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Becky Higgins Social Media Hacks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Has anyone noticed that we love social media? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, YouTube… we use them all! They are each such powerful tools to get and share information. When we come out with a new product, an amazing sale, or inspiration on everything from cultivating a good life to scrapbooking like a boss, we jump right on social media and share that! We also take it super seriously that so many of you follow @BeckyHigginsLLC, so we put serious thought into our posts. For you, it’s pretty awesome to stay updated and informed about the people, products, and ideas that matter most to you.

So what if you’ve liked a Facebook page, but you hardly ever see posts from that page in your news feed? It’s a pretty common problem. In fact, most posts on Facebook reach only 2-4% of people who liked that page. Here’s an example that will affect many of you. When the Project Life® App comes to Android in the next month or two, you’d better believe we’re going to let you know on Facebook, but if only 2% of you can see the post, you’ll miss the biggest update from Becky Higgins since the app first came to iPhones! So let’s talk social media hacks. We’ll walk through receiving notifications from your favorite profiles on social media so you don’t miss updates that matter to you!


Becky Higgins Social Media Hacks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

When you open Instagram, head to a profile from which you really want to receive notifications. We recommend testing this on @BeckyHigginsLLC, just for fun. Now, see the three dots in the top right corner? Tap ’em. That gives you a slew of options, among which is “Turn on Post Notifications.” Tap that too, and you should start receiving notifications when that profile posts.


Becky Higgins Social Media Hacks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

From your profile page, tap the “gears” icon and head over to “Settings.” From here, tap on your account name near the top, then scroll down to “mobile notifications.” You can tap on “tweets” here and slide on (or off!) to control push notifications from Twitter to your mobile device. Now you can go to a profile you follow (like @BeckyHigginsLLC), tap on the “gears” icon, and select “Turn on notifications.”

Facebook Desktop

Becky Higgins Social Media Hacks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Becky Higgins Social Media Hacks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

For controlling what you see on Facebook on your computer, follow these instructions. Head to Becky Higgins LLC (seriously, we’re a little biased) and locate the button that shows you you’ve “liked” the page. Hover your mouse over it to see a dropdown menu, then click on “Posts in News Feed,” which is typically set to default. You should get the option to change that to “see first” if you want a better chance at getting updates. If you’re looking at some page you don’t want to follow anymore, you also have that option right there!

Facebook Mobile

Becky Higgins Social Media Hacks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Facebook is extra choosy, so let’s talk about how to get those notifications on your phone. First, navigate to a page like Becky Higgins LLC. If you’ve already liked the page and you’re following it, those options are highlighted in blue. Tapping on “Following” gives you the additional option to “See First,” to make sure you don’t miss what’s happening on that page.

Sometimes social media is a little overwhelming, and if there’s one thing we love, it’s SIMPLICITY! If you’re feeling like you just have too much social media going on in your life right now, definitely get familiar with your notifications settings. In addition to seeing more posts from people you care about, you can use these same instructions to empower yourself and unfollow pages as necessary. Remember, part of cultivating a good life is adjusting our relationship with technology to enjoy more well-roundedness.


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  1. Audrey says:

    I love your name, BTW. Are your parents runners, lol? I am beyond frustrated with FB. It doesn’t show me when some of my friends post, but then it shows my every single thing that some people ‘liked’. I have tried adjusting my setting, but I’m still not satisfied. I have reduced my friends to only like 50, so I can just follow those friends, but I still miss their posts and see too much stuff I don’t want to see. Grrr! I think FB will be gone in a few years because of this.