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social media update


I love social media.

I’m fully aware of the dangers, downfalls, and unfortunate awfulness that sometimes happens through social media. There’s a lot of garbage out there. The thing is, social media is a prominent way of communicating and connecting these days. I, for one, am grateful that technology has brought us to a place of being able to reach places and people that we used to not be able to. It’s amazing, really! And the truth is that social media can be used for so much good.

We each have the personal responsibility to be intentional with the way we use social media. We are consumers. Every day we consume information in a million ways. When it comes to social media, we have the opportunity to choose what kind of content we invite into our personal devices, which then makes it to our eyeballs, brains, and hearts. We also get to eliminate content that is unnecessary, a waste of time, counterproductive, and even damaging. Thank goodness we are wired with personal filters, right? The same goes for what we put on social media. We get to choose whether we’ll uplift or deflate those who are influenced by what we share.

I use social media daily to share and connect and inform and hopefully inspire. Between Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest, and YouTube, there are 135,000+ of you who are seeing my daily sharing. (And yes, it’s me who is personally doing the social media for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.) In fact, it’s worth noting that Pinterest is something we haven’t kept very active over the years, but I’m pleased to let you know that we’re really running with it now. So if you love Pinterest, be sure you’re following what we share there. We have some exciting plans for YouTube as well! Did you know that you can actually subscribe to a YouTube channel so you’re automatically notified when we post a new video? It’s worth considering. But even if you don’t subscribe, I’ll be sure to announce on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when a new video is posted.

One more note: We used to have separate social media sharing for all things Digital Project Life. As our business has grown and more avenues continue to be created, it makes the most sense for us to keep all things that come from our company coming from one place. It’s less complicated for you, less complicated for us. Anything and everything to do with our company and our products can be found in the same place. If you’re not on social media, be sure to stay up-to-date right here on the blog and subscribe to our free emails.

Everything I share ties back to my tagline in one way or another:

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5 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    Incredibly well said!!

  2. Betsy P says:

    I wrote to you two weeks ago that I’m not getting your emails and they aren’t in my junk mail folder either. Why am I not getting your emails??

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      Hi Betsy! I see your name on our subscriber list. Have you by chance checked your junk mail? Sometimes our emails go there. If you don’t see it there, email me at customerservice@beckyhiggins.com and we’ll get this figured out. Thanks! ~ Toni at Becky Higgins LLC

  3. siobhan says:


    Just wondered if I could be added to the email subscription list as each time I try I get a message that says “that the site is too busy, try again in 5 minutes”. I have tried often over a period of two weeks now.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Mary says:

    Just one little itty bitty request … please darken the font on your website! It is very hard for me to read and especially inside under fluorescent lighting. It’s beautiful but the pale grey is just so hard to READ.

    Thank you thank you thank you.
    I love everything Project Life.

    Mary :)