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the most precious gift

The other morning I went into the kids’ bedrooms to wake them up and noticed that Claire (our 8-year-old) was sleeping with her baby quilt, which she hasn’t really used in a while. In that moment, it was like a total rush of gratitude that poured over every bit of me. I found myself soaking in this sight of my little girl just a few moments longer before waking her and reflecting on the sweet gift that enveloped her on that warm bed.

A baby quilt is a baby quilt – right? Well, I would guess that many of you have a very sentimental attachment to a certain blanket – or at least a story behind it. Today I wanted to share Claire’s quilt for one simple reason. This is an inspiring idea – and a twist on cultivating a good life and recording it.


David and I had just moved to Cleveland, Ohio, in 2002 and were expecting our first baby. We didn’t know a soul but very quickly met several wonderful people who became fast friends. These friends threw me a baby shower (Seriously? They knew me for just a few months!) and at this baby shower, my new friend Laurie passed out a little fabric square to everyone there. She had drawn a shape on each square with a pencil, and each person stitched on top of that outline. No skills required. A simple stitch was something everyone could do (or learn in about 30 seconds).

Laurie took all of these squares, added the rest of the “framework” – and our sweet baby Porter had a custom-made and very special quilt that many of my friends participated in. Coolest idea ever. Fast-forward a few years. We were expecting baby #2 – a girl this time. Laurie offered to do this again and how could I resist? This time I felt inclined to be more personally involved in the project.

I took a pencil to each of the muslin fabric squares myself, drew a different kind of flower on each one, and distributed the squares to various women in my life. I even mailed a square to my mom, childhood best friend, college roommate … you get the idea. Each of these women are very special to me, and each of them stitched over the flower, added their initials, and returned it to Laurie – who once again, compiled the quilt.


I added Claire’s full name to the center of the quilt since we knew what it would be before she was born. And yes – I did a flower block myself and “initialed” it with MOM. I also hand-picked the fabrics. But really it was Laurie’s magic that brought it all together.



Part of cultivating a good life is sharing your talents with others. This may have been a simple thing for Laurie, but the fact that she shared her skills in this way, means the world to me. I’m not even sure when she was sewing and tying knots that she realized just how valuable this treasure would be to me … to Claire … and to Claire’s future children and grandchildren.

This quilt (and Porter’s quilt) is a record of friendship and of love. I feel inspired just having this in our home. I encourage you to look around and find even one treasured piece of something that you have and write the story of what it means to you.

Oh – and guess what? Laurie gave birth to a baby boy on the same day that Claire was born. In the same hospital. And in fact, next door to my delivery room. She presented the gift to me in the hospital, right after both of us had babies. I can hardly put that in writing without feeling weepy and full of faith that certain people are put in our life at certain times for certain reasons. Can you believe this selfless act of love? May we all choose to be more charitable and kind. Love you, Laurie Scholzen!

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37 Responses

  1. Jennifer D says:

    What a truly beautiful story and the blanket is such a blessing that I am sure Porter and Claire will both cherish forever. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Christina says:

    Oh that is such a beautiful story! What a great thing to share with your daughter is her project life album with pic’s of her and the special quilt!!!

  3. Heather says:

    What an awesome gift idea! I’m pinning this for later, even though I can’t quilt! LOL

  4. Cindy B. says:

    My mom has made each of my children a very special quilt too!!! We love them and the love that went into each one.

  5. Crystal says:

    LOVE this story! As a quilter myself, I know how much time and effort and love goes into a quilt and I know how special it is to receive one for you or your children! Thanks for sharing this and for photographing it as well!

  6. SusanC says:

    What a beautiful story! I love to quilt and pour lots of love into each quilt I make. I chuckle when I read about your “Cleveland life” because I remember going into a scrapbook shop there and the owner mentioned your name and I exclaimed, “Becky Higgins has been HERE?!” I was so excited!

  7. Marie says:

    Oh god! This is such a wonderful idea and such a beautiful present! I love it so much! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us Becky.

  8. Sharon says:

    Let’s make one for Crew!

  9. Pam says:

    My aunt created a quilt similar to this when I got engaged over 25 years ago. She had my mom distribute quilt squares to my bridesmaids, my future sister-in-law, other aunts & to some of our good friends. They each stitched their own message/creation ~ my aunt gathered all the squares & created the quilt which she gave us as a wedding gift. It is beautiful … just like Claire’s. Quilts of love! Thanks for sharing …

  10. CJ says:

    Such a lovely quilt, and what a wonderful idea. You are lucky to have such an amazing friend!

  11. Nicole says:

    My boys each have a quilt made by my Grandmother, she was 91 when my youngest was born & 2 years later she is still going strong. She has made quilts for each of her grandchildren as a gift for our weddings and has also made a unique quilt for each of her 11 great grandchildren. I don’t know about the rest of them but my boys sleep with their quilts every night, year round, regardless of whether it’s 10 or 110 outside. I love that they use the quilts so much.

  12. Leanne in CA says:

    Love this story! Great friends, great memories, and what a way to record everything. Makes a lovely addition to your PL album. Have a fabulous day!!

  13. Teresa Zuccaro says:

    What a wonderful story!! Honestly one of my favorites that you have posted!

  14. Tina McNamara says:

    This is a great idea I will have to remember for my daughters in the future. I have made my daughters a Kindergarten “hand” quilt using all the classmates and teachers hands which they all signed. I also included the name of the school and the mascot in one of the blocks. My girls are now 22 and 24 yrs. old. This year my niece is in Kindergarten and I plan on making her one.

  15. laura g. says:

    what a sweet memory! children grow up toooo fast!!! I am in the process of making some flannel receiving blankets for my 12th grandchild to be born in November…he will even up the count! 6 boys and 6 girls! and he will be as special as the 1st!!

  16. Lisa W. says:

    This IS a great, wonderful, heartwarming story. SO very nice to hear the “good stuff”. Thank you for sharing, AND Laurie you rock!!!!!!!

  17. Melanie says:

    Wish you were still in Cleveland! I moved here three months ago and I’ve decided I’m never leaving. The people her are absolutely one of a kind amazing.

  18. Carrie says:

    Becky, you have the most amazing people in your life. You are blessed by great people with great talents who are so selfless and share them with others.
    My babies were gifted wonderful quilts at their births, and they are very special to me. But they do not have the extent of love and depth that your quilts have.
    I love when you share bits of your life with us. It just adds to how amazing you are in our eyes.
    Thank you for all you do!

  19. Denise Hunter says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  20. Leslie says:

    That is a beautiful story. I love that there are still folks like that in this world.

  21. I love this!! We made a special blanket for my in-laws for christmas one year and then repeated it several years later because they loved it so much and their family had grown larger too! We had everyone trace their hands onto fabric (they each choose -it was fun to see the personalities of everyone shine through). Here is a blog post about it: http://jkmade.blogspot.com/2010/01/heritage-hand-print-quilt.html

  22. Deanna H says:

    What a great story! Since they were born on the same day maybe they will marry someday! They might be destined to be together forever!

  23. Margie Rowles says:

    Great story…I’d also love to win the give away…you are so generous!

  24. Kristin Wegner says:

    This is a beautiful story and I love that you shared it with us.

  25. mel says:

    how beautiful!! so transparent…

  26. Lisa says:

    I’ve been trying to leave a message on your Deseret Book post, but it’s leaving an error message ever single time, with wrong CAPTCHA. I posted it below:

    Hi Becky! I have been dying to get my hands on these Missionary Editions. And I have been dying to meet you as well. You have been an inspiration to me for many, many years, way back in your early CK Days. You have helped me out a few times with questions online, and have been so kind and helpful. I am DisneyMommyof6@aol.com. I will be excited to see you tomorrow. Safe travels!!

  27. Becky Bernosky, Corvallis, OR says:

    What a great story!! Thanks for sharing.

  28. PaulaP says:

    What a great story. And what a special memory for your kids.

  29. Kathy L says:

    I have participated in such a baby quilt and was overjoyed to be asked to stitch a special square. That was 17 yrs. ago and that baby was part of my bridal party. My son was lucky enough to receive 3 handmade baby quilts when he was born. All from very special people in our lives. We are blessed…

  30. What a blessing to you and to your family. The quilt is so much more then beautiful. I loved reading the story behind it. Thank you for sharing it.


  31. Charlene says:


  32. Janel N. says:

    what a wonderful gift :)

  33. Lisa C. says:

    What an incredible memory, keepsake, piece of art, and mostly, friends!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and life with us!

  34. Ruth G says:

    Fabulous story and inspiration to tell my own! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  35. Tracy Dolan says:

    My children love their “Grandma Judie” quilts that she made for them. It’s amazing how special something handmade can be and how long-lasting. What a precious gift!

  36. dawn says:

    I love this story, how awesome these ladies were! The quilt is beautiful too, homemade is always the best gifts!

    My grandma made a baby quilt for all the grandchildren in our family, we still have them packed away and treasure them.