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12 tips for using the project life app for your physical scrapbooks


It’s no secret that I love the Project Life® Appwith all of my heart + soul, forever + always — but I still love the physical version as well! I use both! This blog post is directed toward those of you who are “physical Project Lifers” (you know who you are). I want to show how YOU can use the app even though you’re 100% focused on using the physical product and even if this seems out of the ordinary for your typical scrapbooking workflow. I am just certain that as you keep reading, there will be at least one idea that will stand out to you as a possible game-changing epiphany for most of you reading.

Trust me? Let’s go! 

1. The app can be an excellent reference to be able to see every card in most of the collections.


2. The 4×6 photo collage feature allows for (2) 3×4 photos or cards to be created in the app, then those physical prints can be cut in half and slipped into pocket pages.


3. Some customers like to map things out with the app and that’s how they decide which photos to print before creating physical pages. Or they may even print the entire 12×12 page and cut out the photos and cards to slide into their photo pocket pages. While this method would not be my favorite recommendation because the sizing won’t be perfect (for those of us with OCD tendencies – ha!), some people love doing it this way and it works!

Shown here: On the RIGHT is a page created in the app, printed through the app. On the LEFT is that same page, cut into parts, and each part slipped into a pocket. By the way, this is Design N from Small Variety Pack 3, which has unfortunately been discontinued in physical format … but it’s available in digital and in the app! 


4. An occasional app-created page mixed in with the physical album = hybrid for the win. You can still be a “physical scrapbooker” but enjoy the convenience of the app (for example, driving or flying back from vacation) so that it’s easier to stay as up to date as you want to be. What you see here is a page created in the app, printed through the app, and slipped into one of our 12×12 Page Protectors.

MRoseApp20160706-4261Layout by Megan Rose

1Layout by Alena Honeycutt

Here are a couple vertical, 4×6 prints created in our photo collage section of the app, printed through the app, and slipped into a Design D page, which was then trimmed. When this is done, you can use the Photo Fuse Tool to seal that edge so nothing falls out. Pretty cool stuff.

3Layout by Alena Honeycutt

5. Make photo collages to add to your albums. Not just (2) 3x4s but a grid of 4 smaller photos or other collages. These are all available in the photo collage section of the app. Here are facing 6×12 and 12×12 pages.

AHoneycuttJune2Layout by Alena Honeycutt

And here are a couple 6×8 two-page layouts. Yep — we have 6×8 in physical, digital, and app formats.

AHoneycuttApr3Layout by Alena Honeycutt

6. Use the app to create pages with screenshots of uplifting quotes that you come across.


7.  Traveling. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE that I can make scrapbook pages as a passenger on planes and in cars? I mean — seriously. Getting my scrapbooking done before I even arrive back home from a trip and before I even get to the “vacation laundry?” Yes, please! For you physical Project Lifers, this is seriously a dream come true. Just order those prints through the app and we’ll ship them to you. Then you slip the completed pages into page protectors, and those are great in the very same album with all your “physically-created” pages — traditionally made or Project Life pages! It’s ALL good!


8. Create a page quickly in the app but then add embellishments after the pages are printed.

LOsynskiSeptember2RightLayout by Leigh Odynski

9. The 4×6 collage can be used for journaling on cards and then printing those cards. This may be especially appealing to people who don’t love their handwriting and would like a way to type on their cards before they slip them into physical pockets. How exactly does this work? See no. 2 above. Same as that, except you’re dropping journaling cards into the 4×6 templates instead of photos.

10. It would be easy to add overlays to your photos and then print them for your physical albums.

11.  Use collections that you aren’t quite sure whether you want to buy as a physical kit or not.

12. Create a full page and print 4×4 to include in a 4×4 pocket … similar to a collage but using that square size, and there are a ton of layout designs to choose from.

I sincerely hope that these ideas have helped to open your eyes and get your wheels spinning for how you can use the Project Life App in your albums! As always, the very best ways to get answers to your app questions are:

  1. Email ProjectLifeApp@BeckyHiggins.com — or if you already have the app, tap on that green “?” on the home screen.
  2. Visit the Project Life App playlist on our YouTube channel. We have lots of informative video tutorials that have been a big help to those who want to learn by WATCHING.  : )


16 Responses

  1. Lori says:

    This was an article that could not have been timed better! I have the hardest time making decisions. One of them being do I do app. or physical. This has really been an issue for me, what has it done, paralyzed me to do nothing! oh, not good. Thank you for freeing me to know it is OK, to do both, even in the same album….never would of thought at I was “ALLOWED”, but now I have the official OK . Thanks again!

  2. Ashley A says:

    This is a great post that’s really helpful! I really like aspects of both and so this makes it easier to see that, yes, they can definitely be used in harmony!! YAY!! But my question is, in order to preview what my pages will physically look like, don’t I have to buy the whole digital kit? So I would have to buy both the physical and the digital?

    • Colleen says:

      You do have to buy the “app” version to put them onto you page, but they’re only $1 or $2, so it’s not like double spending – just a little extra. I buy an app kit or 2 every week and don’t even notice the money spent!

  3. Celeste Blackwell says:

    I am a traditional scrap booker and thought would never go digital. Well this year I decided to try the project life app for vacation photos. I can’t say enough about it. I absolutely loved creating my pages and journaling like the article stated in the car on our road trip. By the time I got home all my pages were done. Now all I need is to print them. It was amazing and I loved it. I like mixing the digital with the traditional. Looks pretty cool.

  4. Faye says:

    I love the ideas in this article. I have been contemplating the app but I love the physical scrapbooking. I am a hybrid PL and traditional scrapper and now I can also be hybrid digital and physical! Love that there are no boundaries

  5. Lisa says:

    I hadn’t made the leap to digital until this week so this was perfect timing! I’ve found since my kids are grown I’m not taking as many pictures as usual but I do capture moments with my cell phone. While it’s different than how I used to scrapbook this is my daily life and needs to be documented. The app let’s me do this. I also love that I can scrapbook on the go!

  6. Sherri says:

    This really opened my eyes to the app. I’ve always done physical. I can’t wait to experiment and explore the app.

  7. Maria Bokari says:

    Me and my husband love the app and both have it in our cellphones. My husband makes pages all the time and i love them they are so beautiful! He also takes photos all the time “for his pages” :) so finaly we have family memories! Try it, it is so easy and when you start you will not stop :) Thank you Maria , George, Greece

  8. Jeanne Smith says:

    I have been using the app for a few weeks now. It is so nice to have the choices of physical scrapbooking or using an app on my phone. The 4×6 size is awesome because I can take those photos I have printed and put them into a 4×6 frame and create a beautiful home decor piece. Since I cannot do digital scrapbooking because I do not have Photoshop Elements on my computer, the app gives me an inexpensive way to create a page using the technology available on my phone to create quick and meaningful memories.
    Now, I have the tools at hand to be my family “historian.” Awesome app!

  9. Kathy P. says:

    I think you’ve talked me into trying this, especially since I’m suddenly having trouble with my old Canon printer (which I have used to print out my 3×4 photos in the past). But I have a question about printing entire layouts — what is the largest size (or different layout sizes) you can print? I still like my “physical” scrapbooking, but agree with the others that this is great for vacations or even creating a quick scrapbook for a friend or relative.


  10. Lisa says:

    Really good ideas, thank you! The app is so much fun! And I’m typically a physical project lifer, who isn’t ordinarily very much into digital things. But I love the ease of the app, and that I can afford tons of kits within the app! :) And it doesn’t take up any more space in my house. Win, win, win!

  11. Connie P says:

    If I buy this on my iPhone, would I have to buy it again to have on my iPad? I’m afraid the phone might be too small for my eyes.

  12. Kristin says:

    I do get frustrated that I can’t use different devices for the same project. Sometimes I have an iPad or just my phone…. I wish I could access the same project from different devices. Maybe there is? Can you enlighten me?


  13. Chantel says:

    yes plz tell us about using multiple devices…i accidentally deleted my app iff my phone and when i realized it and reinstalled it all my layouts were gone…i had just gotten it so im still a little overwhelmed and confused with the whole backing up concept?

  14. Jena says:

    I ve been using many of these techniques for a while now and I love the convenience. In combination with the EPSON PM I bought it has really streamlined things. I hope they end up adding all their collections to the app. I also use the Rhonna app in conjunction with PL app. The Rhonna app has lots of great stamps.

  15. Dana J says:

    Is there a layout/way for us to create a FULL PHOTO page? I can’t seem to find a template that will allow me to place a FULL PAGE size photo. They’re all combos of cards/photos. HELP ;lease!