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You’ve heard about it. Many of you have it, use it, LOVE it. Some of you are patiently waiting for the Android version*. Some of you might be sitting on the fence, even though the Project Life® app is just $0.99 cents and the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Regardless, I know that actually seeing something in action helps me personally understand something better than someone explaining it to me with words or even having someone tell me how cool it is – over and over. Are you with me!? That’s why we created this video — to show you the app and how it works. You’ll see me create a page from start to finish. You’ll catch on to a few cool features along the way. I don’t go into all the bells & whistles. I’m not sharing every tip & trick. It’s just a short and sweet video to give you an overview.

If you have the Project Life app and if you ever run into issues, please tap on the green “i” on the home screen and then select “report an issue”. That’s the best way to send us a note and tell us what’s up because it will also automatically tell us what device you’re using so we’re better able to trouble-shoot. Also, be sure to check out #ProjectLifeAppTips on Instagram because some pretty awesome features are pointed out there.

If you do not yet have the app but you have questions, the best way for us to help you (and we LOVE to help!) is to shoot us an email. ProjectLifeApp@BeckyHiggins.com. Easy breezy, and we’ll take care of you! I have the coolest customer service gals.

So — who do you know that would benefit from seeing this video? Send them here or send them to the video on YouTube. Friends don’t let friends go through life without knowing that it’s now possible to scrapbook entirely on your mobile device!

In an effort to be transparent and informative, as I’ve always strived to be, I wanted to address two of the biggest questions we get asked about a lot.

*Android Update

It’s the numero uno question we are asked on a regular basis. Here’s the honest-to-goodness scoop about that: As we began the development of our app, we quickly learned that developing this app for Apple products was going to be much simpler and faster and cost-effective. Developing for Android takes longer, is highly expensive, and far more complicated than we even imagined. So instead of holding up the app altogether, we launched for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPods with the intent of getting things off the ground and then diving into the Android versions of the app.

Once the app was launched, the response to the Android question has been the same all along: We’re working on it. We know many of you have Android devices and that you’re dying to get this app on those devices. And we appreciate that so much! As we came up for air from the launch and really started to figure out the details of moving forward with the Android version, we learned more and more about the complicated and expensive nature of developing for Android. It’s so not simple. That’s the best way to describe it.  *sigh*

I say this with humility and transparency: I want you to know that we still have every desire to bring the Project Life app to Android devices. I wish I could click my heels and make it happen tomorrow. It’s just not happening soon. So when we say “we’re working on it,” you understand that there is so much front-loaded work to do even before the actual development begins. As a small business, our little team does our very best every day to bring Project Life to homes across the world. We have physical product, digital product, and now the app. I started this company without even knowing that all those variations would ever be a part of the story. Everything takes time. It’s such a process. And patience continues to be a beautiful virtue that we are all learning to appreciate more and more.

*Printing Update

We’ve been working on the development of the print feature of our app for a while now and know that the only way to launch this is if it’s right. We want everything to be as close to perfect as possible — from the functionality of ordering prints through the app to the finished results of beautiful prints that you’ll be so proud to include in your albums! We’ve been beta testing and really are getting pretty close to launching this. There’s no way to give an official date (much of the timing depends on the Apple approval process), but you can know that we’ve been testing it, working out the kinks, and we’ll be thrilled to shout it from the rooftops when our print feature is officially live and working! In the meantime, simply export your finished pages and print with your favorite printer.

Thank you!

Friends, thank you for being patient with us. Thank you for your support! Thank you for a million kind words that we’ve received from those of you who are either using and loving the app or who are just plain excited about it and patiently waiting for the Android version.


46 Responses

  1. Alicia says:

    what about being able to sync the projects between iPad & iPhone? I would loooove that feature!

  2. Becky Barry says:

    just wondering if you are creating a “wish list” of enhancements? If you are I would love to see a little indicator on the pic that you have used in the layout. Some times hard for me to tell if I have already used that pic or not. Love love love the app tho

  3. Kim says:

    I second Alicia…so need the ability to sync between iPhone and iPad. Is this even a possibility down the road?

    Love the app, otherwise!

  4. Jenn Gent says:

    Fabulous app! So easy, my seven-year-old can create pages! :)
    As far as a wish list item… I would love to be able add a border to the photo collages. I prefer that “look.”

  5. Lynda says:

    I have nothing but LOVE for this app!

    Thank you for all that you guys are doing. As a small business owner I know what it is like to wear many hats and try to get 100 things up and running perfectly all at the same time. You guys are doing a great job!

    Its never a bad thing to have you customers so in love with your product that they are begging for more :) Keep up the great work.

  6. Monica says:

    Not sure if this has been asked/answered before, but does the app only pull pics from your camera roll or will you be able to take pics from cloud apps like Dropbox? I’m currently using an Android phone but may switch to an iPhone soon…all my older pics are stored on Dropbox & would love to put them into Project Life!

  7. Jenny B. says:

    Here are a couple of other suggestions for the app wish list. :) It would be nice if you could select font sizes with a numerical value rather than just the slider. I like my font sizes to be consistent, and it’s really hard to be precise with the slider. Also, it would be great to be able to use more than one font size on a single card. For example, on a journaling card, I could create a title in a larger font and then type the journaling in a smaller font (it could be the same font, just in different sizes). That would be nice on the title cards too. It would allow me to type the title large, and then include a sub-title (like the date range) in a smaller font. Just some ideas! :)

    • Sue says:

      I second this. The app is great and I love it and will using it this year for my Project Life, but the font sizing controls are really not user friendly.

    • Laurie says:

      That is on my wish list also!

    • Christina says:

      Yes I agree with all that you pointed out. The fonts /sizes are very limited and it would be great if we could have more “handwriting” fonts.

    • Amy says:

      Here, here! Being able to use more than one font on a card is a must! And I agree that numerical font sizes would be easier.

      But I still love that this app forces me to keep it simple!

    • Alison says:

      I agree with these suggestions. Loving the app!

  8. k8lict says:

    I am so bummed about not having the android app for what sounds like a very long time :'( I still love PL though.

  9. Tricia says:

    LOVE the app! I would like to see multiple fonts and sizes used on one card. Also, I would like to see some kind of indication as to what size the font is. Even it’s a number system 1-10 or little hashmarks on the slider, just something for consistency in size on my layout.

    Tricia :)

  10. Markay says:

    I would be great to be able to add text anywhere on the page..on top of a picture for example. That way I don’t have to export the page and then add more stuff in another app. Also, another idea would be to have many more options for page layouts. I sometime like to have a very large picture on the page say 6 x 12 area for large family pictures or school portraits to be included.

    • Lucy says:

      Have you tried the Rhonna Designs app? You can use that app to edit your photo and overlay text on top, stamps, borders, etc. Then save the new image you created. Then open the PL app and pull the image you made into PL app as you would any other photo.

    • Amy says:

      Oooh! Lucy! What a great idea to use another app to add text! I’ve had access to apps like that for a long time and didn’t think to do that! I’m trying to keep everything nice and simple, but occasionally I really do want text on a photo. Thanks!

  11. Janita says:

    LOVING the APP!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I do have a question though. Is there a way to get the photo collage that was done in the app into a page without exporting it to camera roll? As a suggestion, it would be nice to pull it straight from the app into your page. Again, thank you!

  12. Felicia says:

    i also do love the app however syncing my work would be great to all my devices but what really bugs me is purchasing kits on both my iPhone and iPad in order to work on my photos whenever from both ends.. that would be fantastic!!

    • Lucy says:

      Felicia – you don’t have to buy the kits on each device! There is a feature to sync previous in app purchases – Go to the kit purchasing screen and look for very small print that says “Restore previous purchase” it is below the “Buy Now!” box and follow the prompts. Do this on your phone and it will install any kits you bought on your ipad. Then do this on your ipad and it will install any kits you bought on your phone.

  13. Christine says:

    Any chance that we will also someday be able to sync our PL app to all our apple devices, namely laptops and desktops instead of or in addition to being able to do the digital PL and having to purchase kits in the app as well as the digital format in order to create in every possible situation?

    • Amy says:

      Yes! My hope is to have a desktop version of the app for my iMac! I love Photoshop and use digi Project Life as well as the physical products, but I am trying to simplify and would love a desktop version. Most of my photos are not taken with my phone, they are taken with an SLR and I would love to be able to whip up some pages right on my Mac instead of having to transfer them to my phone first.

  14. JodieR says:

    So what I get from the Android update is, you haven’t even started developing it yet? Starting to not care any more…

  15. Amanda says:

    So I love the app, it actually is helping me to stay caught this year, after 2 badly-behind years, and for that I am SO grateful! :-)

    While we’re dreaming, here’s my wish for the app print side. I would be overjoyed if I could export my pages as 4×6 and 3×4 pictures instead of just as a 12×12 page. I can’t always afford the big pages and also don’t always want a “flat” look, so I’ve been using the app to lay everything out and then having to work in Photoshop to actually order the small pics for the layout. If it were possible to order those from the app, I would be so delighted!!!

    Just a little something for the wish lists. :-)

    • Nicole says:

      I would love this as well!

      I would also love being able to do text on pics

      Another great thing would bf to be able to import your own fonts.

      And I like the ideas of knowing the font size and being able to do a couple different size fonts on a card.

      Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  16. Jill says:

    Only just downloaded the app to my IPad and I love it…… Is there a way to switch collections when doing a page?

    • Monica says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but you can change different collections for each picture just by clicking the feature to show what collections you own. I’m sure Customer Service can help as well.

  17. Michele says:

    I am very interested but what to do with all my scrapbook gear?

  18. Shanon says:

    If I could add a request for the app wish list… it would be to have some of the 6×8 designs or the mini album designs. I’m not a huge picture taker and I prefer to have one event per page as I don’t do the typical “every day” stuff in a chronological format that a lot PLers do.

  19. Christina says:

    Will it be compatible with the ipad soon???

  20. Monica says:

    At Christmas time I made a photo album with this App – – 94 pages to be exact, it was the best gift I could have ever made. It was amazing. Yes, I was disappointed having to run around and find the best prices for printing and the album etc., however, knowing that PL is in the midst of offering 8×8 makes me happy.

    This APP is amazing for those who want EASY, EASY, EASY and still have the best of the best layouts – – what a dream come true.

    Thanks PL!

  21. DebM says:

    I love this app! Thank you for creating it!! But, I have a wish list too. I’d love to be able to add text to any card or photo. I’d love more control over shadows, even if just a slider. I’d love it if we weren’t limited with text colors based on which kit we’re using. I really wanted red text on a recent layout, but it wasn’t an option with the kit I was using. I’d love borders around the collages with patterns and textures. And I can’t wait for the syncing between devices update as I use the app on an iPhone, iPad mini, and iPad Air. Oh, and can we get some Pets kits please? I need one for cats. LOL! Thank you! You guys are awesome! :)

  22. Renee F says:

    I love this app! I wish that all of the elements from a kit were available to add to any of the spaces on the page. If you want to tell me which are optimal for that space – fine and thanks! But, I would love to be able to enter filler cards into some of the little square spaces but can’t do it because they are the wrong size. Since I purchased the kit I would like ALL of the elements available ALL of the the time.

  23. Yvettedownunder says:

    While I wait a million years for the Android app, will I then be expected to pay all over again for digital files I already own? I have nearly a complete set of kits and won’t be able to justify buying them again to use on the app. Maybe something to consider while the app is in development.( I don’t scrap digitally as I haven’t got Photoshop, so I print the cards rather than buy them pre-printed.)

    • JodieR says:

      I am sure I saw somewhere when they first released the iApp that yes, you could load your existing kits into the software. Especially since when it launched the options were very limited. Whether they do that for us android users, who knows?

  24. Rhonda says:

    I have had this app on my iphone since it launched and I loved it so much that I recently got an iPad so I could work in a larger format. Love that too but still can’t beat the phone for convenience of scrapping at kids’ sports practices and orthodontist visits (plus maybe a little stealth scrapping in boring meetings LOL!) The syncing feature you are working on will be great for those of us that jump between devices.

    A couple more wish list items I haven’t seen requested in the posts I’ve read so far:

    1. I would love a way to indicate which photos are portrait orientation (i.e., 6×4) vs. which are landscape (4×6). In the grid selection view they all look square so, until you drop them in a spot in the template you aren’t sure which it is. I usually drop the same pic into a 6×4 spot, then again into the 4×6 spot in order to validate which format it is and where it will look best in a template.

    2. Would love a way to choose cards by color across different kits. If I want a purple card, I could search on “purple” and it would bring up any card that I own with purple in it regardless of kit. (This could be a good way to sell more kits too if it worked also for unpurchased kits.) :-) This style of search could be expanded to include different categories such as quote cards, solid cards, journaling cards, black/white cards, etc. But that would require a database and might be a bridge too far for an app that is supposed to be ultra simple.

    Overall this is app is amazing and for me has resulted in more completed pages than ever before. The limitations of the app can actually be a good thing for those of us who tend to obsess over every little option.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! I know this is just the beginning for you too. Can’t wait to see what other creative genius ideas you have for the app and the PL brand as a whole.

  25. Christine says:

    I recently updated the app and now it keeps crashing on me every time I try to add a photo to a layout. Which obviously makes the app completely pretty much useless. But I don’t see anywhere to request app support or report bugs…

  26. Becky Lynn says:

    I definitely understand the struggle with developing an Android app vs an Apple one. I’m super stoked that you guys are developing one though!! I’ll just have to steal the hubby’s iPad until I can get it on my Tab Pro! ;)

    Keep up the good work! ♥

  27. Sabi says:

    Would love to have this for my Macbook!