.


Step 7: A little shimmer on the cheeks. There’s an eye shadow called Jest – but I use it on the very top of my cheek bone to give off a bit of a glow. Not on my eyes. This is before the actual blush color.


Step 8: Blush. Applied lightly to my cheeks with the Sonia Kashuk blush brush (picked that up at Target). Remember to tap off the excess powder and don’t go too heavy. You can always layer on more.



Step 9: Mascara. Notice how I didn’t “finish” my eyes when I was working on that earlier. I waited to apply mascara until I was done with my powders so that I don’t get any powdery nonsense in my wet mascara. Know what I mean? I use Mary Kay mascara, which is the same mascara I’ve been wearing since I was a teenager. So I can say that my mom taught me that one – and I haven’t found a mascara that I like better. Not that I have proactively sought another kind. I like this stuff. Tip: I’ve heard you should throw your mascara out every few months or something like that – so I do. I use a fresh tube–I think to prevent infection?


Step 10: Eye brows. I used to not give my brows much attention, but I’ve learned what a difference it makes to give them a little bit of definition since my brows are lighter. This eyebrow kit from E.L.F. comes with the little applicator and a two-step process, which is first the gel (which gives definition) and then the powder (which sets and blends for a more natural look).


Step 11: Lip gloss. I wear cheap stuff (helps to balance out some of the other stuff, which can be pricy) … and it’s my favorite. It’s not goopy or sticky. It’s called WetSlicks and my favorite color is 320 Sugar Maple.


I swear – all we wanted to do is photograph the makeup routine and this boy wants to be the star of the show. He totally knew these pictures would be on the blog.


Speaking of my makeup routine, I’ll also mention what moisturizer I currently love and use, as well as what I use to remove the makeup and clean my face. Moisturizer is called Ultra Repair Cream by F-A-B (First Aid Beauty). I use the Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover and some cotton balls to remove my eye makeup. And I use the Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser on the rest of my face.


As promised, here’s the what’s what. I would recommend checking with your local beauty supply store, and even Target, WalMart, drug stores, etc. will carry much of this stuff. And there’s always Amazon.



It’s time for a giveaway!

So back to that bag I use … I did pick up another one so that me and one of you can be match-matchy. Like I said, there are other cute designs that I saw in this same model at Target, but I don’t see this pink & blue chevron one any more – at least not in my local Target.

But one of you will get this, and I’ll personally put it in the mail to you. I’m sure I’ll throw some Project Life goodies in there as well. Simply leave your first name, city, state/country – and that’s it. We’ll add the winner’s name at the bottom of this post on Friday 1/17, so be sure to check back.


At Home with Becky

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Updated 1.17.14

Congratulations to Lisa in Evansville, Indiana. Please email brandi@beckyhiggins.com to claim your prize.


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