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unfinished projects


Last summer I enjoyed one of my most favorite family reunions ever. While there, several of us painted ceramic pieces for fun. The idea of painting a chevron pattern on my plate turned out to be a little more time-consuming than I thought. I simply ran out of time and wasn’t able to have them put it in the kiln, which is, of course, the final step in finishing a ceramic piece like this.

No problem, I thought. I’ll just take care of that when we get home. Well … nearly a year later and guess what? That unfinished piece just got moved from place to place around our home – but for some reason I never got it dropped off at our local pottery painting place. Don’t ask me why. I honestly have no idea. It was just one of those things that was (literally) put to the side.

Well, friends. I finally got sick enough of seeing that unfinished plate laying around. I finally took care of it. I stopped procrastinating. The piece is done!

1 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_05

PS – My mom always taught me to sign & date anything that you create. My grandma did this with every quilt or sewn item she made. My mom did this with everything she ever cross-stitched. And so I do it, too.
2 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_06

So this whole plate thing got me thinking.

The plate isn’t the only unfinished project around our house – trust me. There are plenty of areas that have been back-burner projects. And so as we’re in this time of transition between the end of a school year and the next couple of months with the kids back at home with me full time, I’m thinking about family projects I want to tackle and how I can enlist their help.

Just for fun – I’m sharing with you just some of those unfinished projects around the house.


Unfinished No. 1 – bathroom closet

We have this little orange bathroom near our family room and garage – and naturally, it’s the most used bathroom in the house for everyone who’s coming and going … including lots and lots of friends who frequent our house on a nearly daily basis.

There is a closet in this little bathroom that has become a catch-all for everything. Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, makeup, hair styling stuff for the kids (convenient to do their hair right there before we have to walk out the door) … even socks during the school year and bathing suits during the summer.

That’s fine that we can use the closet for so many things, but this space has been a project that I’ve been meaning to really give some attention to for … oh, about eight years now. It’s not terribly disorganized, but I do want to give it some attention and make the space a little more appealing since we’re in & out of this closet every single day.

3 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_03


Unfinished No. 2 – creative decor piece

I came across this cool piece like five years ago. I don’t even know what to call it. I just knew I had to have it because I knew I was going to do something really cool with it … whatever that “cool” idea might be. Aaaaand here we are. Five years later and no cool idea has been implemented, but I sure do have a nice, soft layer of dust that has accumulated on top!
4 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_07
5 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_08


Unfinished No. 3 – blank wall

This is a little nook area between our master bathroom and master closet. It’s the perfect area for a cool display of some kind. We used to have that square painted dark brown and then we were tired of that, so a couple months ago we busted out the neutral paint color that’s on the surrounding walls and we got to work.

And then we ran out of paint. And then we got busy again. And there the wall sits. Empty. Only one layer of paint (it needs at least two if not three coats). Dark brown edges around the square. Apparently it hasn’t bothered me enough?
6 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_11
7 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_12


Unfinished No. 4 – travel art

Ever since a trip to Brugges, Belgium, in 2003, David and I try to purchase original art from a local street artist whenever we’re visiting other countries. After accumulating a few pieces, I envisioned that this would become a very sentimental collection that could go somewhere in our home.

But the vision hasn’t quite solidified in my mind I suppose. Do all of the frames match? Or not? How do I display these with “room for growth” as we continue to add a piece here and there over the years? Will I display these in a way that will do the art justice? And so you see … the little stack of art remains on a shelf in our bedroom today.
8 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_14
9 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_13


Unfinished No. 5 – scrapbooks

You knew I was going to mention this, right? I just want to be sure no one thinks I’m actually “caught up” (if there is such a thing … because really, there isn’t when it comes to scrapbooking). I have a stash of stuff for each kid and these piles grow and grow through the school year. I’m definitely craving a Project Life® catch-up session right about now.
10 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_01
11 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_02


Unfinished No. 6 – laundry

Okay, let’s be honest. The laundry is one never-ending project that we can always count on to be unfinished. Ha! And you know what? That’s okay too. How blessed we are to have clothes to wash and machines that help us get them clean so conveniently.
12 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_09
13 BH_AtHomeWithBecky_052114_10

So … what next? What about all these unfinished projects – and all the ones not shown here?

The plate? I finally got it done. Not entirely sure if I’ll keep it for our family or give it as a gift, but it’s a completed project so yay for that. The bathroom closet? I’m feeling motivated to give that little space a makeover this summer. Wish me luck. I sense some before & after pictures coming.  : )

The creative decor piece? This is one of the things that I’m going to just let go of. Not all unfinished projects need to actually get finished – know what I mean? It’s okay to let some things go if they’re not of utmost importance. And this piece can certainly be enjoyed by someone else I’m sure. I will find a friend who could use this. And I’ll even dust it first.  ; )

That blank wall in our bedroom? Yeah. That just needs to get done. I really am feeling creatively dry for ideas at the moment, but we at least need to finish the paint work. The travel art? I don’t know … what do you guys think? Should each be in its own type of frame? Or should I try to frame them all similarly for a more cohesive look as they’re grouped together on a wall?

The scrapbooks? Oh you know I’m itching to get to that. I’m a “do it in chunks” kind of girl lately. So I’ve become really okay with just taking pictures and collecting memorabilia and such and then sitting down just a few times a year to really knock out dozens of layouts at a time. I usually do this when I’m really feeling motivated.

What about you? What unfinished projects might you have sitting around your house that come to mind right now? Are you going to let it go? Are you going to finish it this week? Or put a plan in place to knock it out in the next few months? Whatever your ambitions, I wish you the best! Unfinished projects have the potential to weigh us down if we let them – and who has time for that?



84 Responses

  1. karen says:

    well I love the sectioned drawer so I hope one of your friends can find a use for it ;)
    I loved this post – have had to let a few things go lately and it is hard but good. Hard because it makes me feel like I coulda/shoulda/woulda done better but good because of the lifting in my heart that occurs when I do decide what is important right now. TFS.

  2. Teri says:

    How about if you take the pictures from your travel ( I would keep them in the frames they came in because it keeps it unique to that place that you went too) and when you finish painting the nook between your master bed and bath, use that area as your “Travel Area” and hang the pictures there and put any non hangable items on the dresser. Just a thought. This post makes me think that I need to get a list done of my unfinished projects (there are a lot of them) and start checking them off as completed. Thanks, Teri

    • Bdaiss says:

      I was coming over to say exactly the same thing! Seems a perfect fit. ;)

    • Kristine John says:

      I was going to suggest the same thing. Eclectic frames/similar color (or a couple of colors) is my thought on the frames too.

    • Lynn says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing… two birds.. one stone!

    • Tricia says:

      I was thinking the same … the little nook is just waiting for the travel pictures to make that their home!!!

    • Kathy L says:

      Thinking the exact same thing. If they aren’t in a frame I would pick one color and frame the rest if them in that. I tend to stick to silver, gold, or that layered silver/gold, it seems to go with everything.

    • Shanon says:

      Another vote for using the nook for your travel art! Perfect fit. And I would just leave the art all as is… I think it tends to preserve some of the “flavor” of the experience that way. Not to mention, I think it would make it quicker and easier to get done! Bonus!

    • Teresa says:

      Looks like the votes are in Becky .. Nook .. travel pieces fit nicely together. I was popping over to say it & see it has already been said!!!

    • Denise E says:

      One more vote for the Travel art nook in the empty wall space. I say stick them on the wall and call it done…nothing fancy, nothing matchy, just the art, the way you got it, on the wall, and let it be that. But, I know that’s easier said than done, because I usually the ‘matchy-matchy’ type person. So, whatever you have time for and can live with is the best option! ;)

    • Shannon P. says:

      I was going to suggest this same idea. I guess great minds think alike!

  3. laura g. says:

    oh ya!! I have LOTS of unfinished projects…I need to go through accumulated linens and weed out the ones I have collected over the years at yard sales and just keep the ones inherited from family….need to clean out the laundry room…its at the back of the house and is a catch all ROOM…lots of scrapbooking projects I want to do…I like the idea of putting your travel art in the unused space in your bedroom…each in a different frame..

  4. Robyn says:

    Different frames on the travel art is fine! and why not hang them in that blank wall in your bedroom!? Looks like a great place for a grouping!

  5. susan sadler says:

    Loved this blog. It is so me only I am much worse. Anyway I love the art put it in that nook area you shown in the blog above. It would look great there. Just my thoughts . Sue

  6. Chrystal says:

    We just moved into a new house, so the “project” list is LONG. :)

  7. Michelle says:

    For your blank wall,find a favorite statement,then hang up your travel art around it.For your closet,throw out if it’s not used everyday or once a week.For laundry have the kids help,they need to learn.Make it fun though!.

  8. Desiree says:

    How about the travel art on the blank bedroom wall?? Stick with skinny frames, one color and start from the middle of the wall out. Here’s to tackling one project at a time!

  9. Cathy says:

    #2 Unfinished Decor Piece….It looks like a printer box. I have 2 of those, and I put little things from trips or representations of my life in them. Actually, the second one isn’t filled with anything; it’s one of MY unfinished projects! ;-) i bought a charm bracelet in NYC with all the places we visited as charms. I took the charms off the bracelet and put them in one of the larger cubbies. (Both of them have cubbies of varying sizes.) Small pictures of our kids. Ei Magnets from cruises. Etc., etc., etc.! Or……Depending on the size of the cubbies, to hold Project Life 3×4 cards!

    Cathy <

  10. Kristin A. says:

    Oh my goodness, it’s funny how all of us are commenting to kill two birds with one stone and put your travel art up on your blank wall in your master bedroom! Seems that since several of them are currently unframed finding matching or at least coordinating frames makes a lot of sense. That home decor piece is incredible, but if you’re still scratching your head wondering how to use it, maybe it is time to say good-bye. Man, it’s a cool piece though. My nana had one like that when I was a girl filled with your little owl collection. Thank you for sharing your list of untackled projects with us. Inspires me to take a look at projects I need to tend to. Keep us posted as you check stuff off your list.

  11. Carrie says:

    I am a student (and a Mom, a wife, a Girl Scout Leader….). So during each semester (Jan-May) and (Aug-Dec), nearly everything becomes a back burner item, as my studying takes priority over nearly everything. As you can imagine my list of unfinished projects and to-do list gets to be very long by the time my breaks come. I look around and I just get an unsettled feeling about all that needs to be done. Luckily, I am able to let go of some of it, and work on others. Not all will get done by the time the next semester comes around, but a good chunk. PL is my priority this week (I’m finishing my son’s kindergarten album!). Next week might be a closet or the pantry. But slowly it will get done, or closer to done. :) Thank you for sharing Becky!

  12. Gail S. says:

    WOW! I LOVE the cool, green sectioned drawer!!! I would use that in your craft room and hang it and place pretty little knick knacks in it OR lay it on a surface and fill it with your project life supplies. I have TONS of UFO’s (unfinished objects) around my house! I need about a year off of work to get everything I have to do done. Love coming to visit :-)

  13. Penelope says:

    Just frame the art and stick it on the wall. Everyone looks at the pictures anyway. Our travel pictures are all in black/grey/silver frames. They look fine.

  14. Your post reminded me of all of the unfinished projects around my own home. :) Your ceramic plate is lovely. As for your framed art, what a wonderful way to remember some of your vacations in other countries. I love when art or photos are framed similarly and grouped together.Good luck with all of your projects. As for me I am off to take photos of my left undone projects and put them in my photos of home book. Thanks for sharing Becky.

    Mary from NH

  15. ashley says:

    Hang the art in the nook in gallery wall fashion. Do not match the frames, but buy or paint them all the same color. If you collect pieces in the future you wouldn’t necessarily be a to find the same frame anyway. This will also help it look more collected over time.

  16. Meredith says:

    The wall book looks like the perfect place for the travel art!

  17. Kristine says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I won’t list all the reasons why I needed your words today, but they helped me more than you can know.

  18. Florence Webb says:

    The unfinished niche in the bedroom may be a place to put some of your favorite travel pictures.

  19. Rachel says:

    I have last years album to complete even though I have started this years. So my goal is to print a month of photos from this year and a month from last year and do that until its all done. Thank goodness for project life or it would never get done.
    As for your frames travel memorabilia keep them all different. To reflect where they are from and it will look a bit eclectic.

  20. Talitha says:

    Based on this blog post, I thought you might enjoy one of my favorite quotes:

    “Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”
    –William James

    I believe this! It weighs emotionally and physically. Either do it, or let it go. :)

  21. Sandra B. says:

    I was going to suggest putting 2 & 3 together…but a non-linear cluster of travel pics sounds like the better solution. Definitely 2 + instagrams (possibly at various depths) would make someone a happy, quick photo display.

  22. Sheri T says:

    Finish that wall….and then put all those accumulated travel art pics there. Nothing wrong with different frames. And if you have some travel keepsakes, you could hang that “creative décor piece” in the nook surrounded by the travel art and place in it those special items that just can’t be hung but that you want to display. And unfinished projects? Please…my list keeps growing. Every day.

  23. Heidi C says:

    You were inspired to post this. We are all able to see that you should put your travel pictures in your nook and knock two projects off in one swoop!
    Sending you love after some hard responses to your post the other day. I admire you so much and am grateful that you share glimpses of your life with us each week. You’re like another good friend that I enjoy visiting with but don’t have right here in my circle of friends. Thank you for sharing Becky!

  24. Pat says:

    Love this post! You are always so inspiring, now I want to finish some of my projects!! I would use different frames for your travel photos and I think the nook area is perfect.

  25. Sam says:

    I’d knock out two in one and put the travel pieces in that empty space you don’t have a plan for. And no, I don’t think the frames have to match, as long as they are complimentary. Glad I’m not the only one with stacks of things sitting around (for far too long)!

  26. amyptucson says:

    This is so obvious, but… wouldn’t the travel art go on the blank wall in the bedroom? A two-fer?

  27. Trisha M says:

    I love that you are just like the rest of us! I just had to point out that 4 and 5 kind of go together. Finish painting and hang your pictures there. Maybe in future travels you could find small sculptures or something add?

  28. amy says:

    I say different frames for the art from your travel and group them. If you end up not liking the mix of frames you can always spray paint them the same color so the color is cohesive but not the actual design of each frame.

    Many unfinished projects here. Organize and clean garage, paint new entry trim, patch cracks in walls (old house), scrapbooking, etc. Working on all of them at the same time. Project picked is where my kids are playing at the time. Not the best way to do things but it’s getting done.

    It would be fun to see some before and after pictures of these projects!

  29. Kelly M says:

    I’d sure take that creative décor piece off your hands if you can’t find a friend who wants it!

  30. Heather D says:

    Two of those unfinished project belong together! The blank wall and the travel art? They belong together. And as far as frames go–all different, with the styles to reflect the country of origin.

  31. Teri C says:

    I think you should combine the blank wall with the travel art. I don’t think that the frames should match but I do think they should be calm as to not distract from the art. I know you will do an amazing job putting it together!

  32. Judi says:

    I think your travel art could go in your bedroom nook (after paint job). Random frames would give it a fun look. Just sayin.

  33. Nancy says:

    Unfinished #2 is just begging to become an advent calendar!!

  34. Stephanie says:

    I agree on putting the travel art on your blank wall, we did something similar in our home but instead of hanging it we put up a few rows of picture ledges from Ikea so we can move the art pieces around and rearrange as our art collection grows & changes. Thank you for sharing!

  35. Leslie S. says:

    I have more unfinished projects than I care to mention. Never seems to be enough time but the older I get the more I realize that if it doesn’t get done, so what? There’s always tomorrow! But my scrapbooks are more caught up than ever because of Project Life! :)

    I just wanted to say one more thing to you Becky. Don’t let the negative comments that some people feel the need to make bring you down. Those pictures you handed out to your children’s classmates probably made all those parents very happy. I did not for a minute think that you were promoting your business when you did that. Since Project Life has helped me so much, I understand why you wanted to let the parents know there is an easy system to document their child’s life. As you know, I do not work for you but I sure have told so many friends and people I have met about Project Life and how it has changed the way I scrapbook. You have done an amazing thing by creating Project Life for thousands and thousands of us. Ignore the haters and just know that you can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try. Being the middle child of 5, I learned this a long time ago! Hugs, Leslie

  36. Love love love the green drawer! It matches my scrap decor which is anxiously awaiting a space of its own when we move next month! I personally think you could combine your art and empty wall projects into one! I think different frames could be nice and it would be such a fantastic daily reminder of the trip you’ve taken together!

  37. Juel says:

    I would put the vacation art on that beautiful blank wall, maybe with a quote about traveling on adventures.

  38. Rebecca B says:

    I bet Claire could use that unfinished box thing for her treasures. or it could hold Lego mini figures. or rocks or whatever nature your kids collect. :-)

  39. Lynn says:

    Now I feel the need to make my ‘list’. But I’m a bit intimidated by the length of it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  40. Susan says:

    I am waiting for a new craft room edition to be built on the back of our sitting room so I have been buying all sorts of vintage sheets and embroidery art work as I would also like to take up some sewing so my closet is full of project life albums and photos and sheets and everything for a craft room. Unfinished project life albums and so many pens and paper I could open my own shop. After seeing your unfinished projects I feel you are ” human ” and I mean that in a nice way. Nice to see that Becky Higgins has her unfinished projects also.

  41. Amy says:

    I just want to throw an idea out there that may help you “kill two birds with one stone”. I think it could be really cool if you installed some really simple frame shelves in the niche in your bedroom and put all of the travel art there. I personally would use the same style frames because that suits my personality, but you wouldn’t have to. No matter what frame you use, it would make a cool use of that space, and you would finish both projects at once!

  42. Gina Eggebrecht says:

    1. I am working on my Project Life albums. I have all the developed photos in the 2010 album and am currently taking some time each night – just after I climb into bed but before we turn off the lights – to journal. I get about 4-6 pages journaled that way. (I only have through Aug 2010 photos developed right now).
    2. I have my late summer 2013 – Easter 2014 photos developed and sorted, I just need to get them into an album so then I can start my bedtime journaling.
    3. I need to break out the steamer and get the wallpaper down in both bathrooms and the kitchen so I can paint. (I’m starting this job on Memorial Day)

    I think you should put the travel photos in similar – but not matchy-matchy – frames and put them in that nook in your bedroom when you get it repainted.

  43. BettyLou says:

    Travel art: choose a color and unify the frames with that. I LOVE my “people we love” collection of photos which has a wonderful variety of black frames, some simple, some wood, some metal, some elaborate. I even have a few extras around for newer photos since removing one of the photos is soooo hard!
    Purchasing by color allows me to pick up a heavily discounted but beautiful single frame, I have the perfect place for it!

  44. Melissa says:

    It would be great scrapbooking storage if your PL cards fitted in the divided drawer!

  45. Angie says:

    Why not put your travel pictures on your blank wall? Mix up the frames, too. It would be a really cool gallery wall. :)

  46. Gretchen says:

    Why not hang the travel pieces in that little alcove? You could use the counter space to display other travel treasures as well. :)

  47. I love the art you have collected display it on the blank space between the closet and bedroom.

  48. Ashley Burnett says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the travel art. I do the same thing and I would like to group all my pieces together but haven’t figured it out yet…..

  49. dawn says:

    I love this Becky!! Your plate came out beautiful! So many unfinished projects in my house too, sigh. I am hoping to start a system of tackling one a month till they are done.

    I think your travel pictures should go on that empty wall/nook you have. How nice to walk by them each day and remember those times.

    Laundry and scrapping are two projects that can never be totally caught up and I’m good with that.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  50. Karen Loper says:

    Use the unfinished wall for the travel art to be displayed, two for one projects done plus it looks as though you would have space for growth in your collection…

  51. Ashley Ros says:

    Could your multi-framed travel art fill up that wall you need to put a second/third coat of paint on? Kill two birds with one stone…, lol

  52. Jenny B. says:

    So many projects, so little time! :) I am waiting on fabric to arrive today so I can make curtains for our living room. We’ve lived here, curtainless, for 13 years. Ha! ;) There are piles all over the house of unfinished projects. My husband says the worst one is the kitchen cabinets, which I started painting, oh… last January?? I think we’ve finally decided to hire that job out. At least then that one thing will be done! :)

  53. Debbie says:

    I apologize if someone has already suggested this as I did not read all the responses. Unfinished project two would be great for a countdown calendar to Christmas, Halloween, Birthday or even summer. Add a few little boxes with surprises and you are all set.

  54. Melissa Carroll says:

    The shelf with the small square spaces would be a fun way for your boys (& Clare) to display their Lego mini figures if they have them. They would be easy to access for play & would look great on the wall. :)

  55. Wendi says:

    Oh the never ending list! So happy to hear you have them too! Scrapbooking and a hall closet top my list. Ugh!!

  56. Cathy A. says:

    I think the unfinished wall is a perfect spot for the travel art and I like the idea of frames unique to each piece of art.

  57. Carrie says:

    No brainer! Put all the travel art, in different frames, in the bedroom nook that needs painting! I think it’s perfect!

  58. Dixie says:

    Love that green drawer. So many possibilities to use that for.

  59. Kate Burroughs says:

    I would definitely put the travel art work in each of their own frames, no two alike. If possible get a frame that “looks” like whatever country you bought it in. Starting these long deferred projects will bring a sense of relief that it is getting done. And I find I keep going because I like that feeling of completion.
    Aloha, Kate

  60. MelissainSC says:

    Love this post. We have many unfinished projects around here. Your post got me thinking about a big issue that my husband and I have in relation to projects–coordination. I’d like to get our bathroom finished this summer. This is going to involve tearing out and patching some loose plaster, installing new light fixtures, a wall cabinet and lots of paint. It won’t take too long if we work at it together for a week or so but my husband keeps adding other projects to the list of things we will work on this summer. I need to get him to focus on a realistic plan (mine of course! JK) Wish me luck.

  61. tamara dunkin says:

    i haven’t read the other comments (there are so many), but if it were me, i would frame the art in frames of the same color. but make them all different types of frames. that way you can easily “grow” your collection for years to come. also, perhaps that almost neutral nook in your bedroom would be a great place to hang all those pieces?!

  62. Turid says:

    Regarding your unfinished no 2; this belongs to a drawer, and is exactly what I have been looking for here in Oslo, Norway ! I would use it as a decorative piece where I roll all my husbands ties, and store one in each compartment, then hang it on the wall in your bedroom or walk in closet. It is really cool ! And very decorative, seeing all the different patterns :-)
    Have a nice day !

  63. Janice Matthews says:

    Love this post! Makes me feel good knowing I’m not alone with my unfinished projects. I’m voting for the unfinished nook to become home to the travel art, too. And not with matchy-matchy frames. The individuality of the frames will reflect the different locations they are from. (Oh, and if you haven’t found a home for the cubby-drawer, I’ll take it! LOL)

  64. Angela says:

    I would really enjoy having that creative decor piece with all the squares. IF you know where I could get a similar one, that would be great.

  65. Mindy says:

    About the travel art, I’d opt to frame them individually in frames that compliment each picture. I’ve heard that the frame shouldn’t really be forced to match the decor of the room as much as it should compliment the art it surrounds. And for what it’s worth, I agree about putting the travel art in the bedroom…seems like a natural fit.

  66. Crystal McCormick says:

    I debated on whether or not I should add my two cents on the travel art/ unfinished nook thread, but finally decided the more the merrier. I vote yes to hanging your gorgeous travel artwork on that wall/nook. I’ve always been partial to simple black frames, maybe matted maybe not. Since it looks like your artwork is not all uniform I’d go with different frames but in the same colour. :)

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  68. Crystal Starkey says:


    I am in love with the backsplash tile in your kitchen. Please tell me about it- color, size, and where you got it.
    Thanks so much!

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