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studio calico august kit – pop art

Go bold with the iconic colors of the August Studio Calico Project Life® kit – Pop Art – inspired by the Pop Art movement! This month’s kit includes a sky blue and green color palette, complimented by candy-colored hues of fuchsia and purple for a surprising burst of color. We think you will love the mix of journaling cards with vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and everyday sentiments. Embellishments like rubber lemons, 3×3 paper accents, and black & white chipboard pieces will make it easy to capture your days in style!

All items in the monthly Studio Calico Project Life kits are hand-selected to coordinate perfectly, taking the guesswork out of putting your pages together. Not only is there a new Project Life kit released each month, but there is also a wonderful selection of add-on products like journaling cards, stamps, and washi tape to supplement your kit and allow for even more variety. Whether you choose to receive your kit monthly as a subscriber or purchase individual kits and add-ons, you will love when your package arrives. Start a new Project Life subscription with the Pop Art Project Life kit now at www.studiocalico.com and save 50% off your first month + free shipping*. Use promo code FIRST50 at checkout!

*Free shipping for domestic orders only. Offer ends 8/30/15 at 11:59pm EST. Subscribe for 50% off first kit valid only on new 6-month or 12-month subscriptions. Add the Pop Art kit to your cart and the promo code. Early subscription cancellations are subject to a termination fee. Not valid on previous purchases. Must enter promo code at checkout. Refunds will not be issued for misused or non-entered codes.


4 Responses

  1. Giancarla says:

    Stunning photos!! My faves by far!! Have no weniddg to plan and none to go to either but i ended up on yr page somehow and have been here for hours admiring your photography! Brilliant!!

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