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project photo rescue – toni’s story

We hope you continue to enjoy — and benefit from — our Project Photo Rescue “episodes” so far! They can all be found in one tidy little place on the world wide web at any time — the Project Photo Rescue playlist on our YouTube channel. This most recent adventure was extra-special because it was my first […]

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project photo rescue: jamie’s 30-minute session

We hope you are enjoying a peek into each of our Project Photo Rescue sessions so far! Whenever we do one, we’re sure to document the experience for the sole purpose of sharing with YOU … in hopes that you’ll be inspired in some way with your own desire to rescue your photos. Even if you […]

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project photo rescue – toni’s digital hot mess

One might assume that if you work at Becky Higgins, you’re surely in a state of organizational bliss and completely caught up on all your scrapbooks. Ha! That’s funnnny. Friends, we’re very real around here, and I would never pretend that I have a perfect or complete memory-keeping system. Nor does anyone on our team. We […]

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project photo rescue – jaime’s story

Project Photo Rescue has struck a chord with so many of you. Why?? When you see this video and you find yourself relating to Wendy … buried in photographs, overwhelmed about where to start or where to pick back up again, totally procrastinating doing anything with your pictures at all … well, you are not […]

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