we love our customers down under



I have so much excitement to share with you today! Friends in Australia … I’m coming to see you!!

Together with Spotlight and my dear friend Heidi Swapp, we are all thrilled to announce that we will both be traveling to Australia in March to support Spotlight National Craft Month. The two of us will be touring Down Under separately and will be visiting selected Australian Spotlight stores to meet with scrapbooking enthusiasts and anyone who wants to come say hi. Further details of our tour will be released shortly, so watch for those updates here on my blog and via social media.


Heidi and I go way back, and it’s kind of a fun story that’s way more interesting if you hear it directly from Heidi actually. In fact, I shared on social media today - facebook | instagram | twitter – a picture of Heidi’s page in our “guest book” from 14 years ago. Let’s be honest … she really hasn’t aged, has she!?


We both consider ourselves extremely blessed to “still be around” in this remarkable industry. Heidi and I both have a strong passion for what we do and what this hobby means to us personally and professionally. We love running into each other at the trade shows, we have a huge respect for one another, and we are thrilled to be heading to Australia to personally meet with so many people – you, our customers – so we can thank you for your love & support over the years.


Brand new exclusive Aussie products

Yep – for real! The Project Life® team developed some new products specifically for our Aussie customers. These will soon be found in Spotlight stores. First of all, say hello to the Happy Edition designed by Tiffani Smith!


Happy Dividers

HappyPaper1380325_PL_Happy_PageSpreadAnd also … some Project Life Australia Themed Cards! This will also be found in Spotlight stores soon.


Like I said … more information to come regarding our visit. Locations, dates, all that good stuff. G’day mates!  ; )

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  1. Stephanie Campanella

    I can not wait for this event!!!!!

  2. Alanna N

    Oooh how exciting! Would love for you to come to lil ol’ Adelaide! :)

  3. Alison Behan

    Lucky Australia! Wish you would come to Ireland :-/

  4. Petra

    Yay! This is so very exciting! Can’t wait. :)

  5. rachel

    This is wonderful news hoping you are coming to Adelaide SA

  6. Alison Behan

    @Alanna, I used to live in Golden Grove :-( Man I miss it :-(

  7. Rachel

    Are you doing some regional areas too?

  8. KellieB

    Oh, I love the happy edition!

  9. Tracey H

    Can’t wait to see you, hope you come to regional areas eg Queanbeyan NSW

  10. Stacey K

    how awesome! i just gave my husband the heads up that he should expect me to travel across Australia to meet you, should you not make it to Peth WA.

  11. Simone

    Looking forward to this!

  12. Wendy

    This is fantastic news
    So excited and thank you for coming

  13. Natalie Brotherston

    Looking forward to this one!

  14. Marissa

    Yay so very exciting! Love the Aussie editions of PL and will definitely be trying to see you at Spotlight…Becky & Heidi wow!!!

  15. Caroline

    Please, please, please come to Tasmania! We miss out on so much and this would be awesome for us Project Lifers in the smallest Oz state

  16. Carmel

    Very exciting! You know Spotlight retail in New Zealand as well? and you have lots of loyal PL customers here that have been with you on this journey from Day 1.

    • Kelly

      Yes I hope the Happy edition will make it over to NZ Spotlight stores too

    • Louise

      Yep NZ would be a great place to visit, and of course all the PLers here would love to see you.

    • allywelly

      NZ would have been a great place to promote the Kiwi kit. And of course NZ is just over the ditch from Aus, and we have Spotlight too. What better way to keep everyone happy project lifers.

    • Brandi Nielsen

      Our Kiwi kit can be sold by retailers there in NZ. Please make that request to your local store, for them to pick it up.

  17. Beth P

    Oh that’s awesome Becky !! Cannot wait to meet you – hopefully you’ll be coming to Brisbane !! See you in March

  18. Amy CrazyCroppingChick

    Why does Becky make things for certain countries ? Why do that to your customers ? Why not just make everything for everyone ?? I feel sorry for those who can’t get USA kits and the other way around. Why limit your company and customers like that ? I belong to 3 FB groups and never seen so many ladies have so many problems or bad things to say about a scrapbook company as they do about Project Life. Congrats for those who can get the Happy kit, sucks I can’t cause I live in the USA.

    • Rebecca

      I live in Australia and it can be hard to get certain products at reasonable prices. So I admit having something for us, make me feel a bit special ;) But one of the nice things about papercrafting is that regardless of brand, there always so many great items being released – it is pretty hard not to find something to like, even if another particular product is not available near you.

    • Christine

      I imagine the this kit may be made available as a digital product to include PDFs. Available to everyone.

    • Rachel L

      Wow, with all the US exclusives it’s strange someone would begrudge us Aussie girls having our own special kit! I paid over $140 to get the Just Add Color kit. So isn’t it lovely that Becky is thinking of us loyal Project Lifers down under? I guess I could understand someone in a smaller country feeling hard done by, but not the US :-/

    • Luna

      Ebay baby!!!!! Just cause the parent company does not sell it doesn’t mean someone else won’t!!!

    • Alida

      Try living in South Africa. I know of about three of us doing PL, you can times your money by about ten to work out the price for a kit, and double it again for shipping. But I’m a happy PLer who still think it works out better than traditional scrapbooking, and have always found a kit I love.

    • MH

      It looks like the exclusive versions are done via store partnerships, and it’s probably part of the BH/PL deal with these stores, so that customers to the particular stores are enticed to come in and look at the PL goodies at *that* store rather than others. It makes perfect business sense, and has nothing to do with excluding countries or residents of certain countries. It’s about business partnerships and opening up the line to potential new customers of particular stores. I’m impressed by how rapidly PL appears to be growing and how much more access customers appear to have to these products practically every week!

      I think this Happy version is super cute and would be interested if it was offered in the US, but guess what… we’re not all entitled to have everything just because we want it. (And thanks to ebay and Etsy resellers and other venues, including digital Project Life download options, we can probably all eventually get this if we want it, regardless.) May all of our lives be so fortunate that we can manage to get upset because we don’t have immediate, easy access to the Project Life kit we didn’t even know existed yesterday. Goodness.

      To all the folks at BeckyHiggins.com – congrats on the expansion! It’s inspiring to watch this company grow.

    • Joy3Boys

      I admire Becky’s ambition and dedication to her customers. I think it is great that Becky is doing a special kit for the scrapbookers in Austraila. Not sure why anyone here in the US would be critical. We are blessed to have so many options so readily available. Congrats PL’ers in Austraila!

    • Diane

      I actually think it is sad the “Aussie” version is designed by an American. Why not use an Australia? And sorry, I won’t be buying the kit as it looks more like a kit for a tourist to use after visiting Australia. Sadly very cliched and absolutely zero reflection on what is Australian! Maybe some research from Aussie PL’ers to see what we would like in a kit and what would be of value to us living here. This is just tokenism! I love PL and have been on board for 4 years but this makes me annoyed.

    • Brandi Nielsen

      Actually, there are two Aussies in the design department at American Crafts that gave quite a bit of input, and there was a great deal of input from folks at Spotlight as well. We really are pleased with how the kit turned out and hope that many of you will enjoy it as well. Quite a bit of thought went into capturing Australia for this kit.

    • Amy CrazyCroppingChick

      Your taking it wrong ladies…lol. I’m saying everyone should be able to get all kits, I feel sorry for those in other countries not being about to Project life. Maybe you should read my post again ! Happy you got a kit of your own but I’m saying that should have not had to happen like that, you should be able to get any kit you want and for a good price. Sorry you kris understood me :(

    • Amy CrazyCroppingChick

      Your taking it wrong ladies…lol. I’m saying everyone should be able to get all kits, I feel sorry for those in other countries not being about to Project life. Maybe you should read my post again ! Happy you got a kit of your own but I’m saying it shouldn’t have to be that way? Project life should be for everyone everywhere at a good price. Sorry you miss understood me :( still sucks I can’t get it cause I live in the states, I love. PH kit.

  19. Rachel

    wow wow wow wow. am so excited right now. and exclusives for us too, it’s too much, Hehe. Thank you for thinking of us all the way down under. can’t contain, I’m so giddy.

  20. Saam

    SO looking forward to this!

  21. Cara

    Heidi you do look hip & amazing , havent aged a day!

  22. Tanya Soutar

    Uber excited :) please tell me it’s early march.

  23. Janelle

    G’day! This is such exciting news, thanks for thinking of us Becky and huge thanks to Spotlight. Can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see Project Life on Spotlight shelves.

  24. Denise P

    I need to know if these will be coming to the US, please. I love BOTH and would love some AU themed things to use for scrapping a trip to Sydney and Melbourne that hubby and I took many many years ago. :)

  25. janet

    How exciting , hope Perth rates a visit , as often we get forgotten Enjoy your trip ladies

  26. Soren Jackson

    It would be so awesome if you guys came to New Zealand as well ! Its just across the ditch !

  27. Sue

    Woo Hoo !!! Hope Queensland (Sunshine Coast) is on the itinerary. Can’t wait to see these creative gals. All together now “Aussie”, “Aussie”, “Aussie” ….. ….. …..

  28. Anne Farrar

    What wonderful news. Looking forward to more details & seeing you when you come. Xx

  29. Sue

    Please come to Tasmania Becky – you would love it here! Very exciting news :)

  30. Jammie

    Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, Oi, Oi, Oi.
    Becky Higgins you ROCK!!
    This is awesome news! I’ll be stalking your blog for the dates & venues. I’ve got everything crossed you visit somewhere near me.

  31. Colleen

    Thanks, becky!! We hope you come to Dubbo, NSW!!

  32. travelBUG77

    ♡ these new sets! I went to AU last November and wishing I could get my hands on these!!!!

    • Elise fleming

      Im sure theres plenty of ladies that would be happy to purchase them for you if you ask.

  33. Lyn Yozzi

    Great news!! Hope you come to Perth.

  34. beck murphy

    hope to see you at the penrith store in NSW

  35. Fran

    Looking forward to having you both in my wonderful beautiful country. How exciting :)

  36. Diane Drysdale

    YAY YAY YAY – how exciting!!

    Please pretty PLEASE make sure you come to Brisbane! March 25 is my birthday, so it would absolutely make my week, crikey it would make my year!

  37. Tara


  38. Elise fleming

    This is so exciting!! I hope you visit some regional towns in victoria, not just melbourne (if thats on the list).

  39. Michelle stokes

    SOOOO EXCITED!!! Is it march yet???

  40. Kimberly

    Will you please come to Stuart, FL?

  41. Teresa

    I know how excited gals from down under are. My daughter, daughter in law and I met Becky at a store in Salt Lake, we were the first in line and were acting so star struck. I am sure Becky and Husband laughed, we sure did after the fact and there! Becky you are so sweet and so “normal” around all, so you guys down under get ready to meet a great gal and yep you will act star struck and yep it is worth the travel, great pic. for your project life book also!!!

  42. Jo R.

    Very, very excited to read this news! Can’t wait to find out exactly where in our beautiful country you’ll be visiting.

  43. Kerri Vrown

    How exciting for you both, hope you have a lovely time and look forward to seeing your photos with the new aus based theme cards!!

  44. Ainslie H

    Please come to Perth!!!!!!!!

  45. Nae

    I hope one of the three Gold Coast / Brisbane stores are on the tour list! Would love to get in and see you both!! Yay for Australia!! Thank you so much for appealing to our thirst for PL and all things scrapping!

  46. marcela

    YAY!!!! So excited! Can’t wait :)

  47. Erica

    Soooooo excited !!! Can’t wait for this event and to hopefully meet you ! Love the kit and Aussie themed cards :)))) Aussie,Aussie,Aussie,oi,oi,oi

  48. Rebecca

    What great news! I am so excited!
    You do know though, that none of us actually use the expression ‘true blue’ ;)

  49. Bernice

    Can’t wait! I hope you make a stop in Brisbane!!

  50. Irene

    Hop over to NZ for a really big welcome Becky ;))))

  51. Wens Vagner

    OMGoodness – I just cant wait to see you “downunder”…………I have been following you for a number of years and yet have only just gotten my first core kit for Christmas (my 11yo daughter received one as well) and am in your Project Real life class and enjoying every minute of it.
    The new edition for us looks fantastic – all the colours of OZ…..
    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  52. Jodii

    Hope your coming to Melbourne Becky as would love to meet you can’t wait

  53. Angela

    Yay for the Aussies!!! Would be much “happy” ier if this kit were available to everyone! It’s so cute…and well, happy!

  54. Michele

    LOVE the Happy Edition!!! super cute!

  55. Sunday

    Aaaaaaahhh! This is so very exciting! Can’t wait to meet you both :)

  56. Jude

    Live the look of the Happy edition, will it get available in a digital version?

  57. Kate

    I’ve been hoping Project Life would be available in a store here. Can’t wait.

  58. Shannon S

    Very exciting! Please come to South Australia :)

  59. Susan

    Would almost expect that you would visit NZ and honour Dave and Mary from CraftHouse who have promoted your Project Life product to Australians and New Zealanders since the very earliest beginnings of this journey. You have many many loyal customers in NZ

    • Kelly

      Yes, i am surprised too that you are going to spotlight and only to Oz…. Crafthouse enabled your brand to become so entrenched in both NZ and Aus ..if it wasn’t for that early relationship, it’s highly likely PL wouldn’t be the thing that it is in this part of the world. I also am hoping that your “Australian” exclusive kit is also available here in NZ…. Perhaps your team has made the classic American mistake of thinking Aus and NZ are one country?

  60. Brooke

    I am quiet and reserved but I may have just squealed while reading this in the kitchen waiting for dinner to cook! I was in my local scrapbook store today buying some PL goodies and the bonding with strangers over a common love was uplifting!! Yay for this community and yay to meet you and Heidi.

  61. Rachel L

    Yay Becky! Can’t wait to see you in Melbourne!

  62. Bianca Evans

    I am relatively new to Project Life scrapping and I love it. have heard so much about your beautiful work. So happy to hear you are coming to Australia :-D

  63. Sue

    You little ripper!! Please let us know where you’ll be teaching- as I live in the outback and want to book flights!! Fair dinkum this is exciting!!

  64. Kelly

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Doing a happy dance right now. Such amazing news. Have fun planning the trip and have safe and happy travels.

  65. Victoria

    Woo hoo!!!! So excited, can’t wait to meet you after all these years :)

  66. Belinda

    So beyond excited that you’re coming to Oz!! I can’t wait for details!

  67. Kristina

    Brilliant. I’m sure I’ll need a mental health day then.

  68. Emma

    Yay! Although I live in a very rural area so will probably not meet my scrapbooking hero it is great to hear that you are coming, hope you have a wonderful time and thank you for developing the Aus products :)

  69. suzitee

    Oh PLEASE tell me you are coming to Perth!

  70. Carolyn

    How exciting, can’t wait!

  71. Libby Morris

    I feel more excited than if rock stars coming to Aus!!! Can. Not. Wait.

  72. Pammy la!

    Don’t forget to come to Geraldton Wa! There are a lot of project life fans that would love to meet you!

  73. Kim

    Thankyou for thinking of your Australian customers! I’m sure this will be a big deal for you both and it certainly is a big deal for us. I am really excited and love everything that Project Life is. I told hubby you were coming but he’s not quite understanding who you are and what this means, lol!

  74. Angela

    I am digging the Happy Edition!

  75. Mary Cardini-Anderson

    You both look great! The new Project Life kit is very colorful. Hope you and Heidi have a wonderful time in Australia.

    Mary from NH

  76. Karina

    First of all congrats to all the Australian people !!! Enjoy this !!!
    Now I have a question : will be the happy edition available here in the USA ? I love the design and those colors match perfectly with my style …
    Thanks !!!

  77. carolyn..b..

    Hi Becky,
    Awesome news…
    Can’t wait to meet you
    Please come to Melbourne

  78. Courtney Helen

    I am so excited – this is just great news. I hope that you come to visit my Spotlight store!! xx Courtney

  79. Linda

    This is great news, I certainly hope you make it to Perth (Western Australia). There is a Spotlight Store 5 mins from my house, and I will be hoping it’s a store you are visiting. :)

  80. Nicole

    Soooo excited. On my bucket list is to meet you Becky! Could be sooner rather than later. Pleeeease come to Perth… We have wonderful sunsets you simply must photograph. And the Happy edition is just what we all need – happiness.

  81. Michelle

    This is so great! I just started PL for the first time this year. I am finding it so quick and easy to do. I’m even keeping up-to-date so far. Hope to see you and Heidi in Sydney somewhere!

  82. Jane Hambly

    Would love to see you in New Zealand too Becky…..

  83. Rachel Morris

    I Think it is sad that you are coming for Spotlight, when the majority of Spotlight stores are rambling sheds resembling jumble sales! Do not expect a single member of the staff to know who you are or your product line! You would be better served visiting the “preferred partners” local scrapbooking stores who are fighting constantly against the mega company, and who’s product knowledge is exemplary! Just sayin

  84. Lisa

    I am glad that Becky is coming to Australia, and it is lovely to have some Australian stuff, but I have to agree that the Australian cards are really too touristy, don’t get me wrong there are a few cards in there that clearly had Aussie input like the aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi card, I like the plain cards that say Australia too, where is becomes too tourist is when you have a picture of a tourist attraction like Uluru, the opera house, or harbour bridge with Australia written under it, an Aussie would never do that, they’d have the name of the attraction, the city it was in or something similar, I would have written Sydney under those cards or nothing at all. I personally also would have preferred the koala to be a grey colour and not say g’day – g’day is great on a separate card but on a koala card too tourist – we have koalas frequently in my dad’s yard, they are anything but friendly…. it would have been lovely to use this card for that but the g’day changes the meaning. I do love the red australia card though, would have loved to have seen a card with Australia day or Jan 26th or something like that on it…. and the long weekend, the outback etc. Just my 2c.

    • Brandi Nielsen

      Thanks for your suggestions. Something for us to consider if we develop a 2nd set of cards in the future.

  85. Jenny

    Please come to Sydney (Castle Hill). I would love to meet you both. Huge fan of more than 10 years.

  86. Kelly

    I cannot even wait for these kits to be published!!!! We hope we get to see you in Adelaide- you’ve seriously changed my life with Project Life and I can’t wait to tell you that in person!!!!!!!!! Thanks for thinking of us xoxoxox

  87. LindaHAZ

    I happen to live in the U.S. but will be on travel in Sydney and will have two days overlap with your visit. I am hoping to find a Spotlight store and score the Themed Cards while I am there, it would be perfect to scrapbook our trip.

  88. Charmayne Bowling

    I am half Aussie and all of my relies on my Dad’s side including my 2 half sisters and their families live in Queensland. I would love to be able to purchase these Aussie themed cards. Will they be avialable to us here in the States?

  89. Debbie Macdonald

    Hi Becky,
    I am so excited to hear that you and Heidi will be coming to Australia soon!!!. Hope you go off the beaten track and come to some of the spotlight regional stores in Victoria on your trip. Looking forward to hopefully saying HELLO.

  90. Alicia Amanda Marks

    Hi, I was wondering what dates would be coming to adelaide and the store location

  91. Alicia

    If you get bored of the big city’s, feel free to come to alice springs in the nt. Now that would be a experience for you all! Oh and by the way, there are some of us that do pl, but can’t get anything, have to rely on Australia post, who decide when we get our mail, and if it takes a holiday somewhere. And we don’t have a spotlight!

  92. Renske

    Will the happy core kit and the australian theme kit be available in the netherlands?

  93. Martina MAGNUSSON

    When will the scandinavians (sweden, norway, denmark and so on) get some special stuff? We have some trouble getting stuff shipped to here over all (atleast sweden) :)

  94. Georgia

    Another Adelaide South Australia shout out!!! Pleaseee!!:))

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    want enjoyment, as this this web site conations truly
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  96. Jennifer Rodgers

    Any chance the Australia themed cards will be available in the U. S.? And/or in digi form? Can’t wait!

  97. Antoinette

    Hi there,

    I will be in Australia for the next couple weeks and this is on a wishlist from my sis in law. Where can I find and purchase this edition?