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stone wrap now at JOANN stores!

You know how much we love our Stone Wrap and how proud we are to offer a variety of patterns – based on our Project Life® designs – for you to choose from. Our friends at JOANN Stores also fell in love when they saw and sampled our Stone Wrap so you know what that means, right?? We worked closely with them to design a complete end cap filled with 16 different Stone Wrap patterns . . . 12 of which are brand new!! How exciting is that?!?

JOANN has long been a place to find our Project Life products, but having an end cap for HOME by Becky Higgins is the start of big things for this new brand. We’re so thrilled to see this project coming to life in stores around the country and are crossing our fingers that you will find it in a Jo-Ann Store close to you. If not, we will be bringing a few of the new patterns to our online shop in the near future so you can grab them there! Here’s a sneak peek of some of the new designs you’ll see.

Not only is JOANN bringing our Stone Wrap to their stores, but many JOANN Stores are expanding their Project Life product offering, too! Look for even more Project Life goodness in the aisle in the coming weeks with some new + never before seen products being added later this spring.


3 Responses

  1. Sean Eyring says:

    I got all gussied up to go and take a selfie with the store display, but sadly, not in the American Fork, UT store yet. :( I’ll keep checking back, though!

  2. Kimberly O. says:

    This was blog post #82 that just showed up in my Feedly blog reader. All 82 were posted 12 minutes ago. Either Feedly hasn’t been working right or someone was in a blogging frenzy.

    • Race Ashby Race Ashby says:

      We’ve been working on fixing the issue on our end with Feedly for what feels like forever, and it looks like it’s finally working! Hooray! Thanks for letting us know :)