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scrapbook expo in schaumburg

A week from today our team will be traveling to Schaumburg, Illinois, to attend the Scrapbook Expo August 20-22! Back in the day, I actually attended and taught at more Scrapbook Expo events in more cities around the country than I can even remember. It was part of my gig with Creating Keepsakes and I had some pretty neat experiences with that.

This time it’s different.

This time we’ll be there as an exhibitor! As a small business owner now for nearly six years, we are making our debut at Scrapbook Expo and we couldn’t be more excited. I’m personally thrilled to be back in that “arena” where thousands of scrapbookers come together to learn, be inspired, shop, and have fun with their hobby! Here’s a little of what you can expect from the Becky Higgins team at the show:

– You can find us in booth #202. We’ll be selling Project Life® … which will be discounted exclusively for those attending Scrapbook Expo.

– There will be several of us from our team there to greet you. We dish out great hugs if you need one. We are happy to answer your questions and help in any way we can. No question is a dumb question. Bringing a friend with you who is brand new to scrapbooking? I’ll personally share my best advice on getting started. Are you a seasoned scrapbooker looking for ways to carry on with traditional pages while incorporating Project Life (faster / simpler) pages? Let’s chat about it. Not sure the best product to use for a specific project you’re working on? We’ll offer suggestions.

– We are bringing tech guru (my genius brother) Kevin Allgaier with us to Scrapbook Expo. He will be delighted to answer your tech-related questions and he has a gift for explaining things simply. Think about that. You’re likely wondering how to do something on your phone, or curious about digital photo organization, or something else tech-related… and he is prepared to personally answer your questions and offer suggestions and solutions.

– Our newest employee and marketing manager, Race, will be joining us as well. Come meet the new guy but more importantly, tell him what you’re loving about Project Life. Share your suggestions for us to consider. Tell him what your experience is. We want him to get to know YOU — our beloved customers.

– I’ll be teaching a Welcome to Project Life class. I’m stoked to have a couple hundred of you in the classroom with me so I can share all sorts of good stuff with you. That class is sold out.

– I’ll also be teaching a Project Life App class and there are still a few seats available so register here ASAP! If you ever wanted to learn how this app can help you with your scrapbooking (and I’m not looking to completely convert anyone away from traditional scrapbooking, trust me)… you must join me so I can show you the coolest thing since sliced bread. You’ll quickly learn why I use this as my number one go-to scrapbooking tool in this day & age.

– On Thursday night there will be a “Mega Make & Take Extravaganza.” We’ll be there doing a little somethin’ somethin’ and offering some cool things on sale for those in attendance.

– Photo opportunities! Hello. Of course, right? We’re photo-centric people just like you, so please feel free to snap all the pictures you want in our booth, in the classroom, etc. In fact, we’ll have a pretty cool backdrop next to our booth that was made just for your picture-taking desires, and if you want to grab one of us to take the picture or be in the picture, that’s what we’re there for.

See you in Schaumburg!

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