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balancing roles and responsibilities: 7 tips for making it work

In my own quest to achieve a healthy balance in all that I’m juggling, I’ve struggled. I have cried very literal tears about the struggle. I’ve messed up over and over — and I’ve even fallen flat on my face. But — I’ve gotten back up every time. I’m still here! I’ve adjusted and tweaked and figured out better ways. And THAT is why I’m so excited to share some insights with you.

I’m going to share 7 effective tips that have personally made a difference in my life-work balance. By the end of this video my hope is that you will feel empowered in knowing how to better grasp the balancing act in your own life. I want you to feel invigorated, not exhausted. Fulfilled, not drained!

Tip 1: Prioritize

Prioritizing can be as simple as putting first things first. When you decidedly establish what is most important in your life, well — you just make sure that happens … then everything else comes after.

Tip 2: Delegate

I want you to think about all you have going on in your life. No, really — are you thinking about it? If you start to feel tightening in your chest, then yeah — you’ve got too much going on. So here’s the question: Can someone else do what you’re doing?? I’m not suggesting EVERYthing. Just think of one thing, a couple things, maybe several things that you have on your plate that can be done by someone else. Oh, and once you delegate… let. it. go.

Tip 3: Eliminate

Take a look at everything that is extra “noise” in your life — from the TV or radio being on all the time, to social media, to actual, physical clutter in your life, to one-sided relationships that are just downright toxic. Clean up. Clear out. Tidy up. Eliminate. Declutter. Do it.

Tip 4: Create Boundaries

Be 100% where you are… as best you can! How? Well, it doesn’t just happen. We naturally have our head in a lot of places a lot of times. Because our minds are AMAZING! And that’s a GOOD thing! But in order to feel more balance in life, I have found that when I create intentional boundaries, I am more successful with my goals.

Tip 5: List-Making

Writing things down is a form of “brain-dumping.” I’ve learned that the more I write down — whether it’s an idea or a task or a prompting about something I could do for someone else — this is less that I have to store in my brain! I feel like I can be more creative when my mind is clear.

Be sure to check out my List-Making video to learn all the tips & tricks on how list-making works in my life and keeps me on track with all my responsibilities.

Tip 6: Multi-Tasking

So here’s a question: Is multi-tasking a blessing or a curse? Is it good or bad? Newsflash: It can be either! The key is to identify the difference. 

Cleaning up those boundaries makes a significant difference in my life. When I’m at work and my children are at school, I’m 100% in work mode and being completely efficient with my time so that when I’m in mom mode, I turn off the work part of my brain and immerse myself in family time.

Tip 7: Begin with the End in Mind

“Begin with the end in mind.” This is a principle that author Stephen R. Covey has explained perfectly in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I have to say — this principle applies in pretty much every single area of life.

As it pertains to BALANCE…

Thinking really big picture, let’s say you have a goal of feeling more peace and calm in your life and having more family togetherness. Sounds great, right? I would think that remembering this fantastic goal will make you re-think adding yet another sport or extracurricular activity to the already full schedule. Before you add another thing, ask yourself if this would make you or your family officially over-committed.

At the end of the day, part of cultivating a good life is doing your best … and doing your best is what you can feel good about. Remember: What you do will not – and SHOULD not – look just like your neighbor or sister-in-law or co-worker or BFF. PLEASE do not fall into the comparison trap. You know how I feel about comparison??

Alright. Your turn! What tips & tricks do you have up your sleeve that help you to balance all you have going on? Has there been a turning point that has helped you get on-track? Do tell!


4 Responses

  1. I find #6 important. I can listen to a podcast while I do the dishes but I cannot reply to emails while my daughter is in the room. I have a babysitter come in so I can focus on work. When I’m with her, I’m with her. I wrote about this here: http://www.sarahbadatrichardson.com/if-time-wont-stand-still-maybe-i-can/

  2. Bobbi-Jo Grunewald says:

    I love beginning with the end in mind – I recently learned the difference between principles and practices. The principle remains the same, but the practices change as we go through life. It’s also a great reminder to not judge the practices of others when they are different than our own – the principles they are trying to live may be exactly the same. It’s nice to not compare when you consider we are working to achieve the goal to be happy but our practices may be different. That said – I still struggle with balance in life :)

  3. Deirdre says:

    Thanks for sharing this list. #1 and #10 are where it is at—my husband and I have to revisit both all the time and readjust. It’s not like you decide your priorities and then it is a straight line forward. But they are key to your navigation system to help you realign with your values.

    #5 has been a life-changer for me. I’ve always made lists but they were everywhere and often lost. I started bullet-journaling the year before I returned to full-time work and am so grateful I had that habit to bring with me into my career.

    My addition to the list would be refuel. So much of what a woman juggles is others, so prioritizing (and scheduling) what refuels you is essential, whether that is reading/exercising/scrapbooking or anything else. I’ve found a mini way to refuel is to just stop and become aware of each of my senses. It sounds silly but I find it incredibly grounding.

  4. Michelle says:

    I love this! Tha am for sharing practical tips! I don’t have a “day job” anymore but do lots of volunteering at church, and I know my husband gets frustrated when I let those lines between church and family time get blurred.

    One of my best simplify-your-life tips is to remember this quote my mom tells all new moms: “Yes, you CAN do it all–just not in the same year!” Running everything past the filter of “Is this best for our family in this season?” has been so helpful for me!

    Thanks for the encouragement! <3

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