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hello + thank you

There are many of you visiting my site and my blog today that are brand-new to me, my brand, and Project Life. And I want to extend a very warm welcome to you! You likely just learned about Project Life from watching HSN. I’ll come back to that in a minute.

I wanted to take a moment to extend a very heartfelt note of GRATITUDE to so, so, so many of you who have been long-time fans/customers/readers. Thank you so much for your love & support. Thank you so much for being so enthusiastic about this monumental occasion of Project Life making its TV debut. You have cheered us on and we have felt your kindness through all the notes (via social media, mostly) and want you to know that I am truly humbled by your loyalty. THANK YOU. I know Lisa feels that love & support as well as she makes her debut on HSN.

down to business

How to watch? To watch the Home Shopping Network, search for HSN on your tv. To watch it live via the internet, go to HSN.com.

When is Lisa on? Lisa Bearnson will be on air at all these different times throughout the day – today, Monday March 25th – EASTERN Standard Time: 12 midnight, 1am, 8am, 12 noon, 2pm, 5pm, 6pm, 9pm, 10pm. Project Life will be presented in all of her “Papercrafting with Lisa Bearnson” presentations, but those times in RED are dedicated “Today’s Special” presentations alllll about Project Life.

When is it best to tune in? Whenever it’s convenient for you. That’s why she’s on so many times throughout the day. It’s LIVE, so nothing is “re-played” but she’ll be sharing & selling the same stuff all day long. If you don’t want to miss out on something, I definitely recommend tuning in sooner rather than later. HSN ordered a lot of Project Life product, but no one has the crystal ball to know when anything will sell out. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Similar items are coming to stores in May, but not packaged or “kitted” the way it is for HSN.

Added note: In just the first 1.5 hours, we have sold over 7,000 kits. Act fast, guys.

Prices. The discounted prices on ALL of the Project Life items that are on HSN today are insane. I’m just saying – if you think you’ll find prices like this when these items show up in May (to stores and online) … you just won’t. This is the time to take advantage of serious bargains.

Links. In addition to the “Today’s Special” (Project Life KIT), there are several other Project Life products that Lisa is selling for AWESOME prices right now on HSN. Click on any of the following links below (under the product pictures) and it will link directly to those items on HSN.com for your convenience. Or click here to see them all in one place. Yes, they’re available and selling right now.


Project Life Complete Scrapbook Kit – Blush Edition



Project Life Complete Scrapbook Kit – Jade Edition


97051_Blush_Cardstock_Eye_Candy copy

Project Life Cardstock Kit – Blush (3×4, 4×6, 12×12 to coordinate with the Blush Edition)

Update: These are now sold out on HSN. What’s coming to stores in May are the 4×6 cardstock and 3×4 cardstock – each in a box of 100.


97052_Jade_Cardstock_Eye_Candy copy

Project Life Cardstock Kit – Jade (3×4, 4×6, 12×12 to coordinate with the Jade Edition)

Update: These are now sold out on HSN. What’s coming to stores in May are the 4×6 cardstock and 3×4 cardstock – each in a box of 100.


380001_PL_Pg_Protectors_Pack_1 copy

Project Life Big Variety Pack Page Protectors (I call them Photo Pocket Pages – 60 will FILL an album)

Update: These are now sold out on HSN. But they’re available HERE on Amazon & also coming to stores in May.


380003_PL_Pg_Protectors_12x copyProject Life 12″ x 12″ Page Protectors (Big Pack of 60 – which is enough to FILL an album)

Update: These are now sold out on HSN. But they’re available HERE on Amazon & also coming to stores in May.


380088_PL_18pk_Pens2 copy


Project Life 18-pack Journaling Pens (can’t really contain my excitement about these)



380117_PL_Envelope_Pg_Insrts_Stacked_Together copy

Project Life Envelope-Style Page Inserts – pack of 15 (5 each of 3 sizes)

Update: These are now sold out on HSN. But they’re coming to stores & online in May (just not in this particular 15-pack).


brand new to project life?

In light of the fact that many of you are brand-new here, I want to make sure you feel like you understand the product. Project Life is incredibly simple but it doesn’t hurt to do a little “orientating” when you’re brand-new to a concept or system. Be sure you check out our What is Project Life? page that includes a helpful description, short video, and even a step-by-step slideshow of getting your album set up.

When you visit our Inspiration page, you’ll see several different Project Life sample albums (yes, there is more than just the Jade & Blush Editions that are shown on HSN today). They’re all put together in the simplest form; no embellishing or cutting or adhesives or extra anything. Check out my post – Advice for Project Life NEWBIES.

If you’re feeling inclined to get creative with Project Life (or maybe you’re a crafter or scrapbooker that already has a ton of supplies that you want to put to use!), we have a full Creative Team that regularly shares Project Life inspiration. Once a month I have a big blog post with a sampling of their stuff, and this is the most recent Creative Team post.

I use social media to inspire. Follow me on facebook or twitter or instagram for ideas on memory-keeping, everyday photography, organization, lifestyle, and general thoughts on cultivating a good life and recording it. Throughout today I will be sharing lots of samples using the Project Life products sold on HSN today.

If you’re more of a digital crafter, you can find the digital version of our Project Life products on ACDigitals.com. Every Monday right now we are releasing a new edition and that new edition is always 20% off the first week it’s available. We won’t see Jade or Blush until May, but there are plenty of other editions that you just may love. In fact, today we are releasing the wildly popular Midnight Edition. The physical product of the Midnight and other editions – is coming to stores in May.

why project life? 10 reasons.

In case you’re not able to actually watch Lisa present this on HSN today, here are some bullet points (in no particular order) that I would personally share with you about Project Life. WHY has this system become such a phenomenon in the scrapbooking industry? WHY are thousands upon thousands of people who “gave up” on scrapbooking now finding joy in this hobby of memory-keeping again? WHY are friends telling friends about Project Life?

1. Just add your photos & journaling – that’s all! The organization and design of Project Life means that SO MUCH is already figured out for you. Different from traditional scrapbooking, there is no stress about where to place photos, which papers to use, techniques to incorporate, products to coordinate.

2.  No more guilt. It’s so common for so many of us to feel “behind” or feel like we’re failing in the department of memory-keeping or creating albums for our family or for ourselves. Stomp on that guilt! Let go of the pressure! Attack this with the EASIEST approach to scrapbooking ever!

3. This is the more affordable way to scrapbook! This hobby can get very expensive, very fast. With Project Life, you can stick with the basics (album, photo pocket pages, core kit) – and that’s all you really need! No additional purchases necessary. Everything you need comes in the “Today’s Special” on HSN today.

4. Doing Project Life can be therapeutic. Because you don’t have any “creative pressures”, and you’re literally just slipping photos and memories in pockets, this allows you to be more reflective on the memories you’re preserving – which leads to increased gratitude for your life (even during difficult times) – which leads to greater happiness. Really.

5. ANYone can do this. No skills required. So many people doing Project Life are people who have said “scrapbooking’s not for me” or “I don’t have time for that” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” Kids are doing this. Teens, grandmas, first-timers of every age … even just having your kids write on some of the little cards is a great idea! Many Project Lifers are those who used to be scrapbookers and they just got overwhelmed. They found themselves collecting product but not doing anything with it. Now they’re fully involved in memory-keeping again because it’s do-able. And fun!

6. Project Life doesn’t take up so much SPACE. You don’t have to fill a room or closet full of supplies. That’s why it’s so revolutionary in the scrapbooking world. Everything you need comes in this kit! You don’t even need adhesive or scissors!

7. It’s still a scrapbook. Even though skills and experience are not required … the end result of slipping your photos and memories into pockets results in an incredibly beautiful, incredibly cool scrapbook. You will be so proud to say, “I made this!” So many people think that scrapbooking has to mean “creative layouts” and “many, many hours”. Nope. Doesn’t have to be any of that.

8. Everything that comes in the kit coordinates so well. No guess work. No shopping for other embellishments.

9. Project Life is super flexible. If you want to go back and catch up on 5 or 10 years in one album, you can do that. If you want to be super ambitious and start recording life with a day-to-day or week-to-week basis (some call this approach “Project 365”), you can do that. In fact, there are enough pages and enough cards to fill an entire album with 365 days – or 52 weeks. When using the kit, find a “system” that works for you. Some people dedicate a little time once a week – or once a month – to add to their Project Life album. Some people actually put together an entire album in one sitting over a weekend. It’s THAT easy.

10. The cards are versatile. “Side A” of every 3×4 card is designed for journaling. There are lines or grid lines to guide you in keeping your handwriting straight. “Side B” of every 3×4 card is a filler design so that when you don’t have much to say, you can simply flip the card over instead of writing something. Also – the Title Cards have both horizontal and vertical variations. Every card is double-sided for SUPER functionality. And by the way, there are soooo many cards that come in the Core Kit. In fact, you’ll fill an entire album and still have leftovers! Great for putting notes in your kids’ lunches, or adding a cute tag to a gift.


The blog today is loaded – I know. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I want you to feel informed – and inspired. Please come back. HSN is a super big deal today … but there are always fun things happening around here. In fact, I’ll just put a little bug in your ear right now and let you know that we are having a very, very, very special thing happening next week. Totally worth staying tuned in, especially if you love a good sale.  ; )


54 Responses

  1. Jeanne S says:

    I can’t wait to tune in!! I caved and got both editions. :) So happy for your Project Life TV debut!

  2. Paula Oamen says:

    so saddened to be in Canada right now :(!!! just teasing me here Becky..I want it all!!! Congrats though..so happy for you!!!!

  3. Tristen D. says:

    Dear Becky,

    I just wanted to let you know that HSN.com has these up for sale already. I tried to purchase the Jade kit, but there is a glitch within the site that won’t allow me to update my address information because it won’t recognize my zip code (it keeps deleting the “0” that starts it). I just wanted everyone else following you to know, in case they experience the same thing, that customer service cannot fix the problem at the moment. So, my sale was lost, since I’ll be at work all day tomorrow, and likely will not be able to tune in or call. I’ll perhaps try again tomorrow, from my computer at work, to see if I can fix the problem. Thanks, though, for all the information leading up to the airing – I’m hoping I can still get my kit!

    • Margie S says:

      Did you try their 800 number? I’ve never bought anything on HSN, so I am not talking from personal experience, but thought you might want to try just in case! Good luck!

    • Laura Kate says:

      I had the same problem using Safari, so just switched over to Chrome & placed an order with no problem. Those sorts of things are often browser-specific glitches. I hope you get your kit!

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Just placed my order…cannot wait to see Jade and Blush in person! SO excited!

  5. Jennie says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I just ordered both kits and I am SO excited! Yay!!! I got an email the other day telling me about PL on HSN and it mentioned PL mini kit subscriptions but you didn’t mention those here…will those be offered today as well? Thanks for all you do Becky!

  6. Tristen D. says:

    It turns out it was just my browser (Safari)! I tried another and successfully purchased the Jade Kit! Yay! Great price, too, by the way. Can’t wait to get it!

  7. wendi says:

    So excited for the fun to begin!

  8. Liz says:

    So excited for this opportunity for you. I have been doing PL since it was a CK kit. I love it. It has made life so easy. I have changed the way that I look at our days and feel that I have truly documented our life how it is day to day and not just the important events that usually get documented. I have sick days, overflowing laundry, grocery store trips and all the other little things documented for my kids so they can remember what everyday life was like when they were growing up.
    Not that I am wishing time to go by quick, it already does, but thinking of the joy that these albums are going to bring to my kids years from now makes me so happy now. So thank you for changing the way I document remember our lives!
    Anxiously awaiting my Blush edition w/autoship in June, September and December!
    Harrisburg PA

  9. kat-in-texas says:

    Thanks for letting us know on facebook to go ahead and order early. It was so easy!! I’m excited to get Jade–can’t wait to join the fun!!! Thanks, Becky!!!

  10. Kris says:

    Can you explain the auto ship – is it different for Jade and Blush versions as they only showed one on tv and web

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      The auto ship (mini kits) are the same regardless of what full kit you order (Jade or Blush).

  11. Leslie S. says:

    I ordered both kits, extra pages and the pens!! I love it all and the prices are awesome!! Thanks for these great deals Becky. I love Project Life!!!

  12. Kristin A. says:

    Congrats to Becky, Lisa, and Project Life on the HSN debut! I placed my order right after Lisa finished her initial Project Life presentation – one of each edition, the envelope pages, and the variety page protector pack. Such sweet deals! I watched the presentation online and then placed my order online – easy peasy!

  13. Im also wondering about the auto-ship! I ordered it but does this charge us each time something ships? It doesnt show additional pricing information?!

  14. susan says:

    the autoship bills when it is sent out. You will get an email telling you its going to ship then they charge the card you bought the kit on.

  15. Casey says:

    Becky- is the auto ship item the same? I ordered Jade and Blush and auto ship on both —however now I see no difference on web and on the show I didnt see 2 options of auto ship.

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      The auto ship kits are the same, regardless of what full kit you purchase. No worries though, the make PERFECT gifts :)

  16. M says:

    Becky, I’m sorry as it’s already been said but it’s such a bummer they don’t ship worldwide. Even if the s&h were (and are bound to be) astronomical, I’d be willing to pay that. Would you consider this option next time please?

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      Of course we would LOVE to consider having it available worldwide, BUT HSN does not ship world wide. That is unfortunately out of our control. So sorry.

  17. Maureen says:

    Just ordered one of each kit and the matching cardstock for each. Looking forward to using these for our 2005 and 2006 books! Thank you Becky for Awesome Products at Awesome Prices!!

  18. Christine Hall says:

    Which Childhood kit would coordinate with the Jade kit? Thanks!

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      Both Bridgeport and Wellington are a close match to our Jade edition. Mayfield it pretty close too, but the few cards with pink o them sort of throw the coordination off.

    • Christine Hall says:

      Thank you!

  19. Christine Farndon says:

    First off I wanted to congratulate you on the success of the HSN slot. Secondly I see that the pocket pages are being sold in packs of 15 variety. Will they be sold in this format in stores? Or will they be seperate? Once again congratulations. I am very happy to have found project life in time to have watched the growth of a product I love.

  20. Davean says:

    Just snatched mine up in the Jade edition!!!! Also had to get the page protector set too. Thanks so much for all you do Becky!!

  21. alisha says:

    Becky your products are a lifesaver! Thank you for not only creating such fabulous products but also offering us such a great price!

  22. Kim says:

    Well…i think I’m going to take the plunge. I’ve been thinking about PL forever now…but since we have recently downsized and my scrapbooking room is now my scrapbooking basket I think it’s a good time to try PL since I don’t have all the room and supplies I had before. I’m going back and forth between Jade and Blush…can’t decide. But I think I will finally try PL. The time is right and the price is right for a dive in!

  23. Jeannine Brenner says:

    Congratulations to you Becky and Lisa of course and last but certainly not least to project life’s big debut on HSN!! Super super exciting! I am a newbie to project life, but like everyone have a ton of photos an only a little time! This solves my problem! I ordered th blush auto hip, love the mini books to make individual simple albums for my kids! I ordered the extra pages, envelopes and cardstock! But before I went to sleep I also had to order the jade kit as well! Kudos to you Becky!

  24. Christine says:

    Congrats Becky and PL Team! I got the Jade edition with the autoship. The autoship deal is amazing and I’m excited to get these albums.

  25. […] sommes le 25 aujourd’hui et Project Life fait ses débuts à la télévision (cf. le post de Becky). Mais la nouvelle excitante du jour pour moi c’est la sortie de la Midnight Edition , une de […]

  26. rosa m. neno says:

    Congrats! What fun!
    I nabbed the Jade Edition to put my vacation pictures from my husband & I’s trip to New Orlean’s in February. I managed to get it with auto-ship. In the summer will be going to Germany so I think it will save me a lot of time. Love Amy Tan and Maggie Holmes, too, so I am sure the mini kits and albums will be fun to do. I have a question: the designer kits such as Amy and Maggie’s, (and ? other designers) will they be available in stores? Amazon? and when are the estimated dates?
    Thank You and May Jesus continue to bless you.

  27. Shelly says:

    The envelope pages are already sold out! Just wondering if they’ll be available on Amazon again, or any other place online. I don’t care if I have to buy the sizes separately instead of the variety pack–I’m just wondering if there will be a way to buy them at all. Thanks!

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      We will have more envelope pages in stock this May – online and in retail stores around the world

  28. Mary says:

    The Envelopes are GONE!! I really need them, want them but got to them too late. HELP! Can you help me get them? Project Life Envelope-Style Page Inserts – pack of 15 (5 each of 3 sizes)

    THank you, Mary

    • brandi@beckyhiggins.com says:

      We will have more envelope pages in stock this May – online and in retail stores around the world.

  29. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations Becky! I was so excited to see the pens!!! I ordered the pens, the photo bucket pages and envelope set before I went to bed last night. Couldn’t resist those prices!

  30. Yolanda D says:

    That is a great deal. I ordered Jade. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating my first Project Life album this year–Clementine edition.

  31. LOVE the prices….bought both sets plus several other PL items…..great opportunity! Thanks….Lisa did a great job and your ingenuity is priceless!

  32. Amy says:

    I have a question about the Variety Pack pages. The picture in this post shows 6 different designs, but HSN’s page says: “60 total sheets in 10 different styles allows for versatility in layouts”

    Are there 6 or 10 designs?


  33. Melinda Higgins says:

    CONGRATS on this beautiful success! We are sooo happy for y’all! And thanks over and over for my goodies… LOVE! And sure love y’all!!

  34. thank you so much becky for such a great product & system! i watched the very 1st showing of the blush & jade editions! originally only was gonna get the jade…but after seeing the samples from others, i got BOTH! so excited to get some PL love mail! congrats on such a wonderful success on HSN! hoping to see and hear more like this in the future. btw…the midnight collection is yumm-o & i’ve had my eyes on it ever since the reveal of it. i’m def gonna get it too in may! thank you again for making scrapbooking easy peasy and more enjoyable!

  35. kris says:

    I had a little problems getting onto HSN, but I did manage to snag both autoship kits blush and jade, they will work perfect for my PL this year and next yr. I love them Becky. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just recently started dating the man of my dreams at 42 yrs old, after a very absuive marriage, and I plan on documenting it all of this wonderful start of a relationship….

  36. Nicky from Okotoks says:

    Congrats – so wishing that us wonderful canadians could get in on this!!
    You have done a great job Becky – salute!!

  37. Vi says:

    I stayed up lte lst night with phone in hand, and am proud to have been among the first 500 sales–meaning, the first five minutes! XD

    I’ve never bought a product off T.V. before, and I’m glad my Jade Project Life kit was the item. It’s also my first Project Life core kit. I’ve got an album and page protectors, and am waiting on the Kraft kit for this year, collecting photos and notes in the meantime (I’d order the digital Kraft kit, but my printer is out of commission). But Jade is going to be PERFECT for the 2011 album I’m going to go back and do, covering my boyfriend and my move to Washington, D.C.

    You make a great product that has really helped me, with confidence, get back into a hobby I’ve always loved, but not had the time or money to keep up with the trends. I hope Project Life becomes THE trend this year–looks like it’s on its way! Congrats!

  38. Sarah says:

    I got my Jade edition from HSN this past Friday!! So super excited about all the goodies. Thanks Becky for a great deal!


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